The 24 Best Scary Roblox Games to Play in the Dark

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Best Scary Roblox Games

Are you looking for an edge-of-your-seat thrill? If so, there’s nothing quite like playing a scary Roblox game. From creepy horror worlds to fear-inducing immersive experiences, the intensity of these games can leave your heart pounding!

Whether you want to explore unknown depths or face off against evil monsters, we have curated the 24 best scary Roblox games, which are guaranteed to spook even the bravest gamers. So buckle up and get ready for a thrilling adventure; it’s time to play some of the scariest video games around!

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Scariest Roblox Games Compared

DOORSExperience fear while navigating 100 doors and avoiding deadly entities.Adventure
Cheese EscapeA brave player must escape a haunted cheese factory, avoiding traps and facing a terrifying rat.All Genres
[FIB3] It LurksIt Lurks is a terrifying experience that takes you through a child’s perspective in their own home.Horror
Identity Fraud [Revamp]Immerse yourself in a mysterious plot as you navigate through a desolate facility, avoiding dangerous obstacles and solving challenging puzzles.Horror
SCP-3008Based on the short story from the SCP Foundation, the goal of the game is to navigate an infinite IKEA landscape while being hounded by faceless monsters called “Employees”.Horror
EvadeEvade is an enjoyable game for anyone who loves bullet hell games.Horror
ELMIRAPlayers must unravel the secrets of the abandoned college campus in ELMIRA by solving puzzles and navigating through the creepy surroundings.Horror
Dead SilenceThe game centers around a couple who receive a ventriloquist doll as a gift, and soon after, strange and terrifying things start happening to them.Horror
The MazeThe use of original monsters, multiplayer options, and confined locations make The Maze thrilling and fun to play.Horror
The MimicPlayers must try to survive while being stalked by a mysterious entity that mimics their every moveHorror
ApeirophobiaChallenges yourself to explore and document endless rooms full of puzzles and horrors while trying to escape from a twisted reality.Horror
PanikPANIK puts you in a Robmart with a creepy mascot named Happy, who will hunt you down as you try to scan three items and escape.Horror
PiggyIt follows a police officer’s quest to find a missing child, but leads to a terrifying encounter with a family of infected pigs and their sinister secrets.Horror
CampingOn the terrifying trip to a forest campsite, you have to survive the night and uncover the secrets behind the place.Horror
JUDYFriends investigate an abandoned 70s theme park and discover the mystery of Judy’s disappearance.Horror
TRESPASSExperience the thrill of being chased in a dark forest and uncovering haunted mansion secrets with this game.Horror
ALONE IN A DARK HOUSEIf you love puzzles, exploring mansions, and dark secrets, you’ll enjoy this horror game with a great story and twist.Horror
GeishaEscape a haunted Japanese mansion plagued by a vengeful geisha spirit’s puzzles and traps.Horror
NannyLove horror adventure? Escape from a murderous caretaker with a twisted plot and terrifying antagonist.Horror
Break In (Story)Survive the horror and uncover dark secrets in a haunted mansion adventure with friends.Horror
SpiderIf you like being chased by giant spiders in a forest while solving a mysterious conspiracy, this game is for you.Horror
Stop it, Slender!You must either survive the relentless pursuit of a faceless creature or become the monster yourself and hunt down your friends in this terrifying multiplayer game.Horror
The MirrorEnter the haunted house and face your fears, for a spine-chilling adventure that will keep you on edge to the end.Horror
Social ExperimentIf you like being scared by twisted scenarios, this game tests you with a disturbing social experiment.Horror

Best Scary Roblox Games Reviewed


Do you enjoy playing horror games that create a sense of thrill and suspense with realistic gaming graphics? If yes, then you should try playing the Roblox DOORS game. This first-person horror experience will have you jumping at every sound and creak as you make your way through 100 doors, all while trying to avoid deadly entities. But don’t let the horror tag scare you.

Despite its spooky reputation, DOORS is a surprisingly kid-friendly game that’s fun for the whole family. With over 3 billion plays since its release, it’s clear that DOORS is a game that keeps players coming back for more.

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Key Features

  • Unique gameplay mechanics that keep you guessing
  • Stunning 3D visuals that draw you in
  • Heart-pounding sound effects that add to the overall realistic experience

Play DOORS Now

2. Cheese Escape

Cheese Escape is a scary Roblox game for adults that has gained popularity among horror fans, and is one of the weirdest Roblox games ever! It has a unique setting and design that can quickly hook players. The game is filled with peril and provides an adrenaline rush to those who love survival games. The eerie background music and sinister design make it one of the best horror games on Roblox.

