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Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

As the technology of smartphones advances, so does the never-ending list of apps available to make our devices unique, efficient, and personalized. For those looking to add a bit more character and pizzazz to their phones, live wallpaper apps are an increasingly popular way to express creativity.

Whether you’re searching for dynamic backgrounds featuring nature or abstract images, or gaming-related graphics, these 17 live wallpaper apps for iPhone and iPad have all that and more. With over half a million free dynamic wallpapers featured in these apps, users can show appreciation for their favorite sports teams, set the mood with calming nature scenes, or transport themselves into outer space with spectacular galactic shots. Whichever route you decide to take, there is sure to be something for everyone as this list provides endless choices for any age group.

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Comparison of the 17 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone and iPad

AppPriceApp Store RatingCompatibilityKey Feature
Backdrops – WallpapersFree, Pro: $3.99, Pro + Huge Tip: $8.99, Pro + Big Tip: $5.994.7/5iPhone: Requires iOS 13.2 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 13.2 or later.The Backdrops app offers original wallpapers created by the team, as well as a community section where users can submit their own work.
Depth Wallpaper & Live EffectFree, $7.99/Week, $19.99/Month, $99.99/Year4.4/5iPhone: Requires iOS 14.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 14.0 or later.Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect recommends live wallpapers to users and promises that new ones will be added every week.
Live Wallpapers for MeFree, $4.99/Week, $7.99/Month4.5/5iPhone: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.Live Wallpapers for Me allows you to choose from impressive live wallpapers and set them as your Lock Screen wallpaper.
DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HDFree, $2.99/Month, $4.99/Year4.7/5iPhone: Requires iOS 14.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 14.0 or later.DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HD provides a variety of dope wallpapers and backgrounds that can be customized with image filters.
WalliFree, Pro: $2.99, Premium: $5.994.6/5iPhone: Requires iOS 14.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 14.0 or later.Walli allows users to browse and download wallpapers, separated into featured, popular, and recent categories.
Lock ScreenFree3.9/5iPhone: Requires iOS 10.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 10.0 or later.Lock Screen allows you to personalize your lock screen with photos, art images, and designer themes.
Vellum WallpapersFree, Premium: $1.994.8/5iPhone: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.Vellum provides high-quality wallpapers for the iPhone, with new wallpapers every day.
ZEDGE WallpapersFree, In-App Purchases With Custom Credits3.8/5iPhone: Requires iOS 13.4 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 13.4 or later.Zedge is an app that provides content for mobile personalization, including wallpapers, ringtones, and notification tones.
Wallcraft – WallpapersFree, $2.99/Month, $8.99/Year4.6/5iPhone: Requires iOS 13.0 or later.Wallcraft offers exclusive wallpapers that are cropped for the iPhone’s screen size.
HD Dope WallpapersFree4.6/5iPhone: Requires iOS 12.2 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 12.2 or later.Dope Wallpapers provides superior wallpapers for fans of hip-hop culture.
VIBE: Dope Aesthetic wallpaperFree, $5.99/Month, $25.99/6 Months, $35.99/Year4.6/5iPhone: Requires iOS 11.2 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 11.2 or later.Vibe wallpapers HD is an app that provides unique, licensed wallpapers for your iPhone and iPad.
UltraWallFree, Premium: $12.99/Month, $29.99/Year4.7/5iPhone: Requires iOS 14.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 14.0 or later.UltraWall provides high-quality wallpapers for iPhones and iPads, as well as tools to change the wallpaper’s hue and create a blurred background.
UnsplashFree4.8/5iPhone: Requires iOS 15.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 15.0 or later.The Unsplash app contains over 4 million high-resolution images that are free to use for any purpose.
Clarity WallpaperFree, Pro Subscription: $4.994.7/5iPhone: Requires iOS 12.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 12.0 or later.Clarity Wallpaper is an app that lets you change your wallpaper automatically, preview wallpapers on widgets, and create text and gradient backgrounds.
Daily ThemeFree, $4.99/Week, $23.99/Year, $29.99/Lifetime4.5/5iPhone: Requires iOS 14.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 14.0 or later.DailyTheme allows you to customize your iPhone lock screen with a variety of themes and widgets.
Wallpapers CentralFree, Basic: $4.49, Lifetime: $14.994.6/5iPhone: Requires iOS 13.0 or later. iPad: Requires iPadOS 13.0 or later.  Wallpapers Central is a service that provides wallpapers for devices, allows users to upload their own wallpapers, and has a feed of new wallpapers.
Wallpapers NowFree, Premium: $4.954.8/5iPhone: Requires iOS 15.0 or later.Wallpapers Now offers a wide variety of wallpapers, with new features like depth and shuffle mode.

