The 32 Best Roblox Anime Games for True Anime Fans

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Best Roblox Anime Games

The Japanese culture called anime is steadily attracting audiences’ attention throughout the world, as we can tell from the fast growth of anime streaming sites. As global anime buffs skyrocketed, anime has become one of the most favored genres on Roblox.

On this page, you’ll find the complete list of the best Roblox anime games to play with friends and fully experience the immersive anime-themed games, inspired by Naruto, One Piece, One Punch Man, Demon Slayer, Bleach, JoJo, etc. in the open worlds of the Roblox game.

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List of the Best Roblox Anime Games

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits is a One Piece Roblox game from which you can fight with other players or AI NPC enemies, it has topped our best Roblox fighting games earlier. Here you can explore the vast oceanic world, use various weapons in battle, and collect “Blox fruits” (as in devil fruits) to get special powers. With smooth and reactive combat mechanics, players can do flexible moves like charging, shielding, and devastatingly offensive maneuvers. You can play solo, as a team, or enjoy PVP. 

With all these merits mentioned, the fact that you can’t easily get free fruits and the limited amount of fruits are some notable downsides.

Play Blox Fruits Now

Shinobi Life 3

Shinobi Life, formerly known as Shindo Life, is the rather popular Naruto-inspired Roblox game series where you create a ninja character and complete tasks to experience the Shinobi Life universe. The game has diverse skill sets like flame, liquid, and shock, adding complexity to the action. It also includes a social trading system for players to exchange bloodlines and abilities.

More classic games like Shinobi Life can be found on our list of the best Roblox old games.

The latest version of Shinobi Life 3 is just around the corner, and it has already gained enough attention on YouTube and player communities.

Play Shindo Life Now

Anime Battle Arena

Anime Battle Arena (ABA) lets you create your dream team from popular Shounen Anime franchises like Naruto Shippuden, Bleach, Dragon Ball, and One Piece. It challenges players with different skills and unique move sets for each character.

Some standout features of ABA are that it displays characters with dynamic movements and effects, making fights visually engaging, and it includes a ranking system for players to compete for the first title. Despite the glitches and update issues that get criticized, Anime Battle Arena is one of the most creative Roblox game ideas, and a worthy Roblox anime game to try.

Play Anime Battle Arena Now


Demonfall is a Roblox survival game inspired by the popular anime and manga series, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. This game features challenging anime role-play, where you develop unique characters & fate in an expansive environment.

In the Demonfall game, you’ll have to face real-time players and defeat them in an open world. While carrying on, you have to choose your path: either become a slayer, a hybrid, or a demon (which happens when you lose the battle with the demon). Choose your way to either stick to humanity or step into darkness as a demon to wield unholy powers.

Play Demonfall Now

All Star Tower Defense

All Star Tower Defense, one of the best Roblox games to play with friends, is a tower defense game where the customary turret and guns are replaced with anime-based characters, and the anime titles range from Dragon Ball, Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, My Hero Academia, Bleach, JoJo, and dozens more. 

Each unit has its unique set of skills and you can upgrade your troops to unlock new types of attacks. Defeat enemies, survive as many waves as possible, and try and score at the top of the leaderboard in the Infinite Mode!

Play All Star Tower Defense Now

Anime Showdown 

Anime Showdown is an anime-themed PvP game that costs 200 Robux. Here you can find some of the popular characters including Naruto, Shinra, Gon, Asta, Ulquiorra, Tengen Uzui, etc. The game features refined character models and vigorous action effects.

Battle it out with other players as you control these various well-known anime characters. You will need to play strategically and utilize skills to defeat your opponents, such as attacking the blocking enemies from behind, or using relentless combos to keep your opponent suppressed!

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Play Anime Showdown Now

Slayers Unleashed

Slayers Unleashed is yet another Demon-Slayer-themed Roblox game where you fight hordes of demons as a demon slayer, and I personally love most about the game’s cutscenes, and surprisingly realistic graphics for a Roblox game. Players have to try various “breathing styles” and “demon arts”, which have different rarities, to choose the best combination for their characters. 

