The 11 Best Chinese Movie Download Sites with English Subtitles

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The Best Chinese Movie Download Sites

With the development of China in recent years, Chinese culture is grabbing increasing attention from global Chinese film buffs and mandarin learners, while Chinese movies are a good representation of the Chinese unique culture. In this post, we’ll talk about the best options to download Chinese movies for further binge-watching.

From hours of testing, we’ve rounded up the 11 best Chinese movie download sites with English subtitles that actually work. With them, you’ll be able to download any movies from mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and more.

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The 11 Best Chinese Movie Download Websites Compared

WebsiteVerdictPriceVideo QualityDownloading
iQIYIiQIYI is one of the biggest Chinese video streaming platforms and it has an English-language-based service$8.99/month1080pDirect
YouTubeYouTube subscribers can download Chinese movies from YouTube movies and YouTube movie channels with subtitles$11.99/month720p to 4KDirect
VikiGeo-restricted streaming service with subbed Chinese movies and other Asian content$5.99/month1080pDirect
iFlixAnother Asia-based streaming magnate that branches out to the international market$2.93/month144p to 1080pDirect
DramacoolOne of the most reliable and steadiest free streaming options lately for Asian content including Chinese movie and TV showsFree360p to 1080pHosting
OneTouch TVA useful free online streaming site with ample Asian content and allows you to download Chinese movies into MP4 in one clickFree360p to 1080pDirect
FDrama.NetFDrama.Net has a dedicated Chinese movie category containing hundreds of Chinese movies before 2022Free720p to 1080pHosting
ivdrama.meWatch and download classic movies from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan on ivdrama.meFree360p to 720pHosting
MyasiantvStreamable and downloadable Chinese movies from China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan since the year of 2009 till nowFree360p to 1080pHosting
AvistazAvistaz is a member-only torrent-downloading website that focuses on Asian content Free720p to 4KTorrent
The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay, the big name in torrenting, is the place of infinite Chinese movie torrent links Free720p to 4KTorrent

The 11 Best Chinese Movie Download Websites Reviewed


iQIYI is one of the largest online video streaming services in China and it has a giant movie collection of tens of millions of Chinese movies. Orienting English-speaking users, iQIYI has an internal version called that provides pan-Asian content in full English UI. For most Chinese movies, iQIYI offers a dozen subtitle options including Chinese and English.

The movie downloading feature is from the iQIYI mobile app and the iQIYI desktop client, and the subscription will cost you $8.99 to $11.99 per month. Since iQIYI is arguably the most complete library of subbed Chinese movies, it has the best chance of finding the latest Chinese movie releases, which makes it worth the subscription. 

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Visit iQIYI Website


The video-sharing magnate YouTube is another good place to find watching and downloading subbed Chinese movies, and the best part of it is that we’re all familiar with it and some of us may have already purchased the subscription. 

Go to the YouTube Movies section and browse or search for the movies desired, and when the movie is playing in the YouTube video player, there will be an embedded Download button for you to save it onto your device to watch later offline. Some Chinese movies in 4K UHD quality are available from the YouTube app. And to download Chinese movies from YouTube and save offline, you need a premium membership that charges at $11.99/month.

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Visit YouTube Website


Viki is an American-based video streaming website primarily for watching movies, TV shows, and dramas from China, Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, as well as other Asian content. Chinese movies on Viki are for rent at $1.99 per movie, but avid movie lovers can go with the $5.99/month Viki Pass Standard instead. 

Movies and TV shows on Viki are DRM-protected so you need a paid subscription to download the preferred movies. Besides, not all Chinese movie titles on Viki are available to download, and you can download one movie in one go. One notable thing is that contents on Viki are licensed and are only available in specific countries, and the use of proxy and VPN is not supported.

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Visit Viki Website


iFlix, previously purchased by the Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd., is another Asia-based streaming platform that provides an international version of various UI languages for global users. Free users only get to preview around the first 6 minutes of many Chinese movies and the rest is exclusive to VIP members. 

For most Chinese movies on iFlix, many subtitles from different countries are available including English, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. As with other aforementioned services, iFlix download features are for subscribed users as well. iFlix also has mobile apps for users to download Chinese movies and iOS and Android mobile devices.

Visit iFlix Website


Dramacool is one of the most sought-after online streaming websites for watching Asian movies and dramas with English subtitles for free, and it has a Chinese Mainland Movie catalog encompassing 900+ classic and upcoming titles, from the year of 1958 till now. The Genre, Countries, and Release Year filters allow you to easily screen out the fancied Chinese movie title.

The popularity of Dramacool stood for a good reason, as it’s a powerhouse of practically any Asian content you can think of: movies, TV shows, drama, K-Show, etc. from countries including Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, India, and more. Drama is also listed as one of the best websites for watching Korean dramas with English subtitles, which is good to know if you’re also a K-drama fan.