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Key Features:

  • Survive the wrath of a terrifying rat.
  • Use sound as a tool to navigate the maze-like world.
  • Test your reflexes as you avoid traps and overcome obstacles.
  • Engage in a heart-pumping battle for survival.

Play Cheese Escape Now

3. [FIB3] It Lurks

It Lurks is an underrated Roblox horror game that is sure to make your skin crawl. The game’s setting at an abandoned asylum creates an eerie ambiance with minimal sound besides your footsteps. One constantly feels uneasy about what could be lurking around the corner, keeping you on edge. The game doesn’t resort to cheap tactics to scare the player but rather slowly builds tension with challenging yet rewarding puzzles. You can’t simply wander around, hoping to reach the end; it requires strategic thinking.

Key Features:

  • The dark and eerie atmosphere is well-crafted to give you a bone-chilling experience.
  • The gameplay mechanics are smooth, and you can customize the game settings as per your preference.
  • The sound design is top-notch, creating suspenseful moments and jump scares that will keep you on edge.
  • The monster design is unique and adds another level of fear to the game.

Play [FIB3] It Lurks Now

4. Identity Fraud [Revamp]

Identity Fraud is a Roblox game known for its intense gameplay and unique storyline, where your goal is to defeat a mysterious presence that wants to steal your identity while navigating through mazes that become increasingly challenging. Some players may find it frustrating, but others enjoy the design and engaging storyline, along with the impressive sound effects and graphics. Overall, Identity Fraud offers a thrilling and unique gaming experience that is worth trying out.

Key Features:

  • Mysterious plot with creepy background music
  • Challenging mazes to navigate
  • Multiplayer mode where players can team up to solve puzzles
  • Different levels with increasing difficulty
  • Exciting jump-scare moments to keep players on their toes

Play Identity Fraud [Revamp] Now

5. SCP-3008

Are you ready to get lost in an eerie alternate dimension modeled after everyone’s favorite furniture store? Check out SCP-3008, the latest Roblox game that will deliver chills and thrills straight to your console. In this first-person survival game, players must navigate an endless Ikea maze, filled with strange creatures bent on your destruction. With base-building, crafting, and even weapon upgrades, SCP-3008 is one of the most spine-tingling games on Roblox.

Key Features:

  • Experience engaging and thrilling gameplay that will keep you hooked till the end
  • The use of music and sound effects creates a creepy and ominous atmosphere
  • The inclusion of puzzles that require critical thinking and add a different dynamic to the game

Play SCP-3008 Now

6. Evade

Do you enjoy playing bullet hell games or survival Roblox experiences? If so, you should check out Evade. The objective of the game is to dodge bullets and defeat enemy spaceships. Although there is no storyline, the gameplay is what makes this game enjoyable. Each attack pattern in the game is distinct and difficult, requiring players to become skilled at dodging. The graphics are respectable, featuring simplistic yet attractive animations. The sound effects and background music match the gameplay nicely, enhancing the overall experience.

Key Features:

  • A bullet hell shooter that is engaging and thrilling
  • Over 30 levels to keep you engaged for hours on end
  • A unique art style that is futuristic and pleasing to the eye
  • An emphasis on dodging attack patterns crafted with thousands of bullets
  • A great Roblox game for players of all experience levels

Play Evade Now


ELMIRA is a story-based horror game with two chapters already released. In the game, players become a student on a school trip and must investigate the mysteries of the Elmira School. They will face puzzles, challenges, and some jump scares as they explore. The difficulty level can be chosen and there are collectibles scattered throughout the map. Relaxed settings are also available for those who want to explore without pressure.

Key features:

  • Novel plot loosely based on the Black Dahlia case
  • Simple yet satisfying gameplay mechanics
  • Strategic game design
  • Emphasis on storytelling


8. Dead Silence

Dead Silence is a horror-based game that has an interesting narrative centered on investigating a murder. Players are expected to explore underground tunnels to uncover the mystery in the game. But be warned, as the game’s name suggests, silence is golden, and players must learn to move quietly to avoid alerting the antagonist lurking in the shadows. Unlike other horror titles that often rely on cheap jump scares, this game builds its horror by utilizing clever sound design and visuals. Its sound effects suitably intensify every moment of the game, and the graphics allow players to immerse into a dark and chilling atmosphere.

