is a tech informational website that was established in 2021. We embrace everything new in the modern world, bring good information to as many people as possible, and do our very best to outgrow any loss, risks, and danger from the unknowing.

Who are We

Born out of video editing, streaming, and financial experts, the geeky people in Motricialy are striving to make quality information more accessible to the masses, and we have experts in different fields for the job. Our original editorial insight is that we’re now living in a dazzling world where the learning curve of us people is now the cash cow of the capital and has been massively exploited, and we aim to bring the right information to the world, in a more digestible way.

We have people who have years of experience in trading and are passionate about this new idea of digital assets, decentralization, crypto networks, NFT, DeFi, DAO, etc.

We have people who are formerly video editing professionals and now branching out to share their insights on video editing to help you make your next viral video on YouTube and TikTok.

We also have movie and TV shows lovers with over 6 years of experience in streaming with Kodi, Plex, Netflix, streaming websites, and Android APKs, and would love to share everything you need to cut the cord.

Our Mission

All of our content is made comprehensive, accurate, and available for free, and we’ll make sure the information, data, analysis, and reviews that we bring to the world are well-researched and unbiased, all backed by the mission of making the world smarter, happier, and richer.

We understand your insecurity and curiosity about the unknown world, now join this exciting exploration with us!

How is Content Created

Motricialy mainly delivers information in two types of blog posts: how-to guides and review listicles, which serve the sole purpose of providing vital and original information without a steep learning curve.

All in all, what you see on Motricialy is the result of the tens of hours of the testing process and thorough research.

Furthermore, we understand most people in the modern world, including us, are skimmers, so we’ll do our best to present critical information in the most readable and digestible manner, saving your precious time and effort in the scouring of correct information.


The tutorials and guides you see on Motricialy are mostly in the form of step-by-step instructions, along with illustrations, which aim to be easy to follow. They are the reproducing of the optimal version of the well-tested and proven steps in using software, applications, websites, etc., to efficiently conduct a certain job or achieve a certain goal.

In our how-to articles, we’ll cover the most working ways possible, for you to find and choose one that works best for you. These different methods offered are usually for different operating systems or platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. This effort is to make sure that every user that looks for a solution will find one on Motricialy.

In cases where paid products should be involved, we prioritize free options to make sure our users don’t have to fork out until it’s necessary.

Product Reviews

The product reviews aim to recommend worthy products, services, and websites that help resolve our users’ different issues. They are the results of thorough research and testing procedures and include our experts’ insights.

Prior to composing the list, we take all comparable products into account as possible, from industry flagships to upcoming names. We prioritize the open-source or actually free options, and the recommended paid products usually offer a decent free trial and charges at a reasonable price.

Then we compile a long product list for further testing and reviews, we take an average of 3 to 10 hours for testing each product, conducted by our team members with the best expertise in the topic, and the condensed list will finally be brought to our audience by our editorial team.

The rankings in our original lists are the overall ratings from the post editor and the testing results, and you can quickly find the option that is perfectly fitting for you with the provided key decision-making factors, best use cases & circumstances, pros and cons, key features, and more.

Motricialy tries to strike a good balance between quantity and selection. We do our utmost to provide the most complete and comprehensive list so you don’t need to bother looking elsewhere, but we strongly against bulking up an endless list that makes it hard for you to make a decision.

Why Motricialy

Motricialy is your go-to place for finding the latest and up-to-date information and news in technology, and for acquiring the needed information easily and quickly.

BTW. The name of this website Motricialy originates from the video game Defense of the Ancients (DotA) heroes Mortred: Phantom Assassin and Mercurial: Spectre. Just some nostalgia and love of video games from the founder of the website.