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Best AI Presentation Makers

Does making presentations take up too much of your precious work day or overwhelm you as a task? Look no further! With the best AI presentation makers available today, you can revolutionize your workplace with top-notch tech solutions. Whether it’s transforming ideas into stunning visuals or creating captivating information graphics – all these tools make it easy and efficient for anyone who is new to presenting to feel like they are part of the pro team in no time.

Best AI Presentation Makers Compared

ChatGPT + PowerPointAn innovative blend of AI-powered content development and sophisticated design, revolutionizing the art of presentation creation.
SlideMakeEffortlessly transforming the presentation landscape with its advanced AI capabilities and intuitive design features.
ChatBAThis trailblazing AI tool revolutionizes the art of presentation-making, turning complex data into captivating visual narratives with astonishing ease and flair.
CanvaAn absolute game-changer, this tool’s AI wizardry transforms text prompts into visually stunning, ready-to-go presentations in a snap!
SlidesAIThis AI-fueled powerhouse breathes life into mundane slides, transforming them into captivating presentations with unrivaled speed and precision.
MagicslidesWith a blink of an eye, this AI-powered tool transforms humdrum text into captivating, professional presentations.
SlidesGPTBrace yourself for a revolutionary AI-powered tool that effortlessly crafts captivating, tailor-made presentations.
Tome.appBlazing trails in presentation tech, this AI genie crafts top-tier slide decks at breakneck speed.
Beautiful.aiThis AI presentation wizard transforms mundane slides into visually captivating narratives effortlessly.
Gamma.appWith a wave of AI magic, this tool effortlessly weaves your words into captivating visual narratives.
SlidesgoAn undeniable wizard in AI-powered presentations, it’s a breeze to craft captivating slideshows with this tool.
Simplified.comThis groundbreaking tool takes presentation design and collaboration to unprecedented heights, all in a blink!
Presentation AILike magic, this AI-powered maestro crafts stunningly sleek, smart, and strikingly sophisticated presentations.
Decktopus AIInput presentation topic and goal for an instant first draft, and easily customize with the one-click design feature.

Best AI Presentation Makers Compared Reviewed

ChatGPT + PowerPoint

ChatGPT, a revolutionary AI tool, has been creating waves in various industries with its ability to generate human-like text based on prompts or information. When combined with PowerPoint, the result is a dynamic presentation-making tool that leverages AI’s power to deliver engaging and informative presentations.

While PowerPoint provides the platform for visually appealing slides, ChatGPT can populate these slides with relevant and created content, keeping in mind the context and audience. Imagine an AI PPT maker that can help you create marketing content, translate content, summarize research, and even integrate a knowledge base while making a presentation.


GPT-3.5: Free, GPT-4.0: $20/mo; Powerpoint: $159.99

Create Your AI Presentation Using ChatGPT + PowerPoint Now!


SlideMake is a standout in the realm of AI presentation generators. Its unique selling point lies in its AI-powered design engine that auto-fills your content into professionally designed layouts. With an impressive array of over 20 million images and icons, it provides users with a vast range of visual aids to enhance their presentations.

Furthermore, its ability to convert raw data into visually compelling charts, graphs, and infographics is another key feature worth mentioning. The platform’s smart suggestion feature is a game-changer, offering personalized template recommendations based on the content of your presentation. It also boasts a real-time collaboration feature, perfect for team projects and group assignments.



Create Your AI Presentation Using SlideMake Now!


ChatBA is revolutionizing the process of presentation creation with its AI-driven technology. One of ChatBA’s key features is its free presentation AI slide generation, powered by OpenAI API. This allows users to create slides based on their provided prompts or topics, making the process both seamless and personalized.

In addition to these features, ChatBA also offers a library of professionally designed templates, enabling users to create captivating slide decks in minutes. Its generative AI capability is particularly impressive, allowing users to instantly create slide decks without the need for extensive manual input.



Create Your AI Presentation Using ChatBA Now!


The renowned Canva platform is famous for its capacity to help users create stunning visual content. It is equipped with clever features like image enhancement, PDF conversion, and text addition to videos that take your content to the next level. Noteworthy features include Magic Resizing and the ability to change the color palette, simplifying the design process.

