The 9 Best AI Sexting Apps for Spicy Sex Chats

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Best AI Sexting Apps

AI sexting apps use artificial intelligence to simulate intimate conversations with users, without NSFW filters. These apps can be personalized to suit the user’s sexual preferences, providing a unique, engaging, and safe platform for adults to explore and express their sexuality freely and safely.

On this page, you’ll find some well-received AI sexting apps that have all been well tested by us. Many of them provide a free option so you can get started right away without forking out.

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Top 4 AI Sexting Apps Compared

Sexting AppsVerdictPricing
Candy.AIRealistic and complete AI sexting app to send uncensored selfiesFree or $9.99
CrushOn.AICustom-made AI Girlfriend/Waifu experiences and AI sextingFree or $4.9/month
Nomi AIA free-to-use sexting AI with erotic role play and less repetitive responsesFree
SlutBotIt helps users practice and improve their sexting skillsFree


Candy.AI is a top AI sexting app with audio and selfies, and it also serves as an AI girl generator with its text-to-image feature. On Candy.AI, users can engage with a variety of proactive AI personalities that have unique looks, voices, interests, and baseline traits and quirks, which can be further tailored to the user’s preferences. also allows users to customize their AI companions for casual conversations, role-play scenarios, and even intimate chats.

In addition to text-based interactions,’s Image Generator also offers to generate visual representations of your AI friends. Users can describe in a text prompt what they’d like to see, such as a specific outfit, a pose, an action, or changes in hair or eye color.

One of the key features of Candy.AI is its unfiltered chats, which allow users to explore spicy subjects or fantasy with their virtual companion. 

In addition to text-based interactions, Candy.AI even lets users ask for images or audio messages in the chat and receive them almost instantly, which is not a feature commonly found in all AI sexting apps.

Moreover, Candy.AI continually updates its roster of AI characters, ensuring that users have access to fresh and engaging content.

Pricing: Free for limited access. Or $9.99 Premium Plan.

Go to Candy.AI Website


CrushOn.AI, a decent alternative to without NSFW filters, is a platform for immersive, personalized, and unrestricted AI chat experiences, including sexting. It is recognized as one of the best sexual chatbots.

To use CrushOn.AI, users need to sign in with their Google, Discord, or email credentials, and then choose their preferred NSFW characters to chat with. 

The platform offers a wide array of AI characters, including AI girlfriends, AI boyfriends, anime characters, celebrities, and more.

One of the unique features of CrushOn.AI is the level of customization it offers. Users can personalize their virtual AI character, choosing their appearance, personality traits, and more.

Users can also create their own custom-made character on CrushOn.AI, providing a name, character photo, greetings, tags, personality, and much more to generate their personalized AI character.

CrushOn.AI is designed to recognize user emotions based on text inputs, enhancing the feeling of chatting with a real individual

The platform contains a wide range of AI bot options such as Female, Anime, Male, Game, and more. It even contains a specific section of Trending and Popular showcasing the most accessed AI bots.

The platform maintains a safe environment where users can enjoy NSFW interactions without restrictions. It offers a variety of AI characters such as Anime, Celebrity, Fictional, Movie, Royalty, Magical, and more. 

CrushOn.AI offers a free plan in which users can send up to 50 messages a month. It also offers premium plans for more extensive use. 

Pricing: Free Plan with 50 messages per month. Or paid plans starting at $4.9 per month.

Go to CrushOn.AI Website

Nomi AI

Nomi AI is an AI companion that allows sexting. Nomi AI is not just a language model; it’s a true companion that learns from user interactions, understanding their likes, dislikes, quirks, and all that makes them unique.

In terms of sexting, we find Nomi AI impressive for its superior descriptions and language models, and its ability to engage in erotic role play (ERP).

According to our testing, Nomi is more text-focused compared to other AI apps we have tested, which we considered a positive aspect.

We found Nomi to have superior descriptions and language models. Nomi seemed to have more personality, creativity, and humor than the other AI we have tried. we appreciated that Nomi didn’t have gimmicks like animation and art generation or voice messages, as the quality of the language was immersive enough for us.

We also found Nomi AI’s responses to be more realistic and less repetitive or regurgitated.

Pricing: Free 

Go to Nomi AINomi AI Website


Slutbot is an AI chatbot designed to teach users how to engage in responsible and respectful sexting. 

The chatbot uses AI algorithms to generate responses that simulate a realistic conversation. Users can interact with the chatbot, exploring different scenarios and learning how to express their desires while respecting the boundaries of others. 

Slutbot’s responses are designed to be educational, informative, and empowering, helping users develop the necessary skills for responsible sexting. 

Slutbot is also designed to be inclusive. The chatbot’s responses are gender-neutral and sensitive to different sexual orientations, ensuring that all users feel represented and respected.

Users can interact with Slutbot via SMS. They simply need to text a specific number and follow the prompts to start a conversation with the chatbot.

According to our testing, Slutbot is similar to an AI version of a horny Tinder match mixed with a choose-your-own-adventure game, our interactions with Slutbot improved over time, similar to a real relationship.

Pricing: Free

Go to SlutBot Website


Kupid AI is an AI sexting app that allows users to communicate with AI companions through text, audio, and even video. The platform offers a variety of AI companions to choose from, including female and male models, as well as anime characters.

One of the unique features of Kupid AI is its ability to offer video introductions from your chosen model and unlimited voice messages.

In terms of privacy, Kupid AI is committed to protecting user data. The platform does not provide services or collect personal information from anyone under 18 years of age, and it does not share user information without consent.

Pricing: Starting at $9.99/mo

Go to Kupid AI Website

Chai app

The popular AI chatbot Chai app has an option to toggle NSFW chatting. Unlike other popular choices like, It does not have an NSFW filter and allows users to chat with AI characters without censorship of sexual or explicit content. 

