The 7 Best AI Fashion Design Generators for Clothing Brands

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Best AI Fashion Design Generators

Besides interior design and graphic design, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is significantly transforming the fashion industry, offering ample benefits that streamline operations, enhance creativity, and improve customer experiences. 

It has a myriad of benefits in marketing, design process, production efficiency, user experience, sustainability, etc.

On this page, you’ll find out the best AI tools that can be used in the fashion design industry for different purposes.

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Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an open-source image generative AI model that can be used in the creation and visualization of fashion and clothing designs. 

This innovative approach leverages the model’s ability to generate photorealistic images based on text descriptions, enabling designers to visualize garments and fashion concepts quickly and with high levels of detail. 

When working with specifically trained Stable Diffusion models (introduced below), Stable Diffusion will deliver the best results.

Key Features

  • Generative AI Model: It produces unique, photorealistic images and animations from text prompts. 
  • Fine-Tuning Capabilities: Stable Diffusion can be fine-tuned to meet specific needs with as little as five images through transfer learning. This feature is particularly useful for creating custom clothing designs.
  • Fashion Prompts: Designers can use text-based inputs, known as fashion prompts, to describe the desired clothing, accessories, and setting..
  • Experimentation and Creativity: The technology enables designers to experiment with various prompts, styles, and themes, such as “glamorous,” “sophisticated,” and “edgy,” without the need for physical materials or prototypes.
  • Virtual Garment Visualization: Stable Diffusion allows for the creation of virtual garments that appear highly realistic.
  • Customization and Modification: The model supports customization of clothing designs and colors through prompts, enabling designers to easily alter and refine their concepts. This process is straightforward and can be achieved by adjusting the text prompts to include specific details like color or style.

Best SD Models for Clothing Designs

Pricing: Free and open-source.

Guide on How to Install Stable Diffusion


TeeAI is an innovative platform that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to enable users to create unique and customizable t-shirt designs. 

It is designed to cater to both individual creativity and business needs, providing a user-friendly interface for generating high-quality, personalized t-shirt prints.

Key Features

  • Personalized Design Experience: TeeAI introduces a “meet your personal designer” feature, adding a personalized touch to the design process. 
  • Versatile Use Cases: It enables users to create t-shirts that reflect their personal style, design custom gifts, create branded merchandise for businesses or events, and collaborate with artists on limited-edition prints.
  • High-Quality Output and Efficiency: TeeAI’s AI algorithm ensures that the designs generated are of high quality, featuring crisp lines and vibrant colors. 
  • Online Catalogue and No Sign-Up Requirement: Users can explore a wide range of design options through an online catalog, categorizing items into shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts, without the need to sign up or provide personal information upfront.

Pricing: Free

Go to TeeAI Website


Cala is a comprehensive platform designed to streamline the entire process of fashion design, development, production, and logistics. 

It offers a wide range of features aimed at simplifying and optimizing the workflow for fashion brands, designers, and creators, making it easier to bring fashion products from concept to market.

The platform employs artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to offer a wide range of services, from design conceptualization to the final delivery of garments. 

Key Features

  • Custom Fit Using Technology: One of Cala’s standout features is its ability to create custom-fitted clothing using 3D body scanning technology. The Cala app allows users to take photos with their smartphones, which are then matched to the existing body scans to ensure a near-perfect fit.
  • Comprehensive Product Design and Development: Designers can assist with fabric research, sketching, and product development. Users can drag and drop inspiration images, sketches, and references, adding comments and precise measurements.
  • Global Production Network: Cala has established a global network of manufacturers that spans various product categories, including outerwear, shirting, dresses, denim, and more, ensuring that brands can produce a wide range of fashion items. 
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Optimization: The platform’s logistics specialists manage the entire shipping process, from pickup to customs clearance and delivery, simplifying the supply chain for fashion brands.
  • Mobile App for On-the-Go Design and Production: Cala’s mobile app enables users to view and create designs and collections on their mobile devices. 

Pricing: Start from $12/month.

Go to Cala Website


Resleeve AI is an innovative artificial intelligence tool designed to assist users in creating AI-generated fashion designs and images. 

Resleeve AI’s generative capabilities allow for the creation of 3D models of clothing items. The AI has been trained on millions of fashion images, ensuring that it can produce professional, print-ready results consistently. 

Fashion brands also get to train their own AI, ensuring that the output always reflects the brand’s identity and design heritage.

Key Features

  • Design variations and vitalize sketches: Users can explore a multitude of design concepts and transform basic sketches into detailed, high-quality designs.
  • Photoshoot generation: The tool can simulate realistic photoshoots, showcasing products in various scenarios without the need for physical models or props.
  • Industry solutions: Resleeve AI is suitable for various industries, including fashion, jewelry, textile, and animation character design.
  • Instant Design Generation: It can generate thousands of photorealistic AI fashion designs within seconds.
  • Effortless Photoshoots: The tool simplifies the process of creating photoshoots for fashion products.

Pricing: Start from $7per month.

Go to Resleeve Website

The New Black AI

The New Black AI is an innovative platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create one-of-a-kind designs of haute couture dresses, trendy shoes, or stylish bags.

