The 19 Weirdest Roblox Games Ever Made!

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The Weirdest Roblox Games

Are you ready to explore the wild and weird world of Roblox? From death-defying races to mind-blowing survival, these 19 bizarre games will have your heart pounding and palms sweating as you dive into a world of unexpected escapades. Ready to uncover the weirdest corners in the popular virtual world of Roblox?

Now let’s dive into the best weird Roblox games, each game promises a unique and thrilling experience that can only be found within Roblox.

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The Weirdest Roblox Games Compared

GamesVerdictFavoritesServer SizeGenre
Infectious SmileInfectious Smile is an exciting horror game on Roblox with great graphics, sound effects, and plenty of levels – perfect for those looking for some thrills!1,668,55735Horror
get a snack at 4 amWith its bizarre characters and surreal atmosphere, Get a Snack at 4 am is sure to leave you feeling confused yet strangely satisfied.631,7131Adventure
ROBLOX NPCs are becoming smart!Dive into the entertaining and imaginative world of intelligent NPCs and custom characters with ROBLOX NPCs are becoming smart!580,1231All Genres
The Normal ElevatorExperience an extraordinary adventure with The Normal Elevator, a captivating and thrilling Roblox game.2,850,6868Adventure
Poop Scooping SimulatorPoop Scooping Simulator is an absurdly delightful game that will keep you magically entertained for hours.201,28012Adventure
Club IrisDive into the peculiar and captivating universe of Club Iris and experience a special game that will keep you in fits of laughter!492,473100Comedy
Beat up simulatorBeat Up Simulator on Roblox will have you in stitches for hours with its side-splitting antics!1,822,7991Comedy
Human GiraffeHuman Giraffe is a Roblox game that will provide boundless entertainment to participants of all ages.424,70830All Genres
Cashier TimeCashier Time is an enjoyable and quirky shopping experience that offers plenty of fun and entertainment.35,38045All Genres
[BATHROOM] Vibe PlaceVibe Place on Roblox is a one-of-a-kind and thrilling game that delivers an outrageous, out-of-the-ordinary experience!144,80020All Genres
Cheese Escape [Horror]Cheese Escape is an exhilarating horror game on Roblox that will surely give you a rush of adrenaline.1,170,2708All Genres
PM 6:06PM 6:06 is an enthralling and spine-tingling horror adventure that will have players on the edge of their seats with thrilling anticipation.69,959100All Genres
POOP WITH FRIENDSPoop With Friends is an outrageous and surprisingly enjoyable game that will have you in stitches.52,51330All Genres
The Double R’ Bar.Immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience of unreal puzzles, enigmatic hosts, and macabre themes at the Double R’ Bar.85,57330All Genres
Forgotten MemoriesIf you are a Roblox fan searching for something totally remarkable and creepy, Forgotten Memories is an absolute must-play horror game!796,35025Horror
Frostbite: Re-AnimatedPrepare to be scared as you dive into the thrilling horror world of Frostbite: Re-Animated! Hours of captivating entertainment await.45,72525Horror
Sussy Imposter landSussy Imposter Land is a eccentric Roblox game that blends horror, comedy, and mystery into one thrilling experience!95,49336Comedy
The TunnelSussy Imposter Land is an eccentric Roblox game that blends horror, comedy, and mystery into one thrilling experience!118,86225Adventure
[BETA] Sonic.EXE: The DisasterSonic.EXE: The Disaster is a heart-pounding and thrilling cooperative survival game that will leave you on the brink of excitement!65,6577Horror

Top Roblox Weird Games Reviewed

1. Infectious Smile

At Laughablehaha’s virtual playground, Infectious Smile has become a favorite among Roblox gamers since its November 2020 launch. Boasting 648 million players to date, this horror-adventure game follows the plight of survivors attempting to prevent an infection that turns everyone hostile. Though some have found the mimic not particularly creepy, it still provides robust entertainment; with captivating graphics and unparalleled storyline twists, it is no surprise why so many people come back for more!

Key Features:

  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Plenty of different levels to keep you entertained
  • Can be played with friends or solo
  • Fun way to pass the time and get your heart racing

Play Infectious Smile Now

2. get a snack at 4 am

Looking for a disturbing Roblox game? Look no further than “Get a Snack at 4 am” on Roblox. This game is sure to keep you entertained and bewildered; it features a variety of creepy characters, such as talking parrots, Elmo, and Tenderman. The player must complete various tasks to progress through the game, such as finding hidden objects or solving puzzles. The game’s atmosphere is enveloped in an unreal, dreamlike state with its unusual visuals and startling music. With its strange characters, surreal atmosphere, and bizarre tasks, this game will have you scratching your head in confusion.