Top 17 Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone and iPad: Detailed Reviews

1. Backdrops – Wallpapers

Backdrops is one of the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone and iPad users. It offers a rich selection of spectacular wallpapers handcrafted in-house by the Backdrops team, with new designs added daily. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to search through the vast library quickly and easily. It also allows you to save wallpapers directly onto your device or share them with friends. Plus, it offers various categories such as abstract, nature, animals, and more. 

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Backdrops – Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Backdrops – Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Huge selection of unique wallpapers
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to save wallpapers to your device or share them with friends
  • Wide range of categories including abstract, nature, animals, and more


Backdrops is an excellent app that provides a wealth of high-quality live wallpapers for all types of tastes.

Free Download Backdrops – Wallpapers from App Store

2. Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect

Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect provides a wide range of high-quality wallpapers with a depth effect, ideal for producing live wallpaper iPhone for best friends. It has an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to instantly customize their wallpapers according to their tastes. It also provides regular updates with new wallpapers.

Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Hundreds of beautiful 3D wallpapers that offer a unique depth effect
  • Ability to customize the wallpaper in terms of brightness, contrast and color filters
  • Accessible user panel with intuitive controls
  • Regular updates with new wallpapers


If you’re searching for an incredible live wallpaper experience on your iPhone or iPad, then Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect is the ideal choice!

Free Download Depth Wallpaper & Live Effect from App Store

3. Live Wallpapers for Me

Live Wallpapers for Me is an app that allows you to create 4k live wallpaper for iPhone. With this app, you can choose from time-lapse sceneries, dynamic patterns, cute animals, or live videos to create the visual experience of your dreams. The app also includes an editor tool that allows you to turn your favorite photographs into eye-catching motion pictures.

Live Wallpapers for Me the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Live Wallpapers for Me the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Thousands of different 4K wallpapers are available
  • Create custom live wallpapers from videos or photos
  • Editor feature to add animation to favorite photos
  • Dynamic patterns and time-lapse sceneries


Live Wallpapers for Me is a great option for customizing your iPhone with beautiful 4K live wallpapers.

Free Download Live Wallpapers for Me from App Store

4. DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HD

DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HD is an excellent live wallpaper app for both iPhones and iPads. It offers a great selection of 4K HD wallpapers that are updated daily, so users will always have something fresh to choose from. In addition, the intuitive user interface makes it easy to personalize your device with handpicked wallpapers designed specifically for the home screen and lock screen.

DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HD the iOS Live Wallpaper App
DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HD the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Daily updated 4K HD wallpapers 
  • Handpicked wallpapers tailored to fit home and lock screens
  • An intuitive user interface for quick and easy customization 
  • Ability to apply wallpaper to both devices at once 


With DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HD, you can easily customize your phone or tablet in style with its wide selection of beautiful 4K HD wallpapers and intuitive user interface.

Free Download DopeWalls: Dope Wallpapers HD from App Store

5. Walli

Walli is a fantastic app providing live wallpaper iPhone for couples looking to express their relationship. With its wide range of high-definition images and beautiful wallpapers, users can choose from an array of options to personalize their iPhone or iPad. From transitioning silhouettes of two people in love, to romantic sunsets in the background, this app has it all for couples looking for the perfect wallpaper!

Walli the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Walli the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Offers a vast selection of excellent wallpapers, ranging from funny to retro, hipster, cute, and even sad wallpapers
  • You can quickly and easily browse through the featured, popular and recent collections of wallpapers
  • Every wallpaper is linked to the artist’s profile page


With its beautiful selection and customization capabilities, Walli is the perfect live wallpaper app for couples.