The Canva Pro version offers unlimited access to an extensive library of photos, elements, templates, and videos, enabling users to create rich and diverse content. A standout function is its ability to remove image backgrounds, which can significantly enhance the presentation’s visual impact.

Moreover, you may also find Canva practical for your business as a design tool and top photo editing software.


Free, Pro: $12.99/mo, Team: $14.99/mo

Create Your AI Presentation Using Canva Now!


Slides is a text to presentation AI generator that swiftly converts text into visually captivating slides, providing users with a time-saving and effortless solution. One of its key features is the quick data-to-presentation conversion, which can turn raw data into interactive visual reports at lightning speed.

In terms of functionality, Slidesai offers real-time feedback and collaboration tools, making it an excellent choice for team projects. Its Google Slides integration allows for easy access and sharing. The tool also offers pre-designed presets and customizable appearances, ensuring that every presentation aligns with the user’s unique style.


Basic: 0, Pro: $10/mo, Premium: 20/mo

Create Your AI Presentation Using SlidesAI Now!


MagicSlides is making a splash in the world of AI-powered presentation tools with its unique features and capabilities. The AI integration enables MagicSlides to generate engaging slides with relevant content and images based on your topic and slide count. Its ability to convert any text into eye-catching visuals makes it an invaluable tool for crafting bespoke presentations.

What sets MagicSlides apart is its user-friendly customization options. It offers a broad range of layouts and customization features, enabling you to tailor your slides to your specific needs. The combination of speed, efficiency, and customization makes MagicSlides a top choice among presentation AI tools.


Pro: $16/mo, Premium: $29/mo

Create Your AI Presentation Using Magicslides Now!


SlidesGPT, as its name suggests, is an artificial intelligence-driven presentation creation tool that has revolutionized the way we create slideshows. This innovative tool leverages the power of ChatGPT to transform text prompts into comprehensive presentations, saving users hours of work and mental energy. It seamlessly integrates with PowerPoint presentation AI and Google Slides, offering a streamlined workflow for both professionals and educators

In terms of functionality, SlidesGPT allows you to create entire presentations based on simple prompts, akin to the ChatGPT style. The tool is also considered a top choice for users seeking cutting-edge presentation tools due to its ease of use and innovative features.



Create Your AI Presentation Using SlidesGPT Now! is a cutting-edge AI-powered presentation maker that has transformed the way presentations are created and shared. It boasts an array of innovative features, such as automatic slide creation, intuitive drag-and-drop operation, and classic options for customization. The app’s user-friendly interface, responsive pages, one-click themes, and AI-powered content recommendations make it a standout choice among its competitors.’s AI capabilities allow users to generate compelling narratives effortlessly using prompts. An exceptional feature is the DALL·E 2 tile, enabling users to create captivating visuals. The app seamlessly combines intuitive design, live content, and robust functionality to deliver an enchanting user experience.


Free; Pro: $8/month

Create Your AI Presentation Using Now!, a web-based presentation tool, excels in creating visually stunning presentations without the need for lengthy design processes. The AI takes care of fonts, colors, layouts and more, ensuring a clean, uncluttered look that is inviting to viewers. The platform also offers hundreds of curated starter presentation templates, along with 65+ Smart Slide templates with preset designs.

In addition to its intuitive workflow, has introduced several advanced features like Shared Slides, Shared Themes, and team administration controls. These features make collaboration easier and more efficient for teams. Another standout feature is the ability to turn presentations into videos, offering more flexibility in how presentations are shared and viewed.


Pro: $12/mo, Team: $50/user/ mo

Create Your AI Presentation Using Now! is an innovative tool that takes presentation-making to the next level. Its AI-powered design capabilities allow users to transform raw notes into visually engaging, interactive content. The app enables easy embedding of videos, GIFs, and dynamic content into presentations, supporting a wide range of multimedia. Additionally, it offers unique features like creating polls, quizzes, and games within the presentation itself, providing a more immersive experience for your audience.

