The 14 Best AI Dungeon Masters to Command Your Game

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Best AI Dungeon Masters

Do you want to be the envy of your gaming group and take on the virtual mantle of an unbeatable Dungeon Master? Do your players consistently leave the table thrilled and eagerly asking when they can return for another round?

Whether new to text-based D&D games or a long-time veteran, AI Dungeon is here to level up your game with its revolutionary AI-driven storyteller capabilities. In this comprehensive list, we’ll walk through top AI dungeon masters that you can use to build captivating campaigns.

The Best AI Dungeon Masters Compared

AI Dungeon MastersVerdict
AI DungeonOffering an unmatched, unique gaming experience with virtually infinite worlds, realistic character interactions, and collaborative storytelling.
Character AICharacter AI sets a new standard in interactive storytelling with human-like responses and personalized character creation.
Novel AIWith its advanced features and creative tools, this platform offers an unparalleled storytelling experience.
KoboldAIA powerful AI tool offering immersive text-based role-playing experiences but with a notable NSFW content bias.
Holo AIA good Novel AI alternative that mainly serves as an AI writing generator.
Cataclysm: Dark Days AheadThis dungeon master raises the bar for roguelike games, combining survival mechanics with an immersive open world.
GodAIThis AI Dungeon Master is distinguished by its blend of Eastern philosophy and advanced AI-driven narratives.
ReplikaA companion-like AI platform with advanced learning capabilities offering immersive, leveled-up, and human-like interactions.
InferkitA multilingual-supporting platform offering advanced text generation through innovative neural network technology.
AI TalesThis platform provides a unique dungeon-mastering experience with interlocking stories and high-concept AI.
SudowriteThis innovative AI tool revolutionizes creative writing by generating dynamic plots and effective writer’s block solutions.
TavernAIA revolutionary tool that transforms interactive storytelling with advanced character simulation and role-playing.
ChatFAIAn AI tool that enhances gaming with immersive dialogues powered by advanced AI algorithms and technology.
Chai AppThis AI Dungeon Master impresses with its customizable chatbots and human-like interactions.

The Best AI Dungeon Masters Compared Reviewed

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon stands out as a unique AI-powered text-based RPG, and a top AI story generator, providing an experience that’s unrivaled in quality and security. It allows players to craft narratives, engage with authentic characters, and venture into virtually limitless realms. While the game excels when players collaborate with it on a story, it can sometimes get confused if not properly guided.

The game harnesses the power of GPT-3 text generator technology, allowing for rich narratives and virtually unlimited text adventuring. Despite some criticism for generating disturbing content, it offers an unparalleled experience, enabling players to role-play in any scenario they can conceive.

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Legend: $29.99/mo, Hero: $14.99/mo, Adventure: $9.99/mo

Play Your AI Dungeon Game at AI Dungeon Now!

Character AI

Character AI, an advanced AI Dungeon Master, is redefining the landscape of interactive storytelling with its innovative features. This neural language model chatbot web application can generate human-like responses and actively engage in conversations with AI-generated characters. A standout feature is its ability to create unique character “personalities” based on descriptions and welcoming messages. This offers a more immersive and personalized experience for users.

Character AI can be used for practicing social situations such as job interviews or learning a new language. The platform also offers extra features like chat color customization, greater control over chat direction, and the option to take on multiple character roles.

Character AI provides a comprehensive set of characters for you to chat with, and even share AI jokes.



Play Your AI Dungeon Game at Character AI Now!

Novel AI

Novel AI, powered by deep learning algorithms, aids users in expanding their imagination while honing their writing skills. It offers four robust text-generating AI models: Euterpe, Sigurd, Genji, and more. The platform’s key features include Storytelling Mode, Text Adventure Mode, and Image Generation Mode, each offering different capabilities to cater to the user’s specific needs.

This AI platform also doubles as a dynamic text editor, enabling users to feed in their initial ideas and watch as the AI weaves intricate stories, plots, and dialogues. This platform boasts a major technological advancement: NovelAIDiffusion, a text-to-image AI tool that generates fantasy-style art and anime-style AI artwork based on your text input.


