The 13 Best Free Midjourney Alternatives for Superb Quality AI Arts

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Best Free Midjourney Alternatives

The Discord-based AI art creator Midjourney is undoubtedly a game changer in today’s AI world. Midjourney is incomparable when it comes to the quality of the generated images, while the only defect of which, the crowded newbie servers, can be easily solved by adding a Discord bot to your own server.

However, the extraordinary performance of Midjourney comes at a price: at least $10 monthly subscriptions. The question is, is there an AI art tool that is as good as Midjourney, but is free to use? If you have this question, this page is definitely for you.

On this page, you’ll find the 13 best free Midjourney alternatives for creating AI art, thoroughly tested, reviewed, and compared.

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Comparing the Best Free Midjourney Alternatives

Leonardo.aiThe newcomer in the AI art game with competence for creating high-quality images with full details like MidjourneyWebFreemium
BlueWillow AIA Midjourney-like and Discord-based AI art tool that works best with simpler AI image promptsDiscordFree
Dream by WomboGenerate results that are similar to Midjourney arts without a steep learning curveiOS and AndroidFreemium
Getimg.aiThe versatile and powerful AI art toolkit that generates 100 Midjourney-level images per month for freeWebFreemium
Lexica.artA Stable Diffusion art search engine that shows image sources and prompts scraped from Discord.WebFreemium
OpenjourneyThe open-source system for generating Midjourney-like AI art imagesWeb, APIFree and open-source
Playground AIPlayground AI offers DALL·E 2 generation for free, and the multiple-image feature is coming upWebMostly free
ArtbreederCreate high-quality avatars and virtual characters using base imagesWebFreemium
PixlrThe top-ranked online photo editor Pixlr now has an AI image generator with an AI infill featureWebFree
OpenArtOne of not many AI websites that works with AI-generated images and touches them up for better resultsWebFree
PicFinder.AIA plain vanilla AI art creator that sports lightning-fast AI image generationsWebFree (Optional donation)
Stable Diffusion OnlineThe web-based Stable Diffusion model that works without local installationWebCompletely free
CraiyonA free-to-use Midjourney alternative to play with for those not too picky about qualityWeb, AndroidCompletely free

Reviewing the Best Free Midjourney Alternatives

First getting recommended here,, is art tool that is competent for creating high-quality and crisp images just as good as Midjourney – you’ll totally agree with me when zooming in on the pictures generated. As a relatively new member of the community, offers certainly impressive features, it has minimal glitches, and it’s exceptionally good at filling frames. has two major modules including the AI Canvas and the AI Image Generation, while the latter is a prompt-based text-to-AI image generator that allows for customizations on Image Dimensions, Guidance Scale, and Step Count.

An Email address is needed to use, but that’s all it asks for. For the time being, is totally free to use.

Visit Website

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BlueWillow AI

BlueWillow AI is an AI art Discord bot like Midjourney in many aspects, but entirely free to use. Just like Midjourney, BlueWillow AI also works in the Discord application, and to join the free beta, you need to accept an invite and join a Discord server. The rookie and branch channels in BlueWillow AI are the newbies’ channels in Midjourney, the application command is the same, and so are the four output images in a grid.

Based on the given prompt, BlueWillow will automatically leverage AI image generation models including Stable Diffusion, DALL·E, etc.

Visit BlueWillow AI Website

Dream by Wombo

For generating AI images of high quality on mobile devices, Dream by Wombo is your go-to app. Just by fiddling with the Dream by Wombo app, even the most inexperienced users regarding AI art will be able to generate eye-pleasing art images. Dream by Wombo uses its own filters as masks of Stable Diffusion on the backend to generate results similar to that of Midjourney.

Behind Dream by Wombo is the AI-focused company that also has a lip-syncing app called Wombo, it’s listed on our best deep fake apps for you to do video face swaps for fun.

Visit Dream by Wombo Website

⭐Also Read: The 17 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone and iPad is another solid Midjourney replacement that is gaining increasing attention lately for its versatility and incomparable capabilities. It encompasses various practical features such as a text-to-image AI art generator, AI editor, Stable Diffusion out-panting, in-painting, and 20 more. and it can be flawlessly integrated with the local installation of Stable Diffusion on Windows PCs. It is also one of the not many websites that generate NSFW content easily.

Visit Website comes in extremely handy if you want to search for AI creations from a vast library of millions of Stable Diffusion images. Even better, you get to open the explored images in an AI editor and continue the fine-tuning.

Meanwhile, an intuitive text-to-image AI image creator is also offered for you to try on your inspired ideas. With the provided styles like 3D rendering, illustration, ink drawing, etc. the output image results are guaranteed. For free users, you can create 100 images a month.

Visit Lexica Website


If you are looking for Midjorney image styles but rather not fork out, look no further than the Openjourney model. Openjourney is an open-source model fine-tuned from Stable Diffusion on Midjourney images. According to the official testing results, while using “mdjrny-v4 style” at the beginning of the prompts, the results that Openjourney generates are generally more refined than the Stable Diffusion v1.5 model.

You can either load the Openjourney model on the Inference API on-demand, or use the Text-to-image tool to create artwork instantly.