Free Download Walli from App Store

6. Lock Screen

Lock Screen HD is a great wallpaper app for iOS devices, offering an amazing selection of wallpapers from which you can choose. It’s also user-friendly, making it easy to customize your own wallpaper, create collages, add stickers and text to photos, and save favorites. Additionally, there are exclusive images from the famous young painters Tamypu, Thanh Phong, and Bich Khoa.

Lock Screen the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Lock Screen the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Over 70000+ wallpapers to choose from
  • Save favorite wallpapers and share with friends & family
  • Exclusive images from the renowned young painters


Lock Screen is an awesome iOS wallpaper app that can provide live wallpaper iPhone from TikTok videos.

Free Download Lock Screen from App Store

7. Vellum Wallpapers

Vellum Wallpaper is a popular wallpaper app for iOS that offers hundreds of stunning images, all available free in the app. Its intuitive design and user-friendly interface make it easy to navigate, so you can find the perfect image for your device in no time. 

Vellum Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Vellum Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Wide selection of images from multiple sources
  • Daily wallpaper updates
  • Hundreds of free high-quality wallpapers
  • Intuitive design with fast loading times


Vellum Wallpaper is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to give their iOS device a personalized touch.

Free Download Vellum Wallpapers from App Store

8. ZEDGE Wallpapers

If you’re looking for a live wallpaper iPhone with sound, ZEDGE is an excellent choice. ZEDGE offers users a vast selection of high-quality backgrounds, audio sounds, and app icons that can be utilized to give any phone the style and personality it deserves. With a wide range of wallpapers to choose from, you can get the perfect look for any occasion or mood.

ZEDGE Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App
ZEDGE Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Millions of wallpapers that can be used as your home or lock screen background 
  • AI-Powered Wallpaper Maker – ZEDGE Paint
  • Ability to show off NFTs on your home or lock screen 
  • Variety of ringtones from which you can choose from 


ZEDGE Wallpapers is an awesome live wallpaper application for iOS devices with thousands of options for everyone’s unique tastes.

Free Download ZEDGE Wallpapers from App Store

9. Wallcraft – Wallpapers

Wallcraft is a top-rated and widely used live wallpaper app for iPhone. It offers one of the most extensive collections of live wallpapers, tailored to each device’s resolution. With over 10 different categories, including 3D, fantasy, anime, space, technology, nature, and more, there is something to appeal to everyone.

Wallcraft – Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Wallcraft – Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Includes a vast collection of 4K live wallpapers that are customized for each device’s resolution 
  • Has an impressive selection of music wallpapers & quote backgrounds 
  • Easy-to-use interface with helpful filtering tools to find the perfect background quickly 
  • Regularly adds new resources and features to its library


Wallcraft – Wallpapers offers an outstanding range of high-quality live wallpapers for iPhone users.

Free Download Wallcraft – Wallpapers from App Store

10. HD Dope Wallpapers

HD Dope Wallpapers is a great online platform for anyone looking to find the perfect wallpaper for their mobile device. Whether you’re in search of trill wallpapers, chill wallpapers, lit wallpapers, dab wallpaper, or hip hop and Yeezy wallpaper – this website has it all! Every day new HD Dope wallpapers are added so that users can stay up to date with the latest trends.

HD Dope Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App
HD Dope Wallpapers the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Daily updated selection of HD Dope Wallpapers
  • Downloadable collections such as graffiti wallpapers, sneaker wallpapers, and dope art wallpapers
  • Easy navigating platform with an intuitive user interface


HD Dope Wallpaper is the perfect choice if you’re looking to stylize your walls with some cool designs and artwork.

Free Download HD Dope Wallpapers from App Store

11. VIBE: Dope Aesthetic wallpaper

VIBE: Dope Aesthetic wallpapers is an amazing app for those looking to spruce up the look of their iPhone or iPad device. It offers a collection of 26 categories of meticulously chosen pictures with updated content daily, all in HD quality. Best of all, it’s free!