Hitting objects around the map is a good way for beginners to gain experience and level up, and using codes is another solid plan. Overall the game is approachable for all skill levels.

Play Slayers Unleashed Now

Anime Fighters Simulator

Anime Fighters Simulator is a Roblox game with Pokemon-like battle styles. In Anime Fighters Simulator, players need to defeat enemies and complete time trials to get “Yen” which is used to buy and upgrade fighters. Explore the 30+ maps (called worlds) which are based on popular anime titles including Dragon Ball, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Chainsaw Man, Fate Series, Jujutsu Kaizen, etc., and when you’re in luck, you’ll get “shiny” fighters that are stronger and rarer than normal ones.

There’s no absolute character tier in its unique power scaling system, and the illusion system allows players to make funny memes with their fighters.

Play Anime Fighters Simulator Now

Anime Punching Simulator 

“Punch” your way to victory with powerful anime characters like One Punch Man and Naruto in the game of Anime Punching Simulator! You fight with fits to get gems for upgrading, and you farm in different training areas to earn enough gems for accessing event maps. 

Some unique parts of the games include the elixir, customizable character stats, and the skills unlocking system. Bear in mind to always save up for the new limited map and check out the new limited items.

Play Anime Punching Simulator Now

Anime Battle Simulator

Anime Battle Simulator, revamped from Anime Battle Tycoon, is a Roblox tycoon game where you can collect and level up anime characters like Naruto, Luffy, Goku, and Deku. It was created by Team Syndacore, the developer team of Tokyo Ghoul Online and Hunter x Hunter Online. 

Now there are new features and options available for old game lovers. The starter area has been completely redesigned, and players can attack enemies to earn cash and coins, which can be used to buy boosts, and purchase new characters.

Play Anime Battle Simulator Now

Holy War 3 

The Holy War Roblox game series, currently on its 3rd iteration, is a Roblox anime game inspired by the “Seven Deadly Sins” anime series, and it sports an impressive NPC execution system.

As in the anime, there’re various playable races including Demons, Fairies, Giants, and Angels each with its unique magic. Experience different battle styles by trying weapons like daggers, greatswords, staffs, war axes, etc. while the durability of which is shown in inventory. Apart from these, you can also custom-make your clothing and hair color.

Play Holy War 3 Now

Anime Mania 

Just came back after a major update, Anime Mania is a Roblox game of Dungeon Quest style but with a good many anime characters, and the old achievements are still kept. Here you can find anime characters from Black Clover, Devilman Crybaby, Hunter x Hunter, etc.

Earn gems and gold in the in-game currency system to unlock characters like Luffy and other new ones, but there’s a limitation of your character inventory. Always level up your units so that they can do more damage!

Play Anime Mania Now

JoJo Crusaders Heaven 

Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven, as you can already tell by the name, is a JoJo anime Roblox game. In the game, you can freely explore different well-designed stands including The World, Gold Experience, Star Platinum, and King Crimson. 

In regard to the battling details, you can go with basic moves like punches and barrages, or some JoJo-exclusive special moves like Seven Page Muda and Ground Smash. JoJo fans may love the rare accessories that can be acquired from Jotaro and the stand skins with surprising skills!

Play Jojo: Crusaders’ Heaven Now

Wisteria 3

Wisteria 3 is a rather popular anime-inspired Roblox game that is based on Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, the gameplay mainly focuses on stories and battles. The Breathing Styles and Demon Arts are two of the most unique elements of the game, with which you can improve your character or demon.

Improvements needed to be made in game design and mechanics, especially in terms of demon progression, gameplay loops, and the mystery quest line. 

Play Wisteria 3 Now

Project Mugetsu 

Project Mugetsu is a fan-made Roblox anime experience based on the anime series Bleach, where you can build your own character appearance, race, and abilities, and the PVP and PVE battles are both included. 