It also provides tools for creating moodboards, logos, slogans, and unique selling propositions (U.S.P.), helping users to establish a strong and distinctive brand identity.

Key Features

  • Unique Design Generation: The New Black AI enables the creation of unique clothing designs, offering a wide variety of clothing types for designers to work with. This includes jackets, coats, shoes, backpacks, sweaters, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants. 
  • Rapid Design Iteration and Enhancement: Designers can quickly iterate and enhance their designs, allowing for rapid modifications and the evolution of designs with ease. 
  • AI-Enhanced Adjustments: The platform allows users to upload existing design photos for AI-enhanced tweaking and transformation. This includes the capability to transform low-resolution images into high-definition versions swiftly, thereby improving the quality and detail of design visuals.
  • Rendering and Visualization: The New Black AI offers rendering capabilities that allow designers to visualize their designs in 3D.
  • Access to a Wide Array of Designs: The platform gives designers access to over 3,000 fashion designs, enabling them to express their unique creativity and find inspiration for their projects.
  • Community and Collaboration: Designers can share their designs on the platform, and brands can purchase templates that have been custom-created by other designers.

Pricing: Start from $89.00/month.

Go to The New Black AI Website


Botika is an AI-powered platform for the fashion ecommerce sector. It’s mainly for generating hyper-realistic, diverse clothing product images for online retailers.

Leveraging generative AI technology, Botika enables the creation of an endless variety of on-model images, significantly reducing the need for traditional photoshoots and their associated costs. 

Botika’s will generate images that reflect a wide range of diversity in ethnicity, hairstyle, facial expression, and background.

Key Features

  • AI-Generated Models: Botika utilizes advanced AI technology to create hyper-realistic and professional fashion models. This feature allows retailers to showcase their products on diverse models without the need for physical photoshoots, significantly reducing production costs and time.
  • Enhanced Photo Editing: The platform enables users to upload photos from any angle or pose, including headless shots, and enhance them without compromising image quality. It optimizes photo backgrounds and transforms standard studio shots into captivating editorials with just a click, turning homemade photos into professional product images.
  • Credits System for Photo Editing: Botika operates on a credit system where each credit allows for the editing of one photo. Monthly plans provide a batch of credits, which reset at the end of each month according to the subscribed plan. 
  • Support for On-Model Images: Botika focuses on generating on-model images, requiring the original photo submitted for editing to include a person wearing the clothes/items presented. 
  • Integration and Compatibility: Botika is designed to be compatible with leading ecommerce platforms, facilitating seamless integration into retailers’ existing workflows.

Pricing: Starting from $15/mo

Go to Botika Website


Heuritech is a Paris-based company that uses artificial intelligence to provide predictive analytics for the fashion industry. 

The company’s technology identifies 2000 fashion attributes, enabling brands to confidently launch products, optimize collection strategies, and meet sustainability targets by reducing overstock. 

Heuritech’s insights help brands understand market dynamics, consumer segments, and ideal product launch timings. 

Key Features

  • AI-Powered Insights: Heuritech uses AI to analyze over 3 million social media images daily, detecting 2000 fashion attributes ranging from macro prints, colors, and fabrics to granular shapes and attributes, including specific product lines.
  • Trend Prediction and Market Analysis: It offers predictive analytics on fashion trends and products, helping brands to forecast demand more accurately. 
  • Sustainability and Demand Planning: It predicts declining trends and forecasting market share of different styles, and contributes to better markdown strategies and demand planning.
  • Enhanced Collaboration and Collection Creation: The platform fosters human-AI synergy, facilitating communication between creative and analytical teams. It integrates social media insights into the design process, aligning brand offerings more closely with consumer preferences.

Pricing: starting at 1k€/month

Go to Heuritech Website


What is an AI fashion design generator?

An AI fashion design generator is a tool that leverages artificial intelligence to create fashion designs. It can translate sketches and product images into realistic photos, generate unique design variations, and even simulate photoshoots for e-commerce or production.

How does an AI fashion design generator work?

These generators use large databases of designs, patterns, and styles to produce distinctive clothing concepts. They can vitalize sketches by adding realistic textures, colors, and details, and they can retouch photos to perfect every detail of the fashion imagery.

Can AI fashion design generators replace human designers?

No, AI fashion design generators are not intended to replace human creativity but rather to act as powerful assistants that support and enhance the creative process. They enable designers to focus more on ideation and experimentation.

Are there free AI tools for fashion design?

While many AI fashion design tools may require a subscription or payment, there are free options available, such as using Stable Diffusion, which can be fine-tuned to your favorite styles but may require more technical knowledge.

How accurate are the outfit suggestions from AI fashion design generators?

AI fashion design generators use advanced algorithms to analyze trends and styles, striving to provide accurate and appealing outfit suggestions. However, personal preferences may vary, and users are encouraged to explore multiple options and tailor the outfits to their style.

Can AI fashion design generators be used for different occasions and events?

Yes, AI fashion design generators offer a wide range of outfit themes and styles suitable for various occasions and events. They can help users find the perfect outfit to match the setting, whether it’s casual, formal, or a special occasion.

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