Key Features:

  • Uniquely designed characters and environments
  • Unusual tasks to complete
  • A surreal atmosphere that’s sure to leave you feeling confused
  • An overall weird experience that’s unlike anything else on Roblox

Play get a snack at 4 am Now

3. ROBLOX NPCs are becoming smart!

If you’re searching for something both unusual and stimulating, then ROBLOX NPCs are becoming smart! is definitely worth your attention. With its captivating 3D visualizations, difficult obstacles to overcome, and ever-evolving AI gameplay – this game offers diverse entertainment that everyone can enjoy. In the game itself, players interact with intelligent computer characters who grow perceptibly smarter in each update. It’s possible to explore various realms filled with puzzles or produce custom creations of your own design, plus collect weapons on the go before discarding them just by pressing backspace/delete at any stage – even conquer levels to access special endings!

Key Features:

  • Interact with NPCs and watch them become smarter
  • Unique 3D experience with user-generated content
  • Challenging levels to test your skills
  • A variety of weapons to choose from

Play ROBLOX NPCs are becoming smart! Now

4. The Normal Elevator

Dare to explore the peculiar and exciting world of The Normal Elevator! This thrilling Roblox game plunges you into a riveting adventure as an elevator operator, where every level is filled with monsters, puzzles, eerie visuals, and astounding sound design. Additionally, this remarkable title offers one-of-a-kind mechanics, such as switching between different elevators or using items to progress – if you’re up for the challenge! It’s definitely worth playing if something out-of-the-ordinary is what you’re after.

Key Features

  • Uncommon puzzles and levels to explore
  • Fun and challenging gameplay
  • Variety of characters to interact with
  • Interesting storyline
  • Creative level design

Play The Normal Elevator Now

5. Poop Scooping Simulator

Get ready for an outrageous and hilarious adventure with Poop Scooping Simulator! You’ll be tasked with collecting piles of poop from a variety of places, ranging from parks to backyards. With your trusty shovel in hand, make sure you clear out all the poops before time runs out. The graphics are surprisingly good, considering it’s about scooping up dookies; plus, there is plenty of funny sound effects that will make you chuckle as you play. So grab your shovel now and get ready for some wild virtual scooper action!

Key Features:

  • Peculiar 3D experience created by users
  • Play as a character who scoops up poop from around the map
  • Codes for rewards to customize your character
  • Fun and challenging gameplay

Play Poop Scooping Simulator Now

6. Club Iris

Club Iris is a weird sus Roblox game for youngsters that offers an immersive virtual world with lots of activities and mini-games. The game is surprisingly detailed and immersive, allowing players to really get into the role they’re playing. It’s also great fun for those who like to explore different worlds and experiences. Overall, Club Iris is an interesting and rare Roblox game that offers an exclusive club experience for gamers of all ages. With its vibrant visuals, realistic sound effects, and engaging gameplay, Club Iris is sure to keep you hooked for hours.

Key Features

  • Unique 3D environment with realistic sound effects
  • Vibrant visuals and engaging gameplay
  • Immersive and interactive gaming experience
  • Variety of activities to choose from
  • Fun mini-games to play with friends

Play Club Iris Now

7. Beat up simulator

If you’re looking for a wild and funny game to play with your friends, look no further than Beat up simulator! It is a Roblox game developed by basketball’s most talented that involves hurting other players in comedic ways using preset items and weapons. This Roblox game has it all: from crazy weapons like giant hammers and exploding pies to hilarious sound effects and animations, this game will have you laughing out loud as you beat each other up! Plus, with its Christmas Map update, you can now enjoy the festive season while beating your opponents senseless!

Key Features

  • Use preset weapons like rubber chickens and giant hammers to hurt other players in funny ways
  • Customize your character with different hats and accessories
  • Play on Christmas Map or join a team for an even more chaotic experience
  • Enjoy hilarious sound effects that add to the comedic atmosphere
  • Compete against friends or strangers for the highest score

Play Beat up simulator Now

8. Human Giraffe

Human Giraffe is undoubtedly the most ingenious Roblox game ever created. You play as a peculiar human-giraffe hybrid, exploring an otherworldly realm where odd creatures and hurdles await you! Not only does it have captivating visuals that are simple but powerful, its gameplay is seamless too. This eccentric game has made me reflect on the essence of all things Robloxian – between its groundbreaking theme, remarkable mechanics, and whimsical artwork – making it one of the strangest games to explore in this virtual universe!