Visit Dramacool Website

OneTouch TV

OneTouch TV is an impressive free online movie website that provides Asian movies, dramas, and TV shows. What I personally love most about OneTouch TV is that it offers 1-click downloads from their video player and servers, you can directly download any Chinese movie from the web streams into MP4 video files, no muss, no fuss. 

While it’s not as popular as the introduced Dramacool, the Chinese movie streaming and downloading features that OneTouch TV has to offer don’t fall short. During our testing process, we noticed the occasional sluggish website UI, but it’s not any big of an issue considering all its upsides.

Visit OneTouch TV Website

FDrama.Net is another Asian movie and drama streaming website with detailed categorizations including movies, shows, and drama from China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and Canton (Guangzhou). During our testing, the constant pop-ups look quite suspicious, but they don’t seem to cause any trouble as we closed them in time. Apart from that, anything else is just fine.

In the Chinese Movies category, we find a good many Chinese movies before 2022 all available there with working links for streaming and downloading. And in the Recently section are the latest added movies and TV episodes, all with multiple subs. Moreover, you can tell by the brisk comment sections that enjoys a solid user base.

Visit FDrama.Net Website

Here comes another free online streaming site for Asian content: Asian content on is divided into Chinese Drama, Hong Kong drama, Hong Kong variety, K-Drama, Taiwan Drama, Japan Drama, and movies. And the Movie section on the website contains mostly old and classic Chinese movies.

Upon clicking on the video player that says “Click Here to Play”, you’ll be redirected to the actual video player webpage where the movie stream can be properly streamed. And the Download button provided under the web video player will once again redirect to video hosting services like Uptobox.

Visit Website


Myasiantv is another decent Asian movie and drama streaming site that I’d like to introduce. From the Movies section on the Myasiant website, listed are the popular movie titles from China mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. To see only the Chinese movies, you can easily sift the list using the given Country filter, and the filters for sorting by the released year, genre, and types.

Myasiantv also presents information for upcoming movies, giving you a glimpse into what will be available in the near future. A major defect about Myasiantv is that not all listed titles have active links, so you might have to spend some time looking for them.

Visit Myasiantv Website


Avistaz is one of the most accepted private torrent trackers for Asian movies and TV shows with subtitles. The Abistaz’s media library focuses a bit more on subbed Korean dramas lately. Still, it does possess a plethora of Chinese movies with Chinese or English subtitles, Chinese TV shows, and even music. Backed by an active community, Avistaz is a steady torrent provider with a satisfying amount of seeders and magnet links.

Note that it requires a user account to use Avistaz, Avistaz opens registration and invites once in a while and you can also go with the donation signup, or buy a seedbox.

Visit Avistaz Website

The Pirate Bay

The pirate bay is one of the best-known torrent websites and it’s a treasure trove for tons of high-quality Chinese movies with subtitles. A simple search using the name of the Chinese movie will generate a list of torrent links for you to download using torrent clients. Tell by the Category and Size of the torrent file to get the desired Chinese movie download.

Some other reliable Chinese movie torrent sites with steady seeders like 1337x, YTS, and Kickass torrent can be found on our list of the best 4K movie torrent websites.

Visit The Pirate Bay Website

FAQs on Chinese Movie Download Sites

How can I watch Chinese movies outside of China?

To watch Chinese movies outside of China, the best choice is to use streaming services that provide Chinese content, and the recommended options include iQIYI, YouTube, Viki, and iFlix.

How to download Chinese movies with English subtitles for free?

While there are tons of free streaming websites that offer free download links for Chinese movies with English subtitles, the recommended way, for your safety, is downloading Chinese movies in the public domain from public libraries like Internet Archive. 

What’s the best website for Chinese full movie downloads?

The best website to download Chinese full movies include:

  1. YouTube
  2. Viki
  3. Dramacool
  4. OneTouchTV

For more options, please check our full list of the best Chinese movie download websites.

Is it legal to download Chinese movies from websites?

The legality of downloading Chinese movies from websites depends on the choice of the website. We strongly recommend using a paid subscription to download Chinese movies from legal streaming services like iQIYI, YouTube, iFlix, and Viki.

Are these Chinese movie download sites safe?

All the paid streaming services introduced are entirely safe and trusted, so you don’t have to worry. On the other hand, the free streaming websites with Chinese movie downloads are ad-financed and generally safe yet they may contain advertisements and popups that lead you to malicious websites, so make sure to be careful with them. And make sure to check the safety of the downloaded file!

Legal Disclaimer: This article is for general informational and educational purposes only and should not be used for copyright infringement. We ( are in no way endorsing, distributing, collaborated with, affiliated with, or in possession of any of the mentioned applications or services, which might contain links to third-party content. The end-user shall be solely responsible for the content accessed.

Wrapping Up

With these well-tested Chinese movie download websites, I believe your offline Chinese movie streaming journey will no longer face any trouble. What’s more, if you find this page useful, please help share it so more people will know. And if you have better options in mind, please leave your options in the comment section below and let us know, and I’m sure it will enrich this list and help more people!

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