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Best Websites to Download Full Albums Free

Are you a music aficionado on the hunt for an ideal destination to download entire albums at zero cost? Then, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll be your guides during the journey of discovering the 19 best websites that offer full albums or tracks for free. From classic hits to current bops, we have something for all sorts of fans – jazz junkies, rock devotees, and pop enthusiasts alike! So get hyped! It’s about time you unleash your inner party animal by downloading some awesome tunes!

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Contents on this page include:

Best Websites to Download Full Albums for Free Compared

WebsiteVerdictPriceBest Audio QualityDownload as Album
BandcampBandcamp offers unparalleled music resources for enthusiasts seeking new artists and exceptional audio quality.Free or Name Your PriceMP3 (320kbps), AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, FLAC, WAV, and AIFFYes
JamendoJamendo is an exceptional platform for discovering indie music worldwide and forging connections between musicians and fans.FreeMP3 and Ogg Vorbis, with 96 kbps for listening and 192 kbps for downloadingYes is a must-have for music lovers seeking personalized recommendations, free access to a massive music collection, and a vibrant community.Free320kbps for MP3 and WMA, and 128kbps for OGG.Yes
Audio ArchiveAudio Archive is an extraordinary resource for free music and audio recordings spanning diverse genres and providing exclusive access to rare recordings.FreeMP3 (320 kbps), FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, and more.Yes
SongsLoverSongsLover offers a vast selection of high-quality music and user-friendly search options to download full albums for free on any device with ease.FreeMP3 (320 kbps), MP3, AAC, and FLACYes
The Pirate BayThe Pirate Bay is a convenient and secure website for music enthusiasts to easily search and download a vast library of music albums via BitTorrent technology.Free320 kbps for MP3 and 1411 kbps for FLACYes
MP3JuicesMP3Juices is a user-friendly and free MP3 search engine and downloader that provides a vast library of high-quality audio and video downloads.FreeMP3 (from 64kbps to 320kbps)Yes
Free MP3 DownloadFree MP3 Download is an exceptional platform for downloading free, high-quality music that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and available in multiple audio formats.FreeMP3 (320 kbps), FLACNo
RutrackerWith an exceptional classical music selection, an active community, and a massive multimedia library, RuTracker is a top-tier Russian music tracker.FreeMP3 (320 kbps)Yes
MP3SkullsMP3Skulls reigns supreme as the ultimate platform for hassle-free and quick music downloads, offering a vast music library, intuitive search engine, and multiple server options.FreeMP3 (320 kbps), WAVNo
Mr-jatt.ImPunjabi music enthusiasts can discover their perfect destination at Mr-jatt.Im, boasting a user-friendly interface, vast collection of MP3 and AAC formatted music, and an updated song library.FreeMP3 (320 kbps) and AAC (256 kbps)Yes
AudionautiXLooking for a vast library of royalty-free music with exceptional sound quality and user-friendly streaming across various devices? Look no further than AudionautiX.FreeMP3 (128 Kbps)No
EktoplazmEktoplazm is the perfect place for music lovers who want to explore a vast library of certified, free psytrance, techno, downtempo, and other music genres from talented musicians.FreeMP3 (320 kbps), FLAC, and WAVYes
MYFREEMP3MYFREEMP3 is the ideal website for users seeking high-quality audio, an extensive library of free tracks, and a user-friendly interface.FreeMP3 (320 kbps)No
HoundwaveHoundwave is an innovative third-party-developed MP3 search engine from the Reddit community, providing lightning-fast search results and downloads.FreeMP3No
CitiMuzikCitiMuzik is the perfect platform for music enthusiasts seeking to curate a personalized music library by downloading full albums and creating custom playlists with ease.FreeMP3 (320 kbps)No
DJJOhALDJJOhAL is an excellent website for fans of Punjabi, Hindi, and Haryanvi music, offering a wide selection of songs and an easy-to-use interface.FreeMP3 (320 kbps)Yes
JustNaijaJustNaija is the ultimate destination for discovering and enjoying Nigerian music and entertainment, offering a vast selection of music genres.FreeMP3 (192 kbps)Yes
HipHopKitHipHopKit is a fantastic website for music lovers seeking lightning-fast download speeds, a vast selection of music genres, and an intuitive user experience.FreeMP3 (256 kbps)Yes

Best Websites to Download Full Albums for Free Reviewed

1. Bandcamp

Expand your music collection and switch on a world of amazing tunes with Bandcamp! Explore full albums entirely free, then listen to the tracks directly from your mobile device via the complimentary app. With one-click download capability in both iOS & Android versions of the application, you can be sure that streaming any artist is effortless. Create queues and playlists for endless hours listening blissfully; navigating through this platform couldn’t be simpler or faster – giving everyone unlimited access to their favorite artists’ songs instantly!