Users receive a personalized stream of AI bots based on their preferences and interactions.

The app employs a simple swipe mechanism to start conversations with AI bots. Users can swipe to chat with bots they like and skip the ones they don’t.

Users have the option to create and customize their own bots, defining their personality traits, ideals, and character information.

For privacy concerns, Chai app includes privacy features, allowing users to make their bots private so that only they can find and speak to them.

Some limitations include a restricted number of messages for free users, a character limit in chats, occasional confusion from AI bots, and the presence of ads.

Pricing: Free or subscription starting at $13.99 per month.

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Intimate – AI Girlfriend

“Intimate – AI Girlfriend” is a highly-rated AI sexting app for users seeking a more intimate AI experience.

Available on both iOS and Android platforms, the app allows users to engage in unfiltered roleplay and conversations with a variety of AI characters, each with their own unique personalities, emotional intelligence, and adaptive learning capabilities.

One of the standout features of “Intimate – AI Girlfriend” is its voice calling functionality, which is designed to sound just like a real person, providing users with a sense of companionship and support at any time of the day.

In addition to its advanced AI chat model, “Intimate – AI Girlfriend” also offers creative roleplay, lifelike emotion, and the ability to unlock photos of your AI partner in a wide range of outfits and locations.

Intimate – AI Girlfriend uses a coin system to access chats, calling, or the photo gallery.

Pricing: Free with 50 coins. Or $4.99 for 100 coins, or $19.99 for Intimate Pro.

Go to Intimate AI Girlfriend Website


DreamGF is designed to allow users to create and interact with virtual girlfriends, including adult-themed conversations and content. 

The platform offers features such as AI-generated personas, customizable appearances and personalities, and the ability to generate photos with different outfits or even WITHOUT them.

The AI chat feature of DreamGF is designed to provide natural and engaging responses, allowing for conversations that can range from playful flirting to intimate and explicit chats. Users can engage with the virtual character through messaging or voice chat. 

Users have the freedom to select from a wide range of options such as ethnicity, body type, hair color and style, clothes, attitude, interests, hobbies, and occupations. The platform uses a Tinder-like approach, allowing users to match with AI-generated characters based on interests and appearances.

Pricing: Starting from $9.99 per month

Go to DreamGF Website

Kajiwoto AI

While Kajiwoto AI is not specifically designed as a sexting chatbot, it does have the capability to generate NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content. 

Users can customize their AI characters and the nature of their interactions, including adult or NSFW conversations. They can also customize the AI’s state and mood, with options such as sad, happy, and angry. 

On Kajiwoto AI, sexting is allowed but should be tasteful and non-offensive. Extremely offensive content, such as depictions of rape, is not permitted, and boundaries for content are automatic. Content that is extremely offensive or promotes non-consensual activities is not allowed.

This feature allows users to explore their fantasies in a safe digital environment. 

Another notable limitation is that there’s a 200-character limit per message.

Pricing: Free. Or paid plans starting from $7.32 per month

Go to Kajiwoto AI Website

The Benefits of Using AI Sexting Apps

Personalized Experiences

AI sexting apps can analyze a user’s behavior and preferences to create a custom experience tailored to their specific desires. 

This can include things like role-playing scenarios, customizing the appearance and personality of AI characters, and more.

Improved Communication Skills

Some AI sexting apps, like SlutBot, have gained popularity for their expertise in erotic dialogue, helping users improve their sexting skills, which can translate to improved communication in real-life relationships.

Privacy and Anonymity

AI sexting apps offer a safe and confidential space for users, eliminating risks such as embarrassment, bullying, or revenge porn. 

With the use of end-to-end encryption, users can rest assured that their messages and photos are protected from prying eyes.

Relief from Loneliness

For those who are single or in long-distance relationships, sexting AI offers a sense of connection and intimacy.

Entertainment and Stress Relief

AI sexting apps offer a unique form of entertainment that can help users unwind and relieve stress.

Exploration without Real-Life Consequences

One notable benefit of AI sexting apps is the ability to explore desires without real-life consequences. Users can express themselves freely in a safe and judgment-free environment, without the fear of social or emotional repercussions.

However, it’s important to approach these apps with caution and a focus on responsible use. While these apps can provide a fun and stimulating experience, they are not capable of true human emotions or empathy. 

It’s important to maintain a healthy perspective and not become too reliant on these apps for emotional or sexual satisfaction.


How do AI sexting apps work?

These apps use machine learning algorithms to generate responses that mimic human-like romantic or sexual conversation. They learn from vast datasets of human interactions to create believable and engaging exchanges.

Are AI sexting apps safe to use?

Safety concerns often revolve around data privacy and security. Users worry about how their personal data and conversations are stored and used. It’s important to check the app’s privacy policy and security measures.

Can AI sexting apps form genuine emotional connections?

While these apps can simulate affectionate or intimate conversation, the emotional connection is one-sided. The AI does not possess genuine emotions but is programmed to mimic them.

Is it ethical to use AI for sexting?

This question touches on the morality of using AI for sexual purposes. Opinions vary, with some seeing it as a harmless fantasy outlet, while others raise concerns about the implications for human relationships and consent.

How realistic are conversations with AI sexting apps?

The realism varies based on the app’s sophistication. Some apps offer highly realistic interactions, making it hard to distinguish from a human, while others might be more mechanical or repetitive.

Can these apps help with loneliness or sexual education?

Some users find these apps helpful for combating loneliness or exploring aspects of sexuality in a safe, private space. However, they are not substitutes for human interaction or professional sexual education.

What are the legal implications of using AI sexting apps?

Legal concerns may include age restrictions, consent laws, and the creation or sharing of explicit content. It’s crucial for users to understand the legal framework in their jurisdiction.

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