VIBE: Dope Aesthetic wallpaper the iOS Live Wallpaper App
VIBE: Dope Aesthetic wallpaper the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Fits perfectly your iPhone and iPad 
  • Daily updates 
  • Only unique licensed content 
  • HD quality, it’ll look fabulous on your screen 
  • Get the best wallpapers absolutely free


VIBE: Dope Aesthetic wallpapers is one of the best free apps to choose from when it comes to customizing your device with new and exciting wallpaper.

Free Download VIBE: Dope Aesthetic wallpaper from App Store

12. UltraWall

UltraWall is an iOS wallpaper app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch users that offers a diverse selection of beautiful art pieces right at your fingertips. You can explore the backgrounds in their full glory with unlimited access anytime and anywhere. The app also features live wallpaper iPhone from video, so you can set videos as your background either from UltraWall’s library or personal videos.

UltraWall the iOS Live Wallpaper App
UltraWall the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • A diverse range of high-resolution wallpapers for all devices 
  • AMOLED STICKMEN wallpapers 
  • A home storage system with 12-piece Ultrawall Rack Wall Mount  


UltraWall is a great app offering plenty of customization options in one convenient package.

Free Download UltraWall from App Store

13. Unsplash

Unsplash is one of the greatest resources for anyone who needs to find high-resolution images for creative projects. With over 4 million free images, brought to you by a generous community of photographers and new images every day, you can easily find the perfect live wallpaper iPhone for free!

Unsplash the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Unsplash the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • New images are added daily
  • Simple drag & drop capabilities
  • Millions of creators have downloaded 3 billion Unsplash images
  • Participate in an inspiring community of talented photographers  


Unsplash offers an incredible wealth of imagery at no cost, along with full access to a creative network of talented photographers from around the world.

Free Download Unsplash from App Store

14. Clarity Wallpaper

Clarity Wallpaper is an all-in-one wallpaper library that provides users with an array of options to customize and enhance their device’s home screen and lock screen. Whether you are looking for a simple text wallpaper featuring your favorite quote, or a gradient background to make your home screen stand out, Clarity Wallpaper has you covered.

Clarity Wallpaper the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Clarity Wallpaper the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Create beautiful gradient backgrounds and blurry wallpapers for the home screen. 
  • Design text wallpapers with quotes or text layouts on photos with various fonts and typefaces. 
  • Automatically mask your lock screen wallpaper with transparent gradients based on the color in the image. 
  • Add frosted glass effects to your home screen wallpapers by customizing it according to your own tastes.


Clarity Wallpaper is an excellent tool for anyone looking for an easy way to spruce up their device’s display.

Free Download Clarity Wallpaper from App Store

15. Daily Theme

Daily Theme is an all-in-one theme app for iPhones and iPads that features beautiful lock screen wallpapers, countdown widgets, motivational quotes, contact launchers, and home screen themes. It also includes 100+ icon packs and new aesthetic and fancy themes updated weekly. With such a wide range of features, Daily Theme is the perfect way to customize your device with amazing graphics and designs.

Daily Theme the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Daily Theme the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • 23 collections of lockscreen widgets
  • Countdown widgets for important dates in life
  • Motivational quotes on lockscreen
  • Launch apps from the lockscreen


With its huge selection of powerful features, Daily Theme brings a world of customization right to your fingertips.

Free Download Daily Theme from App Store

16. Wallpapers Central

Wallpapers Central is an amazing service provided by iSpazio. It’s packed with user-friendly features, designed to make downloading wallpapers a piece of cake. With the 5 navigation tabs at the bottom, you’ll have access to a wide selection of wallpapers from all around the world!

Wallpapers Central the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Wallpapers Central the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Home: Here you can download ‘Wallpaper of the Day’ notifications directly to your device. 
  • Feed: This section allows you to download new wallpapers uploaded by users from all over the world! 
  • Live Walls: Get access to hundreds of LIVE Wallpapers that come alive on your lock screen. 
  • Depth Effect: These special Wallpapers create a beautiful 3D effect on your lock screen. 
  • Settings: Choose between Dark Mode or Light Mode and adjust the app’s appearance as you like.


Wallpapers Central is an excellent resource for all types of backgrounds, wallpaper, and live wallpaper needs!