See Openjourney on Hugging face

Playground AI

According to our testing result, Playground AI is by far the most satisfying AI art tool that is completely free to use and is competent for generating top-shelf AI images, neck and neck with Midjourney. Even better, Playground AI is web-based, so you can easily access it whether you’re using a computer or mobile phone.

It comes as a surprise that Playground AI now provides the DALL·E-2-level AI art generation at zero cost. In regard to aesthetic and image details, the Playground AI outputs are no less than what we see when bumming around in Midjourney Discord servers. Stable Diffusion 2.1 is now live on Playground AI as open-source artificial intelligence software, and is free to use.

Visit Playground AI Website


Artbreeder, which also ranked top of our best AI anime art generators, earned the first place here for its exceptional ways of generating AI art and decent image quality. Unlike most other AI art tools that mainly focus on image prompts to talk with AI, Artbreeder incorporates creative innovations with its unique features including breed, genes, remixing, etc. Artbreeder is completely free to use and it serves as the best free Midjourney alternative when you want to create gorgeous AI avatars and virtual characters.

In our earlier guide, you can learn more about how to use Artbreeder to make AI art and characters.

Visit the Artbreeder Website


The online photo editor Pixlr ranked top on our list of the best photo editing software and apps, and it now has an online AI image generator tool in its free version Plixlr X. It helps users create AI art images using text-to-image AI prompts and allows you to further configure the Medium, Style, Output, and Attributes.

An Ai image infill feature is also provided for you to remove unwanted objects from an area of an image, and replace them with AI-generated content.

Go to Pixlr AI Image Generator


With the rapid evolution of AI technology in recent years, more and more powerful AI art generators are emerging, and that include OpenArt. OpenArt is an AI-trained and constantly updated online AI art tool that generates AI images using different machine systems including DALL·E 2, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion and the basis of existing AI artworks.

On OpenArt, you can browse for the AI images generated by other people, and use the Remix feature to improve the image the way you want, recreate it for a similar result, or draw with another integrated AI art system. And the Prompt Book and Prompt Template are very beginner-friendly.

Go to OpenArt Website


On PicFinder.AI, you can input complicated or simple sentences into the text box and generate AI images with it, and you a see a seemingly endless list of results in a matter of seconds. By the time of our testing, PicFinder.AI has generated over 30 million AI images. While the quality of PicFinder.AI images is not as good as Midjourney’s, it’s always good to have a costless backup option, so give it a shot when you have something in mind!

The PicFinder.AI website uses donations to keep things going, but it’s optional so you only pay when you want to.

Visit PicFinder.AI Website

Stable Diffusion Online

Stable Diffusion is the foundation of a wealth of top AI art tools these days, which include Midjourney. When putting the image quality on the table, Stable Diffusion is slightly inferior to Midjourney but it keeps catching up. The output quality from Midjourney is nearly incomparable, and as of the writing of this post, the Stable Diffusion custom models and version 2.1 is the closest possible option you can get. That said, efforts need to be taken for tweaking the sampler and generating steps in a bid to achieve optimal results.

Visit Stable Diffusion Online Website


Craiyon, also known as DALL-E mini, is a Midjourney alternative that’s fun to play with. With that many AI art tools to generate Midjourney-level images for free, Craiyon earned its place in this list as a complementary option. Craiyon might not be the best option for highly realistic AI images, but it indeed is the tool for prompt texts with artistic styles and cultural references.

Despite the fact that the image qualities are undoubtedly not a match, I personally find Craiyon superior to Midjourney as it works a lot better when specifying more than one object using more complicated prompts. In many cases, what you get from Craiyon includes both weird and interesting results, but that’s exactly the “fun” part.

Visit Craiyon Website

FAQs on Free Midjourney Alternatives

Is there any free AI that’s similar to Midjourney?

The following are some of the best free AI tools that are like Midjourney, and you can find the complete options from our list:

  • Artbreeder
  • Stable Diffusion Online
  • Openjourney
  • Playground AI
  • Pixlr
  • BlueWillow AI
  • OpenArt

Is there any free AI art generator that’s better than Midjourney?

Midjourney is a top AI art generator that is hard to beat, but there as some free-to-use AI art tools that are just as good as Midjourney in terms of the quality of image results. They include Stable Diffusion Online, Openjourney, Playground AI, BlueWillow AI, and

What’s the best simplified free AI image generator?

The best free simplified AI art generator for beginners overall is PicFinder.AI, which is a simplified and easy-to-use text-to-image module that is completely free.

Can I use Midjourney AI without Discord?

No, you can’t use Midjourney AI without Discord. Midjourney is a Discord-based AI art generator that relies heavily on the Discord application. Using a Midjourney alternative from the list, on the other hand, allows you to use Midjourney AI without Discord.


The key takeaway here is, for the time being, there isn’t an AI art tool that is better, or actually as good as Midjourney, and allows you to use it without costing a dime. The features and functionality that Midjourney has to offer are indeed the top scales in the industry. However, there are truly some excellent AI art generators that are free to use, and it’s up to you to decide whether it beats Midjourney in your specific use case. The bottom line is, you need to try on some of the introduced tools to truly know, and I really hope there is at least one that is helpful to you.

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