Key Features

  • One-of-a-kind art style with vibrant colors
  • Challenging gameplay with realistic survival elements
  • Variety of animals to interact with and hunt for food
  • Build shelters and craft tools to help you survive
  • Explore an open world full of surprises

Play Human Giraffe Now

9. Cashier Time

Cashier Time is one of the strangest Roblox games around. It combines an unparalleled shopping experience with customization options, where you can play as a cashier and serve customers in various stores while upgrading to better equipment throughout your journey. As if that wasn’t enough, this mysterious adventure also throws plenty of levels at you – giving you a chance to manage customers, scan items & ensure everything runs like clockwork. Plus, its gloomy visuals paired with eerie music make it all even more nerve-wracking!

Key Features:

  • Customize your character and the store
  • Interact with other players
  • Dark visuals and creepy music
  • Manage customers, scan items, and make sure everything runs smoothly

Play Cashier Time Now

10. [BATHROOM] Vibe Place

Are you seeking an extraordinary experience? Look no further than Vibe Place on Roblox! This game is sure to get your heart racing with its maze of secret bathrooms and thrilling mini-games. From the moment you start, a Minecraft-style setting greets you and allows for customizing avatars using fashion trends from the Roblox store. Then it’s off into a kaleidoscope world filled with bizarre flying boxes and tricksy obstacles – battle your way up fierce leaderboards as well! So dive in today – Vibe Place will leave you wanting more every time.

Key Features:

  • Explore a bathroom full of surprises
  • Compete against friends in leaderboards
  • Unlock new levels as you progress
  • Enjoy the game’s distinctive art style

Play [BATHROOM] Vibe Place Now

11. Cheese Escape [Horror]

Cheese Escape is one of the most peculiar and captivating Roblox games ever created! Traverse through a daunting factory with harrowing traps, obstacles, and brain-teasing puzzles. You play as an adventurous mouse struggling to escape alive! With its intense soundtrack, spooky ambiance, and challenging levels – your experience in this game will be unforgettable. Looking for something thrilling? Or maybe something quirky? Look no further than Cheese Escape – it’s sure to become a popular favorite among all Roblox players!

Key Features:

  • Challenging puzzles that require quick thinking
  • A variety of enemies with unique abilities
  • An immersive atmosphere with detailed graphics and sound effects
  • An ever-changing level design that keeps the game fresh and exciting
  • A leaderboard system for competing against other players

Play Cheese Escape [Horror] Now

12. PM 6:06

PM 6:06 is a horror game created by “Smiling_Winner” on Roblox. The game features a cursed face as its icon, and it’s full of mysterious puzzles and horror elements that will keep you on your toes throughout the entire experience. You’ll also have to battle a crazy boss in order to get the badge “Voices.” It is a wild ride that will take you through some truly bizarre worlds. If you’re looking for something different from your usual Roblox experience, then PM 6:06 is definitely worth checking out!

Key Features:

  • Nine Sublevels with eccentric challenges
  • A variety of strange creatures and enemies
  • An intense boss battle to get the badge “Voices”
  • Regular updates with new levels and bosses

Play PM 6:06 Now


Poop With Friends is an action-packed and hilarious journey, guaranteed to produce plenty of giggles along the way. This wild game takes your usual party competition up a notch by challenging you and your friends to see who can poop the most! Strategize wisely and use all available resources as you battle against opponents in this fast-paced adventure. The vibrant graphics make it easy to keep track of everyone’s progress while power-ups amplify the fun. If you’re looking for excitement that never gets stale, look no further than Poop With Friends!

Key Features:

  • Fast-paced gameplay
  • Colorful graphics
  • Variety of power-ups
  • Fun obstacles
  • Compete against your friends


14. The Double R’ Bar.

If you’re searching for an extraordinary and peculiar Roblox game, the Double R’ Bar is your destination. This odd yet intriguing game features surreal puzzles, haunting hosts, and suicide themes–guaranteed to give you a one-of-a-kind experience! The creepy atmosphere creates a level of suspense that will keep you glued to your screen as you explore its various strange games. Perfect for those in search of something bizarre, The Double R’ Bar promises hours of unforgettable entertainment and should not be missed by anyone wishing to try out new Roblox adventures.