Bandcamp also ranked top on our list of the free and legal music download sites, you get to re-download past purchases with a high-quality download, so you can listen again without worrying about losing it. Furthermore, the audio quality is top-notch, with no compromise on quality.

Key features:

  • Wide range of music genres
  • Free full album downloads
  • Great community of artists and fans
  • “Name your price” feature

Download Your Album at Bandcamp

2. Jamendo

Jamendo is an incredible platform for discovering new music and connecting with independent artists all around the globe. The website provides an inclusive anthology of 500,000 songs shared by 40,000 talented artists from around the globe! Experience music from over 150 countries in one place. The community on Jamendo is also engaging and active, with many musicians and fans interacting with each other. Whether you’re a fan searching for new tunes or an artist trying to find their audience, Jamendo offers something for everyone. 

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Key Features:

  • Stream or download full albums for free
  • A vast catalog of over 500K tracks shared by 40K artists from 150+ countries
  • Interact with fellow musicians and fans in an engaging community
  • Discover new music and connect with like-minded people

Download Your Album at Jamendo

3. is an excellent website that music lovers should have on their bookmarks. It’s a great recommendation service that allows you to track what you listen to and discover new artists. What sets this platform apart is its personalized recommendations, which tailor according to your listening habits. Besides that, you can get full albums from their massive collection – all for free! Plus, the community there is bustling, and users share their favorite albums and songs regularly.

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Key Features:

  • A vast music library with both popular and obscure music from different genres
  • Personalized recommendations based on listening history
  • Extensive library of music from all genres
  • An active community of music lovers sharing their favorite albums and songs
  • Ability to download albums, tracks, individual songs
  • Scrobble music to receive suggestions for songs you might enjoy

Download Your Album at

4. Audio Archive

The Audio Archive is an outstanding resource if you’re looking for free music and audio recordings. Boasting a vast selection of genres, this website has something to suit everyone’s tastes. Now is the time to indulge yourself in the Library’s abundance of sound archives – from works composed by renowned musicians, one-on-one interviews with influential individuals, radio transmissions from around the globe, and so much more. Moreover, they have a unique ATC Audio Archives section where you can access limited recordings that are only available for 30 days.

Key Features:

  • A vast collection of over 134,000 LPs
  • Free streaming and downloading of music without any restrictions
  • User-generated content, including live concerts and remixes
  • Straightforward search function with filtering and sorting options

Download Your Album at Audio Archive

5. SongsLover

SongsLover is a fantastic website for music lovers who want to download entire albums for free. Music lovers consistently flock to this website for its vast selection of albums and tracks that can be quickly accessed. Committed to providing only high-grade music, the site refreshes its list of top songs every month, so you’ll always have something new and exciting to jam out to. Searching your favorite album has never been easier – simply type in keywords or start browsing through categories! Furthermore, this website accommodates both rooted and non-rooted devices, granting access to all users across the globe.

Key Features:

  • Free and easy-to-use app
  • Provides unlimited MP3 albums for free
  • Sends notifications when new tracks are released
  • Displays advertisements to generate revenue, but they are not malicious

Download Your Album at SongsLover

6. The Pirate Bay

Discovering the perfect music album has never been easier than with The Pirate Bay! Apart from being a popular movie torrent website, this remarkable website also provides a vast library of content that can be conveniently accessed via its user-friendly search engine. Once you uncover what you desire, it’s effortless to download securely and rapidly through BitTorrent technology. Moreover, The Pirate Bay furnishes detailed information about each file so there are no surprises when downloading – allowing for an efficient and worry-free experience!

Key features:

  • Operates in a legal gray area
  • Extensive library of content
  • Secure downloads using BitTorrent technology
  • Detailed information about each file
  • Vibrant user community

Download Your Album at The Pirate Bay

7. MP3Juices

MP3Juices is an MP3 search engine and downloader that allows users to download full albums MP3 for free. Access limitless MP3s from a variety of sources with this user-friendly website that requires no registration or subscription fees. Music fanatics are especially fond of its superior audio and video downloads and the straightforward experience it provides. While some sources may have too many pop-ups for your liking, rest assured that you’ll find something to satisfy your music cravings here!

Key features:

  • Unlimited download and conversion of MP3 files
  • Safe and secure connection with no viruses or malware
  • Advanced search functionality with the ability to choose from six different sources
  • High-speed downloads with accelerated conversions and installations

Download Your Album at MP3Juices

8. Free MP3 Download

Searching for free, high-quality music is made effortless with the Free MP3 Download website. Its user interface is simple and straightforward to navigate; you can effortlessly search by artist or album title if you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Once you find a record that interests you, click on it to view more detailed info, then download individual tracks from three audio formats: MP3 128 kbps, MP3 320 kbps, and FLAC. Each format provides exceptional sound quality so that whatever your needs are when it comes to downloading songs, they’ll be met here on Free MP3 Downloads!