Key features:

  • Captivating storyline that will hold your interest until the conclusion
  • Clever sound design that elevates the game’s horror levels
  • Fantastic visuals that perfectly capture the game’s atmosphere

Play Dead Silence Now

9. The Maze

Are you on the lookout for a spine-chilling Roblox game? Well, you’re in luck because The Maze is here to make your heart race! It’s one of those scary Roblox games with jumpscares that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Maze is a story inspired by the real-life and unsolved Gilgo Beach murders. It follows a dangerous search for a serial killer who has committed multiple murders.

Key features:

  • Intense jump scares that will have you jumping out of your seat
  • Challenging puzzles that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • The overall experience is enhanced by realistic graphics and sound effects.

Play The Maze Now

10. The Mimic

If you’re searching for thrilling multiplayer horror games on Roblox, you should try The Mimic! This game has gained popularity in the Roblox community due to its terrifying and exciting gameplay. However, playing The Mimic is not recommended for those who easily get scared. But, if you enjoy a challenge and love horror games, The Mimic is the ideal game for you! The Mimic has exceptional monster mechanics, outstanding graphics and sound design, and its content is regularly updated.

Key Features:

  • Survive a spine-chilling adventure with friends
  • Confront the terrifying Mimic and its minions
  • Collect coins and unlock new abilities
  • Use your wits and teamwork to escape the Mimic’s grasp

Play The Mimic Now

11. Apeirophobia

Looking for a new scary Roblox game you should not play? Apeirophobia Roblox is perfect for players who fear infinity. Apeirophobia is a game set in never-ending eerie rooms where you must solve puzzles to advance to the next round. As you progress, the game becomes even scarier. Whether you’re a seasoned Roblox player or a newcomer, Apeirophobia will keep you engaged and frightened for hours. The helpful online community and the variety of levels available make the game enjoyable regardless of your level of expertise.

Key Features:

  • Explore infinite spooky rooms with puzzles to solve.
  • A variety of increasingly terrifying backdrops and sound effects.
  • An engaging storyline with each level building upon the last.
  • A friendly and helpful online community to help solve tricky puzzles and provide support.
  • Various levels to choose from and play, ensuring a unique and terrifying experience each time.

Play Apeirophobia Now

12. Panik

Do you want to take on a challenging Roblox game? If so, check out Panik! This game features spooky sound effects and difficult gameplay mechanics that can make you feel panicked. Avoiding tricky pitfalls and outsmarting other players will drive you to a state of panic. This game requires quick thinking, strategy, and focus to excel. It’s great for people who enjoy competition and want to be challenged. 

Key Features

  • Players are trapped inside a Robmart, with only their wits and skills to help them escape.
  • An autonomous cleaning robot named “Happy” will help or hinder your progress.
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty, force players to improve their strategy every time.
  • Playing with friends can enhance the gameplay experience and improve the likelihood of survival.

Play Panik Now

13. Piggy

Are you a fan of scary Roblox games without jumpscares? Then you have to check out Piggy. Created by MiniToon, Piggy takes you on a wild ride as you assume the role of a police officer investigating George Pig’s escape. But things take a scary turn as you awaken in a strange room knocked down by a strange pig. Piggy is an exciting Roblox horror game that boasts impressive graphics and sound design.

Key Features:

  • Work together with friends to solve puzzles and find a way out
  • Beware of Piggy, who will stop at nothing to catch you
  • Kid-friendly gameplay with a horror twist

Play Piggy Now

14. Camping

Are you ready for a horror-packed adventure in Camping, the ultimate Roblox game for thrill-seekers? With a storyline by SamsonXVI, this game promises to give you the ultimate camping experience! In Camping, you will be taken through a spine-tingling journey across the woods as you unravel the mystery behind the creepy happenings. With gameplay so intense, it’s sure to keep you on edge throughout.

Key Features:

  • Join the camping trip with 12 players or less and survive in the wilderness
  • Enjoy different activities such as kayaking, hiking and exploring the forest
  • Solve puzzles and collect clues to reveal the secrets behind the darkness lurking in the woods
  • Face terrifying creatures like Bigfoot and Werewolves in a bid to stay alive

Play Camping Now

15. JUDY

Step into the world of JUDY – a Roblox game that takes you on a chilling journey through a haunted house. With its exceptional graphics, realistic sound effects, JUDY will make you jump at times as you uncover the secrets of the mysterious Judy character. The game is packed with features from puzzles that’ll challenge your wit, mysteries of the storyline that’ll keep you engaged, and the occasional terrifying jump scares that will leave you screaming.

