The 11 Best Roblox Pokemon Games That Are Still Playable

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Roblox Pokemon Games

Roblox Pokemon is an exceptional game genre that every Roblox lover should have a taste of. Capturing the strongest Pokémon and striving to become the most successful Pokémon trainer is such an intriguing idea.

Bringing the Pokemon-style games into the open world of Roblox is a brilliant implementation, but sadly most classic Roblox Pokemon games have been deleted for various reasons. And on this page, we’ve gathered the best Roblox Pokemon games that have not been deleted and are still playable today.

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Best Roblox Pokemon Games Compared

Loomian LegacyArguably the best Roblox game for Pokemon-like experience of all kindsAdventure
Pet Fighters SimulatorCollect and train hundreds of pets with different looks, stats, and skillsetsAll Genres
Digimon Digital MonstersThe Roblox knockoff of the Digimon anime series to train and evolve monstersRPG
Monsters of EtheriaRoleplay as both Pokemon trainer and Pokemon and interact with friendsAdventure
Doodle World A constantly updated turn-based battle game in a doodles-crafted worldAdventure
World ZeroThe well-accepted game to explore and conquer dozens of exotic worlds and unique dungeonsRPG
Mystery Dungeon RPUncover worthy treasures and Pokemon companions in the Pokemon-Mystery-like DungeonsAll Genres
Anime Fighters SimulatorA Pokemon experiences exploring dungeons and cities and join forces with friendsAdventure
Adventure Story!Purchase candy tokens and train up Pokemon to increase their power levelsAdventure
BloxymonA Pokemon experiences exploring dungeons and cities and joining forces with friendsAll Genres
Sticker Monster SimulatorCollect sticker-based pets and battle monsters to become a masterAdventure

Best Roblox Pokemon Games Reviewed

Loomian Legacy

Loomian Legacy is one of the oldest Roblox games that are still worth playing right now. Loomian Legacy, intrinsically an MMO adventure RPG, is a well-made Roblox game that gives an incomparable Pokemon-like experience. 

Get immersive into the storytelling game, uncover a plethora of Loomian with good-looking models and distinct kinds of power, and fight to become the best Loomian trainer! It has been 8 years since the creation of the Loomian Legacy, and the game is still in development and is constantly updated.

Play Loomian Legacy Now

Pet Fighters Simulator

Pet Fighters Simulator is a rather interesting Roblox game that focuses on collecting and raising creatures, which are called pets in the game. Here you can freely explore various exciting zones, click on to battle innocent-pet-turned monsters, and collect over 200 different pets. 

These pets range from cute and fearsome ones, with unique stats and abilities of excitement. Players can make their pets even more powerful by upgrading them with items and materials, and eventually compete in tournaments to earn rewards and climb the ranks. To play smarter and emerge victorious, use your unique strategies and evolve from the battles!

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Play Pet Fighters Simulator Now

Digimon Digital Monsters

Digimon Digital Monsters is a fighting-based adventure game from which you can get your own digital monsters like Agumon and Gabumon, roleplay with your friends as a pet or pet trainer, explore the open-world map, discover hidden treasures in secret corners, challenging epic bosses using the best Digimon lineups. Train and feed your digital monsters with different items, battle to get experiences, and evolve them to get stronger!

The Digimon Digital Monster Roblox game is based on the Digimon anime franchise, which is quite similar to the Pokemon franchise, and it has been our other favorite anime title since we were kids.

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Play Digimon Digital Monsters Now

Monsters of Etheria

Monsters of Etheria is an interesting and absorbing Roblox Pokemon game where you even get to transform into and roleplay as your favorite Pokemon creatures like Pikachu and Squirtle,  interact with your friends for fun, level up your monsters, and evolve. 

Multiple server options are given for you to fight with other players in the PVP mode, or simply go with the Pokemon roleplay. To complete your own monster collections, a trading system is also provided between different players.

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Play Monsters of Etheria Now

Doodle World

In a world crafted entirely of doodles, The Doodle World Roblox game stands out as a game that offers both fun and uniqueness on Roblox. Adventure and exploration game enthusiasts favor it for the plethora of standout benefits it has to offer, including exploration as its core objective, unearthing new regions and undercover secrets which players eagerly embrace, and the turn-based combat model like Pokemon. Players must selectively search to uncover troves of treasures and tackle conundrums dispersed throughout the game.

The Doodle World update log and announcement are out on a daily basis, so look no further if you’re looking for a stable Roblox Pokemon game.