Technologically, stands out with its AI designer that automates your presentations’ structure, content, and visuals. It saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on the content rather than the formatting and design work.


Free; Pro plan coming soon

Create Your AI Presentation Using Now!


Slidesgo, a platform offering free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates, is a noteworthy tool for AI Presentation Makers. It provides a vast array of versatile infographics, all 100% editable and easy to modify according to your presentation needs. The platform facilitates the enhancement of presentations with 30 different infographics per theme, including icons and Flaticon’s extension for added visual appeal.

Slidesgo stands out with its educational content, featuring various mathematical function themes such as linear, quadratic, exponential, and rational functions. These specifically designed templates cater to math teachers and students alike, simplifying complex concepts with visually appealing and easy-to-understand slides.


Free, Premium: $5.99/mo, Education: $3.50/mo

Create Your AI Presentation Using Slidesgo Now!, an esteemed AI Presentation Maker, is widely recognized for its remarkable capability to produce polished and branded decks effortlessly. This platform helps you stay on track with your branding, elevate the design of your presentation, and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Its AI capabilities transform presentations and posts, offering users a more exciting and innovative way of creating content.

The platform distinguishes itself among AI Presentation Makers with its versatile templates and robust editing tools, enabling users to customize their presentations to meet specific requirements. Besides presentations, Simplified also boasts features like video editors, graphic design tools, and a social media scheduler.


Free, Pro: $9/mo, Business: $15/mo

Create Your AI Presentation Using Now!

Presentation AI is a top-tier AI presentation maker that brings simplicity, speed, and creativity to your fingertips. Its unique selling proposition is the “Idea to Deck in seconds” feature, allowing users to transform raw concepts into professional presentations swiftly. This AI-backed technology takes care of the intricate details, letting the user focus on storytelling.

In addition to its quick content creation, ensures brand consistency across all presentations. It facilitates the customization of presentations to match the brand’s style and messaging, making it hard for anything to go wrong. Another notable feature is Clip-E, an AI-powered wingman that assists in creating jaw-dropping presentations.


Free, Pro: $396/year

Create Your AI Presentation Using Presentation AI Now!

Decktopus AI

With Decktopus AI, users can input their presentation topic and goal for an instant first draft. The tool’s one-click design feature and auto-adjusted layouts make customization a breeze without manual tweaks. Additional features, like voice recording and real-time audience feedback collection, take your presentations to the next level.

Magic buttons offer helpful suggestions for images, icons, slide content, slide notes, and presenter scripts. Beyond AI, Decktopus also allows for simple editing, speaking notes and forms, and even custom domains.

Overall, while the AI feature has room for improvement, Decktopus offers a range of useful tools for creating impressive presentations.

Create Your AI Presentation Using Decktopus AI Now!


Is there an AI for making presentations in one click?

Yes, there are several AI-powered tools available that can help create presentations with minimal user input. These tools use AI to generate entire presentations from scratch using nothing but the text that you give them. Some of the best AI presentation makers include ChatBA, Presentations.AI,, SlideMake, and Tome.

Are AI presentation makers better than presentation websites?

Both AI presentation makers and online presentation tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. AI presentation makers offer benefits such as increased engagement, greater interactivity, more control, improved accessibility, and time-saving.

On the other hand, online presentation tools provide advantages such as being cloud-based, allowing access and editing from any device and location, and having a wide range of templates, graphics, animations, and effects. Ultimately, the decision between the two options hinges on the user’s unique requirements and personal preferences.

What is the best free AI presentation maker?

Several free AI presentation makers are available, each with unique features. Some of the best presentation AI makers include Simplified, Slidesgo,,, and Decktopus. These tools offer customizable templates, AI-powered design engines, and collaboration tools to help users create engaging and professional presentations in minutes. Ultimately, choosing these tools depends on the user’s specific needs and preferences.


In conclusion, the emergence of AI in presentation-making has undoubtedly transformed how we compile and share information. Whether you lean towards the automation and efficiency of AI presentation makers or prefer the versatility and accessibility of online presentation tools, there are plenty of options to suit your individual needs and preferences. Ultimately, the best presentation maker will depend on which features you value most.

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