Speaking of races, by keeping eating NPCs, hollow players can eventually become Menos that are invincible. In the game, you’ll need paid game passes to access the advanced features such as race progression, zanpakuto progression, and meditation progression.

Play Project Mugetsu Now

King Legacy

King Legacy is another recommended One Piece Roblox anime game on this list. Constantly compared with the big name Blox Fruit, given the similar looks, King Legacy has some exceptional features that are worth trying, such as the awesome-looking battle styles, three types of Haki, uncommon devil fruits sold by Gacha, the PVP-free zone to have a rest, etc.

Get enough gems and try your luck for a spin to get the legendary fruits, or you can also have a look at the auto-resetting stocks.

Play King Legacy Now

Reaper 2 

Reaper 2 is another rather popular Bleach Roblox anime game, which won over 200 thousand favorites in less than 2 years. There are several fascinating races for you to choose from: the Soul Reaper uses a sword and a Zanpakuto spirit, the Quincy with powerful bows, the Hollow requires much grinding to evolve, and the Fullbringer gets power boosts from Reiatsu.

Fully experience the sword and keto skills in battle, and see if you can defeat or become the True Vasto Lorde!

Play Reaper 2 Now

A Universal Time 

A Universal Time is another Roblox adventure anime game that is based on JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, it covers PVP, item farming, trading, grinding, and other simulator game elements.

You can start the game by finishing daily quests given by the Daily Quest NPC to get the currency Universal Shards, and then buying skins or get skins from crates, both from the player menu, so as to apply cosmetic changes to your stands, and they all have exciting skills!

Play A Universal Time Now

Anime Adventures 

Anime Adventures is an anime tower-defense game where anime characters are now TD units. The learning curve for beginners can be a bit steep, and there’s no testing area for units. Considering the rarity of RNG-based traits, free players’ units inevitably fall short.

It’s worth noting that, given the frequently updated, new units constantly become the top tier, while the old ones naturally become useless, making it a costly gacha game.

Play Anime Adventures Now

Anime Dimensions Simulator 

Anime Dimensions Simulator, formerly known as Anime Dimensions, is an adventure anime Roblox game. The anime worlds and maps in the Anime Dimensions are called “Dimensions”, you can explore and clear these anime dimensions and ultimately defeat the anime-themed bosses, positioned at the halfway point and the end of the dimension.

You need to collect gold, gems, and different types of tokens to upgrade cards, purchase objects, and unlock characters. 

Play Anime Dimensions Simulator Now

Dragon Block Ultimate 

Dragon Blox Ultimate, formerly known as Dragon Ball Ultimate (DBU), is a ROBLOX game based on the anime series Dragon Ball. It is a Roblox fighting game that allows you to create a character and battle with your friends. The primary purpose of the game is to get stronger and grow to become the ultimate warrior.

Compared with other Dragon Ball Roblox games, Dragon Blox Ultimate has added some new forms including ultra ego and super saiyan blue ultra instinct, requiring 20 rebirths to achieve them. The God game pass will cost $20.

Play Dragon Blox Ultimate Now

My Hero Mania 

My Hero Mania is another Roblox anime game based on the anime series My Hero Academia. The abilities, moves, and episodes in the game are satisfying. It has a really high-level cap which will spend much of your time if you want to reach the top.

You can use 4$ for a spin at the Hospital to get the desired Quirks, which are superpowers of the heroes. Legendary abilities like One for All are hard to get even if you keep grinding and earning money.

Play My Hero Mania Now

Sword Burst 2 

While Swordburst 3 is on its way, Swordburst 2 is still worth a try if you like anime. Sword Bust 2 is a multiplayer RPG on Roblox game inspired by and recreated from the anime and light novel series Sword Art Online. The game allows players to explore a vast world, train their sword skills and level up their character. There are longswords, greatswords, rapiers, and katanas. If you like the idea of training the spirits of swords, this game is for you.