Play Doodle World Now

World Zero

Experience thrilling adventures in the world of World Zero, a captivating open-world Roblox game! With nine diverse and exotic worlds, inhabited by over twenty unique dungeons, adventurers have myriad opportunities to explore and conquer. Choose your character class and take your first step towards uncovering extraordinary loot and new classes as you venture through these epic realms.

Rated one of the finest Roblox Pokemon games by The Gamer, World Zero has everything a fan of the genre could wish for. Mission hunts, hidden secrets, interactive towns, and much more await you – why not join in and be the hero of this great story? 

Despite the subtle issues with powerups and support, Players from communities have showered the game with praise, so come and immerse yourself in World Zero’s mesmerizing, vivid worlds today!

Play World Zero Now

Mystery Dungeon RP

The unique Mystery Dungeon RP transports you on an adventure through mysterious dungeons, where you can battle enemies and expand your Pokemon team. It originates from the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series.

Dungeons full of treacherous traps and Pokemon foes are the cornerstone of the Mystery Dungeon RP game. Each dungeon is distinct, with its own layout and set of challenges, ranging from tricky mazes to unexpected hazards. As players delve further into the dungeons, they’ll discover valuable items, treasures, and even new Pokemon companions, all of which can strengthen their own team.

Its intricate gameplay systems and strong community make it a must-play Roblox experience that’s anything but surface-level.

Play Mystery Dungeon RP Now

Anime Fighters Simulator

In the Roblox game Anime Fighters Simulator, one of the best Roblox anime games, you don’t see monsters and creatures, but the gaming and battle styles will totally remind you of Pokemon. Here you’ll collect and train your fighters.

Collecting rare objects and equipment goes beyond making stats better; it also beefs up characters’ combat capabilities. Anime Fighters Simulator basks in its captivating illustrations and enthralling gameplay – it has quickly become a favorite of Roblox players who are followers of anime and action games. Whether casual gamers or dedicated anime fans, Anime Fighters Simulator offers a fascinating experience guaranteed to captivate its users and keep them engaged for hours. 

Play Anime Fighters Simulator Now

Adventure Story!

The turn-based nature makes the action-adventure game Adventure Story a Pokemon Experience on Roblox. Embark on a thrilling quest, traversing through mysterious and magical realms with Adventure Story! Face daunting enemies, battle massive bosses, and solve perplexing puzzles to win valuable rewards. 

Dive into diverse, dynamic environments from haunting dungeons to vibrant cities! Level up, unlock new gear and abilities, and gain XP to become the best! Join forces with friends to overcome even the most difficult obstacles, and show off your progress by competing on leaderboards. 

Play Adventure Story! Now


Discover the exciting world of Bloxymon and become the best trainer you can be! Roblox’s creature-collecting game, created by The Gang, sets itself apart from other Pokemon-style games with its immersive graphics, sound effects, and unique gameplay. 

Players can explore the world, complete quests and find Bloxymons, then boost their power levels by purchasing candy tokens and training them up. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned Bloxymon trainer, you’ll find plenty of complexity and depth here, keeping you engaged for hours of fun. So, come and join the fun in Bloxymon today!

Play Bloxymon Now

Sticker Monster Simulator

Gather Sticker Monsters and challenge powerful opponents in heart-pounding battles as you aim to become the ultimate master. Collect coins and stars throughout your journey, which will allow you to expand your collection even further. 

Tackle complex battles as you make every effort to outsmart and overpower your opponents. As you test your resolve, the combination of perplexity and burstiness will provide you with an exciting and stimulating experience.

Play Sticker Monster Simulator Now


Can I still play Brick Bronze Roblox? 

No, there is no Brick Bronze game left for us to play. As of the writing of this post, the only two remakes: Project Bronze Forever and Legends of Roria have both just been deleted in April 2023.

Why did Roblox remove Pokemon games?

Since most Roblox Pokemon games are considered the rip-off of the Nintendo franchise Pokemon in the legal aspect, the Roblox official is forced to take down these games that cause copyright infringement, otherwise, they may face legal troubles themselves. With that being said, some fan creations that don’t aim for monetization still exist.

Is it legal to play Roblox Pokemon games?

While it’s generally legal in many countries if you’re only playing Roblox Pokemon games, there are two things that you should notice. One is that Roblox Pokemon games are getting content deleted every now and then for copyright issues, and another is that you could get banned for playing certain Roblox Pokemon games if it’s considered a violation of Roblox community guidelines.


All in all, I believe that you are a passionate fan of the Pokemon game franchise, and I hope that this post is helpful to you in making your Roblox gaming decision. These Roblox Pokemon games have been well-tested and are currently working nicely, so please give them a whirl while they haven’t been deleted!

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