Free Download Wallpapers Central from App Store

17. Wallpapers Now

Wallpapers Now is the ultimate wallpaper app for iOS users. With the dual wallpaper setting, users can now easily switch between multiple wallpapers without having to reset their home screens every time they want a new look. Additionally, with no popup ads or interruptions, you can browse through the large library of options at your own pace without being bombarded by intrusive advertisements.

Wallpapers Now the iOS Live Wallpaper App
Wallpapers Now the iOS Live Wallpaper App

Key Features

  • Depth & Shuffle Wallpapers in large numbers
  • Easily customizable dual wallpaper settings
  • Daily changing wallpapers for extra selection
  • Quick and easy navigation system


Wallpaper Now is an ideal way to get a personalized look that stands out from the crowd.

Free Download Wallpapers Now from App Store

FAQs on the Best iOS Live Wallpaper Apps

How To Set Video As Lock Screen Wallpaper on iPhone?

To set a video as your lock screen wallpaper on iPhone, you will need to download an app like Live Wallpapers for Me, Lock Screen, or UltraWallr which allows you to choose and customize animated wallpapers. After downloading the app, go through and select the desired video as your wallpaper. Then open Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper > Live Photos and select the video. Finally, set the wallpaper as your lock screen background and enjoy!

How To Get 4K Live Wallpaper on iPhone?

Getting 4K live wallpaper on an iPhone is simple and easy. The first step is to download one of the many apps available such as Live Wallpapers for Me, DopeWalls, or Wallcraft. These apps offer an extensive range of high-resolution images, including those in 4K quality. Once you have downloaded the app, browse through the offered wallpapers and select one that you like.

Does Live Wallpaper Drain Battery on iPhone?

Live wallpapers can potentially drain your iPhone battery, depending on their complexity. Animations and effects can have a considerable impact on battery life, so it’s important to opt for more efficient wallpapers with fewer animations. If you’re not using the wallpaper anymore, make sure to turn it off in your settings as this will help conserve battery power. Additionally, adjusting brightness and turning off apps running in the background can also help improve battery life when using live wallpapers.

How To Set GIF To Live Wallpaper on iPhone?

Setting GIFs as live wallpapers on an iPhone is possible and requires downloading a third-party app. PicCollages Convert – GIF and Live Wallpaper app or GIPHY: The GIF Search Engine are apps that allow users to download and customize GIFs as their lock screen background. To do this, simply open the app and search for the desired GIF.

Can Live Wallpapers Have Sound on iPhones?

Live wallpapers can have sound on iPhones. To do this, you need to download an app like ZEDGE Wallpapers. This app allows you to customize your live wallpapers with sound options like music and nature sounds. After downloading the app, select and customize the desired wallpaper as you like and set it as your lock screen background! Finally, turn on the sound in the app settings and enjoy!

Why Is Live Wallpaper Not Working on iPhone?

Live wallpaper may not work on an iPhone due to several factors. It could be because the device is outdated and unable to support the newer technology of live wallpapers, or it could be a compatibility issue between the device’s operating system and the app itself. Additionally, it could be that the settings for the wallpaper are incorrect and need to be adjusted accordingly. Lastly, there is always the possibility that there is a bug within the app causing issues.

How Can I Get Live Wallpapers on My iPhone Without Pressing?

To use live wallpaper on iPhone that moves without long pressing and without touch, you need a dedicated iPhone wallpaper app that offers live wallpaper that moves automatically, you can find many recommended options in our list.

Can I Get Live Wallpapers on iPhone 12?

According to Apple’s official statement, the default live wallpapers are only available to iOS 12 and later. Additionally, many of the introduced live wallpaper apps for iPhone are compatible with iOS 13 and later.

How To Get Anime Live Wallpaper on iPhone?

Anime live wallpapers for popular anime titles such as One Piece, Naruto, Demon Slayer, Itachi, etc. are available in many iPhone live wallpaper apps such as Backdrops, HD Dope Wallpapers, and Wallcraft – Wallpapers.


These 17 best live wallpaper apps for iPhone and iPad offer a great range of options for users wanting to spruce up their device’s look. They provide wallpapers in various styles, from simple yet elegant abstract designs to detailed nature scenes and vibrant pop culture images. With so many high-quality options available, you’ll never have to settle for an average flat image again!

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