Key Features:

  • Stunning graphics that will transport you to a nightmare world
  • Intense sound effects that will make your heart race
  • Eerie atmospheric effects that will have you looking over your shoulder
  • A variety of challenging puzzles that will test your wits

Play JUDY Now


Are you ready to have your heart racing and your palms sweating? Look no further than TRESPASS, a new horror game available on Roblox that is sure to give you the thrill of a lifetime. This Roblox game by Virtuoso Productions will transport you on a journey filled with haunted houses, creepy cabins, and eerie lakes. As you embark on your quest to find your grandpa, you’ll encounter murderers, dolls that come to life, and other spine-chilling entities. With its engaging gameplay, immersive environment, and jump scares, it’s sure to satisfy horror fans looking for their next fix. 

Key Features:

  • Atmospheric gameplay that immerses you in a haunting world
  • Arduous tasks that require critical thinking and quick reflexes
  • Intuitive controls that allow for seamless gameplay
  • A thrilling storyline that keeps you engaged from start to finish



Do you want to experience scary VR Roblox games? Try ALONE IN A DARK HOUSE, a Roblox game that will surely make you feel scared and hold onto your seat. The eerie sound effects and haunting background music create an immersive experience that will have you holding your breath. This game effectively blends fear and suspense, making it an excellent choice for players who enjoy horror games. Its use of VR and voice controls provide added immersion and make it stand out from other horror games on Roblox. 

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Key Features:

  • Spine-chilling sound effects and music add to the ambiance of the game.
  • VR and voice control increase the level of immersion and offer a unique gaming experience.
  • A variety of jump scares and tension-building moments will make your heart race.


18. Geisha

Welcome to the spooky world of Geisha, where every corner hides a new scare, and every step could be your last. From the eerie music to the creepy visuals, Geisha is equal parts terrifying and addictive. The atmosphere is set perfectly, with dimly lit rooms, ominous silence, and unexpected jump scares that will keep you on your toes. The gameplay is challenging and requires quick thinking and strategy. The player needs to find clues and solve puzzles to progress through the levels, all while avoiding the deadly Geisha who is constantly stalking you. 

Key Features:

  • Realistic environment with detailed graphics and sound design
  • Challenging gameplay that requires strategy and quick thinking
  • Compelling storyline that keeps you engaged throughout

Play Geisha Now

19. Nanny

Are you ready to be terrified? Are you brave enough to enter the eerie mansion and uncover the dark secrets it holds? Nanny, the horror game available on Roblox, will send shivers down your spine and keep you on edge until the very end. Your task is to supervise two children in a scary mansion as their babysitters. However, you will come to recognize an evil entity that is hiding in the dark corners. Nanny, with its terrifying music, screams that will make your blood run cold, and surprises that will startle you, will keep you on your toes.

Key Features:

  • A creepy mansion with dark secrets waiting to be uncovered
  • Difficult challenges that will test your wits
  • A malevolent entity that will stop at nothing to harm you
  • Multiple endings, adding replay value

Play Nanny Now

20. Break In (Story)

Break In (Story) is a must-play for horror game lovers. The game is incredibly scary, giving you the sensation of living in a terrifying nightmare. From its dark atmosphere to its compelling storyline, Break In (Story) is a horror lover’s dream come true. It’s easy to get lost in the game’s sound effects, which make every footstep and creaking door sound like your last. The creative objectives also give you an experience you cannot find anywhere else. Even when you think you’ve seen everything the game has to offer, Break In (Story) keeps you guessing with every turn you take.

Key Features

  • Great Sound effects that make the game even scarier
  • Dark Atmosphere that adds to the tension
  • Creative objectives that challenge you throughout the game

Play Break In (Story) Now

21. Spider

Are you ready to get entangled in the web of this Robloxian horror game? Brace yourself as we dive into the ominous world of Spider, where survival is the only salvation. Created by RoyStanford, this game takes you through a journey of terror as you strive to escape the clutches of an infectious spider. Horror game enthusiasts shouldn’t miss this game with its well-designed storyline and distinct gameplay. It offers a chilling and tense atmosphere, along with challenging puzzles that engage players throughout. The multiplayer feature adds even more excitement, making it a perfect choice for playing with friends.