Free trial, Tablet: $10/mo, Scroll: $15/mo, Opus: $25/mo

Play Your AI Dungeon Game at Novel AI Now!


KoboldAI is a noteworthy addition to the field of AI Dungeon Masters. This browser-based front-end utility supports local and remote AI models, offering a comprehensive array of tools, including Memory. The platform is praised for its simplicity, with users able to get started by simply clicking a button. While it’s an immersive platform for text-based role-playing games, potential users should note its strong bias towards NSFW content.

In terms of user-friendliness, KoboldAI takes the lead. Even coding novices can navigate its features seamlessly. It’s this combination of powerful AI technology and user accessibility that makes KoboldAI a popular choice among AI Dungeon Masters.



Play Your AI Dungeon Game at KoboldAI Now!

Holo AI

Holo AI is a paid AI chatbot service that’s primarily used to write stories. Various AI models are provided for you to write stories of different styles such as Novels, Fanfic, Generic, and Romance (NSFW allowed). Holo AI even provides a practical Text-to-Speech feature to read AI generations to you out loud, using 6 types of voices.

Compared with the big name Novel AI, Holo AI is more beginner-friendly, it delivers better results for general prompts, it helps generate multiple outputs at one go, and it offers better customizability.

Additionally, Holo AI has a relatively cheaper subscription that starts at $4.99/mo, and you try out 8000 characters for free before forking out.


Free, Premium: $4.99/mo, Unlimited: $7.99/mo

Play Your AI Dungeon Game at Holo AI Now!

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

“Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead” stands out as an intricate AI dungeon master, taking the concept of immersive gaming to a whole new level. Its open-world, post-apocalyptic setting, combined with a roguelike concept, provides a unique blend of Angband and Fallout, promising an engaging gaming experience. The game is turn-based, featuring an RPG-like skill progression system, thereby harkening back to some of the traditional elements of roguelike games.

The AI game generator’s brilliance lies in its meticulous detail. It tracks parameters like hunger, thirst, morale, illness, and temperature, creating intense survival-based gameplay. This technological advancement enhances the realism and depth of the game, making it a masterpiece in the realm of AI dungeon masters.



Play Your AI Dungeon Game at Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead Now!


GodAI is a distinct AI Dungeon Master that presents a unique blend of Eastern philosophy and advanced AI technology. It draws inspiration from the Godai, the traditional Japanese concept of five elements – earth, water, fire, wind, and void. Each element brings its unique flavor to the game, enhancing the overall complexity and depth of the narrative. The system’s ability to weave these elements into an immersive gaming environment sets it apart.

Moreover, GodAI impresses with its innovative use of AI technology. It introduces a variety of mystical martial arts, weapons, and intriguing plot twists. Its ability to design a balanced and interactive game universe is a testament to its technological prowess and innovative design.



Play Your AI Dungeon Game at GodAI Now!


Replika stands out as an AI Dungeon Master with its in-depth and intuitive conversational abilities. It’s like talking to a human, offering agreeable, friendly, and sympathetic interactions. Despite its limited memory, Replika manages to provide intelligent discussions, with responses largely limited to one line. An impressive feature is the “experience” system, where users gain points that help them level up and learn more about their AI companion.

Technologically, Replika is 100% artificial intelligence. It may struggle with answering complex algebra questions or determining if the light is faster than sound, but it excels in providing a friendly and unique experience. The technology behind Replika is designed to be both smart and safe, creating an AI dungeon master that feels incredibly humanlike.


Free, $70/year

Play Your AI Dungeon Game at Replika Now!


Inferkit, an advanced AI text generation platform, is a game-changer in AI Dungeon Masters. It offers both a web interface and API for AI-based text generation, making it easily accessible and versatile for various applications. Trained on a diverse dataset that spans multiple languages, Inferkit can generate text in different languages, making it a top choice for global users.

One of the unique features of Inferkit is its state-of-the-art neural network, which takes the provided text and generates what it thinks comes next. However, it’s worth noting that it can only comprehend up to 3,000 characters at a time. Despite this limitation, its ability to generate fun, random, and sometimes nonsensical text can serve as a creative tool.