Key Features:

  • Extensive library of music from different genres
  • The quick and easy download process
  • Detailed information about each album
  • Simple and straightforward user interface
  • Search results are organized by genre and artist name

Download Your Album at Free MP3 Download

9. Rutracker

As one of the leading Russian trackers on the web, RuTracker is a prized resource for obtaining free multimedia. To access its unique content library, users must register as part of this private tracker network which has already amassed over 13 million registered members. Boasting an astonishing 2 million active torrents spread across 170,000 links per year makes Rutracker a treasure trove full of media files! Music lovers will be pleased to find that RuTracker has an incredibly expansive classical music selection, which is the perfect destination for discovering some hidden gems. Rutracker’s community is also active in creating and sharing user-generated content, making it a hub for sharing custom content related to popular games like Human: Fall Flat.

Key Features:

  • Active community of users sharing user-generated content
  • Particularly noteworthy for its collection of classical music
  • Private tracker requiring registration to access indie content

Download Your Album at Rutracker

10. MP3Skulls

MP3Skulls is an excellent website for downloading songs for free. The website’s extensive library offers an endless collection of songs and albums across multiple genres. Plus, with several servers available for access, you can easily find the highest quality and speed that suits your download needs. Searching for favorite tracks just got even easier, too- thanks to its intuitive search engine providing users immediate choices from a wide selection of options. With so many features on offer at MP3Skulls, finding and downloading music has never been simpler!

Key Features:

  • A wide selection of music genres
  • Fast and efficient search engine
  • Ability to preview songs before downloading
  • Easy navigation and great user experience
  • High-quality audio downloads

Download Your Album at MP3Skulls

11. Mr-jatt.Im

Mr-jatt.Im is an excellent website for those who love to download Punjabi music albums, with an enormous selection of single tracks and albums available in MP3 and AAC formats. It’s regularly updated, so you can always find something new. Moreover, you can preview each song before downloading it – a real lifesaver! The search engine on the site is particularly useful for finding specific songs and albums. Furthermore, Mr-jatt.Im has an intuitive user interface that makes navigation simple and straightforward.

Key Features:

  • Extensive library of music from various genres
  • Wide range of single track mp3 songs and albums available for download in different formats
  • Quick and secure download process with no hidden fees or charges
  • Ability to play songs online on the website
  • Create personal playlists to listen to your favorite tracks anytime

Download Your Album at Mr-jatt.Im

12. AudionautiX

AudionautiX is an incredible platform that grants users access to a myriad of hit songs, melodies, and music from celebrated artists. It has a massive library of MP3 format and royalty-free tracks that you can use without any infringement worries. As an added perk, it offers premium audio files with outstanding sound quality suitable for professionals – so you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality either! Lastly, streaming albums, playlists, and individual audio across desktop & mobile devices are unbelievably easy thanks to their hassle-free interface.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Wide range of genres is available
  • High-quality audio files suitable for professional use
  • Ability to customize downloads by adjusting mood, tempo, pitch etc.

Download Your Album at AudionautiX

13. Ektoplazm

Are you a music fan on the hunt for free and certified psytrance, techno, or downtempo tracks? Look no further than Ektoplazm! This site gives you access to more than 25 million songs from some of the world’s most talented musicians. In addition, you can look forward to Ektoplazm’s Greatest Trips. This compilation offers an immense selection of 50 tracks with a grand total of 6 hours’ worth of the finest tunes available! The site has a wide variety of genres to choose from, including Psychedelic Leftfield Genre as well as a selection of Ambient/Drone, Dubstep/Grime, IDM/Experimental Electronic Music, Glitch Hop/Nu Funk, and more.

Key Features:

  • World’s #1 source for free & legal psytrance, techno & downtempo music
  • User-friendly interface & easy navigation
  • Extensive blog section with news & tips on making your own mixes
  • Album “Ektoplazm’s Greatest Trips” featuring 50 tracks from some of the best artists in the genre

Download Your Album at Ektoplazm


If you are searching for a website offering free albums with no strings attached, you must check out MYFREEMP3. This website has everything you need to fulfill your musical cravings, from top hits to rare gems and everything in between. And the sound quality is top-notch – no more grainy audio here! One thing that sets MYFREEMP3 apart from its competitors is the ease of access. Navigating the search engine is an effortless task. You can quickly begin downloading your favorite albums with no trouble whatsoever! It’s so intuitive that you’ll be able to find exactly what you need within minutes.