To get to the higher worlds like the lava world and water world, you need to keep defeating bosses and upgrade your own sword.

Play Swordburst 2 Now

Anime Cross 2 

Anime Cross 2, the sequel to the earlier Anime Cross, is an arena-style anime crossover fighting game where players can battle with or against their friends. There are 60 different anime characters and hundreds of styles for you to choose from.

The game was known for its beautiful graphics, three main game modes, a large variety of anime characters to choose from, and also questionable balancing issue. 

Play Anime Cross 2 Now


Ro-Ghoul is a fighting Roblox game inspired by the anime and manga Tokyo Ghoul, providing two modes including PVT and roleplay.

You can choose to join as a member of CGG to protect people from being eaten by Ghouls, or play as a Ghoul to hunt for humans and try to become a higher threat for CCG!  The game is a run-around, slice-and-dice type of game, and there are a wide variety of objects and environments to discover.

Play Ro-Ghoul Now

Titan Warfare

Titan Warfare is a round-based PVP game based on the anime series Attack on Titan. The story background is the war between Marleyans and Indians, you can select and play with Heroes, Titan Shifters, Soldiers, Engineers, Aviators, and Thunders. The game requires precise control and is difficult for players on mobile devices.

And if you’re not satisfied yet, another similar Roblox experience called Attack on Titan: Evolution is also worth a try.

Play Titan Warfare Now

Demon Slayer RPG 2 

The anime series Demon Slayer is so popular that there are tons of inspired community games on Roblox, and Demon Slayer RPG 2 is another one. It features maps including Infinity Fortress, Butterfly State, and Tanjuro’s house, which are well-made, and they totally resonate with the anime.

The core gameplay includes conducting mission quests, slaying demons, and retrieving/delivering items, and the sound breathing system is quite unique and worth phrasing.

Play Demon Slayer RPG 2 Now

Anime Worlds Simulator 

Anime Worlds Simulator is another Roblox anime tycoon game that is perfect for those who are constantly away from keyboards, the goal is to become the strongest anime character in the game.

It allows you to experience a mixture of anime titles in beautiful worlds. The game has many unique features including AFK fighting area, villain medal orb, various automatic farming systems, etc. 

Play Anime Worlds Simulator Now

A 0ne Piece Game 

A 0ne Piece Game is another Roblox fighting anime game inspired by the anime series One Piece. Just like Blox Fruits, A 0ne Piece Game has a variety of types of fruits including Logia, Zoan, and Paramecia with different rarity and abilities.

With the great graphics and the ample battle styles, items, islands, and raids, the game is totally worth your time. But the drop rate is generally low which results in a longer playing time. When you’re searching for the game on Roblox, pay attention that it’s “0ne Piece” instead of “One Piece”.

A 0ne Piece Game

Fairy Tail: Magic Brawl 

Fairy Tail: Magic Brawl is a Roblox anime game inspired by the Japanese manga and anime series Fairy Tail.

There are 49 types of well-balanced magic in total, and the game highly relies on the player’s skills to prevail. There are two main areas including Arena and Main game for players to battle infinitely with NPCs or enjoy the roleplay in the world of Fairy Tail.

Play Fairy Tail Magic Brawl Now

Ultimate Tower Defense 

Ultimate Tower Defense is a Roblox anime TD game where popular anime characters are added as tower units, such as White Beard, Raruto Six Paths, Dr. Joterio, Himiko Toga, Kirito, Eren, Saitama, etc.

Use towers of different rarity and attack styles to play strategically and eliminate as many enemies as possible! Some exciting updates including trading, evolutions, and balancing overhauls are on their way.

Play Ultimate Tower Defense Now


I hope you like this list we compiled, it spent 30 hours of our testing and should cover most, if not all popular anime-inspired games on Roblox. So I believe there is at least one for your favorite anime title! And if you have any questions or other worthy experiences you think can enrich our list, please leave a message in the comment section below.

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