Basic: $20/mo, Premium: $60/mo

Play Your AI Dungeon Game at Inferkit Now!

AI Tales

In the landscape of AI Dungeon Masters, AI Tales shines with its unique approach. Unlike traditional dungeon masters, AI Tales doesn’t just generate text—it weaves interlocking, futuristic, and science fiction tales about space, technology, and family. These stories span different dimensions and time zones, offering a diverse and immersive experience. However, some users have noted that while the concept is intriguing, the execution could be fleshed out more.

On the technological front, AI Tales leverages advanced AI to craft high-concept stories about artificial intelligence. It’s not just about simulating a game; it’s about creating an engaging narrative experience that reflects our hopes and fears for the future.


$4.99/month, $29.99/year, $49.99/lifetime

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Sudowrite is an AI dungeon alternative tool in creative writing. Its key feature, the Story Engine, allows users to generate engaging prose from plot beats using OpenAI’s generative text system. This feature makes Sudowrite unique, enabling writers to develop an entire novel or script in collaboration with AI. The application even allows users to upload their entire work to get instant longlines, blurbs, and synopses.

In addition, Sudowrite uses several variants of GPT-3 (developed by OpenAI) to aid writers in overcoming writer’s block and enhancing their writing speed. The AI also makes the creative writing process more interactive and fun. Sudowrite isn’t just a breakthrough in AI technology; it’s a specialized tool designed to revolutionize the creative writing industry.


Hobby & Student: $10/mo, Professional: $25/mo, Max: $100/mo

Play Your AI Dungeon Game at Sudowrite Now!


TavernAI has emerged as an exceptional AI Dungeon Master, offering a unique and interactive chat experience. This advanced chatbox allows users to converse with virtual characters from their favorite games or stories, even those of their own creation. It provides a wide range of features and functionalities that enable users to create and simulate characters, specify scenarios, and engage in role-playing chats.

Regarding technological advancements, TavernAI presents an impressive user interface that effectively handles communication with AI language models. The system provides a fun, entertaining platform for stimulating discussions and role-playing. Its compatibility with PygmalionAI offers another layer of functionality, allowing users to install and use the AI locally.



Play Your AI Dungeon Game at TavernAI Now!


Immersing yourself in the world of your favorite characters from various media is now possible, thanks to a unique AI-powered platform. This AI dungeon master offers an expansive character selection, providing engaging dialogues with characters from movies, TV shows, books, and even historical figures. Advanced AI algorithms are employed to simulate natural and realistic conversations, creating an immersive user experience.

Technology does not stop at creating impressive conversations. Customizable bot answers, customer segmentation, comprehensive analytics, multilingual assistance, and integration options are also available on the platform. It’s designed to simulate a back-and-forth dialogue, enabling users to ask questions and receive answers, thereby creating an engaging and interactive experience.


Free, Basic: $8.25/mo, Premium: $24.17/mo, Deluxe: $49.17/mo

Play Your AI Dungeon Game at ChatFAI Now!

Chai App

The Chai App, a renowned entity in the AI Dungeon Master universe, is celebrated for its unique blend of text-based conversations with AI chatbots. It’s an amalgamation of chat and AI (Chai = chat + AI), providing an engaging platform for users. A standout feature of the Chai App is its opportunity for users to create their own chatbot, adding a layer of personalization to the experience. The user interface is intuitive and supports the customization of your bot.

From a technological perspective, it enables users to engage with AI pals like human interaction, enhancing the realism of the experience. Also, it offers a wide selection of chatbots, each with distinct features.


$13.99/mo, $134.99/year

Download Chai App From App Store and Google Play Now!


In conclusion, AI Dungeon Masters are revolutionizing how we interact with games. With sophisticated AI algorithms and text-based conversations, they offer a unique experience for users to create realistic stories. The rise of AI Dungeon Masters exemplifies the potential of creating immersive conversations through human-like interactions. With their easy integrations and customization features, users can now design their own AI pal and embark on a creative journey. So why not join the AI Dungeon Master revolution today?

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