Key Features:

  • Surreal puzzles that will leave you scratching your head
  • Ghostly hosts that will give you the chills
  • Suicide themes that will make you think twice
  • A variety of strange games to explore
  • A creepy atmosphere that will keep you entertained

Play The Double R’ Bar. Now

15. Forgotten Memories

Dive into the bone-chilling Forgotten Memories, one of the most cursed Roblox games! You are stuck in an alarming abandoned pizzeria, and it’s up to you to find your way out. Be prepared for any spooky occurrence that may come your way – from dark creatures lurking around every corner to disconcerting sound effects that will send shivers up your spine. Not only is this game filled with suspense and terror, but it also has excellent visuals and audio design, which bring its already daunting atmosphere alive.

Key Features:

  • Realistic graphics and sound effects
  • Challenging puzzles and objectives
  • A variety of animatronics to defeat
  • An immersive story with multiple endings

Play Forgotten Memories Now

16. Frostbite: Re-Animated

Frostbite: Re-Animated is a weird scary Roblox game that will transport you to a truly chilling world, where 3D graphics and animations bring an almost cinematic experience. As you battle through hordes of frostbitten beasts, everything from the eerie atmosphere to the detailed environments and characters keeps your adrenaline pumping. Additionally, plenty of puzzles are waiting for you – some easy enough that anyone can tackle them, while others require intense skills and reflexes. Experience this sussy game on Roblox today!

Key Features:

  • Realistic snow physics
  • Eerie atmosphere
  • Play solo or with friends
  • Survive against monsters and other players

Play Frostbite: Re-Animated Now

17. Sussy Imposter land

If you’re searching for an offbeat yet captivating Roblox game, then Sussy Imposter Land is the one for you! This game is a user-generated 3D experience on Roblox that has gained popularity recently. It’s a shooter that combines weapon gathering with kills, making it all the more exciting. Plus, its visuals are quite impressive compared to other Roblox offerings. Hours of thrilling entertainment await with this quirky title, so don’t wait any longer and give it a whirl now!

Key Features:

  • Unique horror atmosphere with spooky music and visuals
  • An unpredictable storyline with plenty of twists and turns
  • A variety of weapons to help you survive in this strange world
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 4 players

Play Sussy Imposter land Now

18. The Tunnel

Explore the unknown with Roblox’s The Tunnel – a game like no other. From its incredible 3D visuals to its ingenious challenges and surprises, this adventure will stay in your memory for years to come. Recently revamped and better than ever, you’ll find yourself entranced by the stunning graphics of each tunnel and its captivating gameplay; hours’ worth of entertainment await those who dare enter!

Key Features

  • Challenging puzzles to solve
  • Creepy atmosphere with jump scares
  • Variety of monsters to avoid
  • Hidden secrets to uncover

Play The Tunnel Now

19. [BETA] Sonic.EXE: The Disaster

Sonic.EXE: The Disaster is a weird creepy Roblox game with its foundation in creepypasta! It’s an intense co-op survival experience that lets you join forces with five other players against the sinister powers of evil. Transform into Sonic – the exclusive character accessible to developers only – and unlock powerful abilities to vanquish your foes. With plenty of extra features added for even more excitement, this game will be sure to provide hours of fun!

Key Features:

  • Morph into Sonic, the developer-only character
  • Fight off evil forces with your teammates
  • Use special abilities to defeat your enemies
  • Additional mechanics for an even more exciting experience

Play [BETA] Sonic.EXE: The Disaster Now


How Are the Weird Roblox Games Ranked?

The weirdest Roblox games are ranked by the number of players, the overall rating, user reviews, and the testing performance. Popular websites and communities like YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit threads also provide insight into what makes a game weird.

Can You Get Banned on Roblox for Playing Inappropriate Games?

Yes, you can get banned on Roblox for playing inappropriate games. Roblox has a strict policy against such games, and violations of this policy may result in an account suspension or ban. It is important to be aware of the games you play and avoid any deemed inappropriate by Roblox.

What are the weirdest Roblox games?

Some of the best weird Roblox games include:

  • Infectious Smile
  • get a snack at 4 am
  • ROBLOX NPCs are becoming smart!
  • The Normal Elevator
  • Poop Scooping Simulator
  • Club Iris
  • Human Giraffe
  • Cashier Time


Adventure into a world of the weird and wonderful on Roblox. Our curated list of games offers something for everyone, from horror to puzzle-solving and taking on monstrous enemies – it’s all here! So whether you’re looking for thrills or want to test your battle strategies, there’ll undoubtedly be an experience that captivates your curiosity. So dive in now; explore, play & enjoy every minute of your time with these peculiar titles.

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