Key Features

  • Intense environments that feature stunning graphics and powerful sound effects.
  • Multiple maps to explore, each with unique levels and challenges to overcome.
  • Robust inventory system with items needed to progress through the game.

Play Spider Now

22. Stop it, Slender!

Are you ready to feel your heart pounding against your chest? To feel the cold sweat dripping down your back? Stop it, Slender! is a Roblox game that will give you exactly that kind of thrill. The game has two modes, Citizen and Slenderman, each with their unique gameplay mechanics. As a Citizen, you have to strategize and dodge Slenderman’s proxies to collect pages and activate generators to power the exit gate. Slenderman, on the other hand, has seven minutes to prevent the Citizens from completing their objective by sending his proxies to capture them before they escape.

Key Features:

  • Based on Garry’s Mod’s gamemode “Stop it, Slender!”
  • The game has Twitter codes that offer in-game rewards to players.
  • A range of redeemable codes available that allow players to get freebies and sweet prizes.

Play Stop it, Slender! Now

23. The Mirror

Are you a fan of single-player horror games on Roblox? If so, you need to check out The Mirror. Get ready to jump into a creepy, alternate universe where nothing is quite as it seems. The Mirror is an atmospheric game that will make you question your own reality. This game is both intriguing and unsettling, with a real psychological phenomenon at its core. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter mild/frequent violence and unrealistic/light blood, but it’s nothing too serious, making it a great choice for horror game players.

Key Features:

  • Unique storyline that is both unsettling and captivating
  • Innovative use of mirrors as a gameplay mechanic, adding to the game’s overall creep factor
  • Incredible attention to detail that brings the game’s dark and sinister world to life

Play The Mirror Now

24. Social Experiment

Are you searching for a scary Roblox game? Social Experiment is a horror game that will give you thrills. Although the game may have some flaws, it excels in creating an unforgettable horror environment. The developer, vintage mens clothing, succeeds in building up anxiety, and the sudden frights will keep you scared. The game remains unpredictable due to the spinners, allowing for exciting gameplay where you never know what will happen next.

Key Features

  • Multiple experiments to go through, each with unpredictable twists and turns.
  • User-generated 3D environments that add to the immersive experience.
  • Game mechanics that keep you on your toes, such as spinners that determine your fate.
  • A spooky soundtrack and sound effects that add to the tension.

Play social experiment Now


What Is the Most and Least Scary Roblox Horror Game?

Based on reviews on the Internet, The Mimic appears to be one of the most terrifying Roblox horror games. On the other hand, Cheese Escape could be considered one of the least scary games on this list. However, the level of fear is subjective and can vary for each individual.

How To Play Horror Games Without Getting Scared?

To play horror games without getting scared, you can try some of these tips:

  • Play the game with the lights on and in a brightly lit area of your home.
  • Turn down the volume or mute the sound effects of the game.
  • Play with a friend or someone who can support you and make you laugh.
  • Take breaks often and do something relaxing or fun in between.

What Are the Scary Roblox Games With Voice Chat?

Here are some of the popular scary Roblox games with voice chat:

  • The Mimic
  • Dead Silence
  • Stop it, Slender!
  • Piggy
  • SCP-3008

How To Block Scary Games on Roblox?

To block scary games on Roblox, you can use account restrictions. Log into your Roblox account and select the gear/settings icon in the upper right-hand corner. From there, you can enable account restrictions to limit the games that can be played on the account. Additionally, you can disable chat to ensure that adults are not interacting with your child.

Is Doors the scariest game on Roblox?

While Doors is one of the accepted scariest Roblox games, and also ranked top place on our scary Roblox games list, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Doors is the scariest game on Roblox for you. It depends on what you find most arouses your inner fear.

What are the Best Scary Roblox Games?

Some of the scariest Roblox games on our list include:

  • Doors
  • Cheese Escape
  • It Lurks
  • Identity Fraud
  • SCP-3008
  • Evade
  • Elmira
  • Dead Silence
  • The Maze
  • The Mimic


Roblox is full of exciting horror games that are sure to provide you with an unforgettable gaming experience. From classic horror games like The Mimic and Stop it, Slender!, to more modern titles like Social Experiment and Alone in a Dark House, there’s something on this list for everyone. Have fun playing these scary funny Roblox games!

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