Key Features:

  • Easy-to-navigate layout
  • Wide variety of genres and albums available
  • High-quality audio downloads
  • Fast download speed
  • Search bar for easy access to specific songs or albums

Download Your Album at MYFREEMP3

15. Houndwave

Unleash the power of sound with Houndwave. An innovative platform boasting an impressive catalog of music, seamless integration with renowned streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music, and outstanding download speeds – all accentuated by a modern, user-friendly design allowing you to search for artists, albums, or genres using keywords quickly! With their advanced search function at your disposal, no song can evade you now. So start revolutionizing your audio experience today with Houndwave – the revolutionary website designed especially for audiophiles like you!

Key Features:

  • Preview tracks before downloading them
  • Helpful tutorials available on the GitHub
  • Fast & reliable downloads

Download Your Album at Houndwave

16. CitiMuzik

CitiMuzik is a great website for music lovers looking to download full albums for free online. Experience the power of creating your own playlists with this site’s custom playlist creation feature. You are in control of which songs make up each list and can even share them with family and friends! There is no better way to take charge of any silence than by having complete authority over a personalized music library. The platform’s immense selection, straightforward interface, and exceptional playlist generation capacity put it ahead of other online streaming services.

Key Features:

  • Has a wide selection of genres, including bongo flava, gospel, and more
  • Stream your favorite tunes directly from the website
  • Get exclusive content, including interviews with artists and live performances

Download Your Album at CitiMuzik


Are you a devoted fan of Punjabi, Hindi, and Haryanvi music? If so, then DJJOhAL is the perfect place for you! With its incredible selection of songs from all three genres verified with Creative Commons Licenses CC BY-NC-SA, this online library website will guarantee that your entertainment needs are fulfilled. Moreover, it’s incredibly easy to navigate and offers an abundance of options – there’s no doubt in my mind that DJJOhAli should be at the top of your list when searching for new music.

Key Features:

  • Free full album downloads
  • Huge selection of songs and albums
  • Easy navigation and user-friendly interface
  • High-quality audio files
  • Search by genre or artist

Download Your Album at DJJOhAL

18. JustNaija

Crafted specifically for Nigerians, JustNaija is your one-stop portal to a world of music and entertainment. JustNaija has a wide range of music genres available for download MP3 full album, including Afrobeat, Hip Hop, R&B, Gospel Music, Fuji Music, Highlife Music, and more. The website also provides users with lyrics to their favorite songs. JustNaija also offers exclusive content, such as interviews with African music stars and live performances. With its easy-to-use interface, selection of genres, and helpful features, it’s a great place to find the latest music from your favorite Nigerian artists.

Key Features:

  • Wide range of African music genres
  • High-quality downloads
  • Section for new releases
  • Section for music videos

Download Your Album at JustNaija

19. HipHopKit

HipHopKit is a great website for all your music needs. It offers the latest in American Hip Hop songs and albums, Pop, Gqom, Amapiano, Kwaito, RnB, K-Pop, and more. One of the best features of HipHopKit is its extensive library of albums. From classic old-school hip-hop to new and upcoming artists, they’ve got it all. Not only is HipHopKit incredibly intuitive to use, but its lightning-fast download speeds make it one of the most sought-after websites for free full album downloads. Boasting an expansive selection of music genres and a user experience that’s second to none, it’s no surprise why HipHopKit has become so popular this year!

Key Features:

  • Extensive library of music with a variety of genres
  • Create playlists to organize favorite songs & albums
  • Share playlists with friends & family members
  • Download full albums for free

Download Your Album at HipHopKit

How to download a full album from YouTube to MP3: Step by Step

As one of the biggest video-sharing platforms, YouTube is another solid place for finding full albums, many of which are in the form of music album YouTube video playlists. To download MP3 full album for free from YouTube, all you need is a YouTube playlist downloader or YouTube to MP3 converter, and there are plenty of them. The following tutorial uses as an example.

For more information, see our guide on how to download embedded videos and music from websites.

Step 1. Go to the YouTube video playlist webpage with the full music album you desire, and copy the URL of the page.

Step 2. Go to the Paste Download website:, paste the copied URL into the URL box, and select the download output as MP3 or other needed formats.

Step 3. Ignore all the pop-up windows and advertisements, go directly to the Download button, and click on it.

Step 4. Then your YouTube playlist will be downloaded in batches.

FAQs on Downloading Full Music Albums

What’s the Benefit of Downloading Full Albums for Free From Websites?

Discovering music for free can be an incredibly rewarding experience, allowing you to explore and enjoy new artists and genres without putting a dent in your wallet. It also lets users create unique playlists and mix tapes with a variety of songs, which can provide hours of listening pleasure.

Moreover, downloading full albums allows users to save time while finding the perfect soundtrack for any moment since they don’t have to sift through individual tracks to find what they’re looking for. Finally, downloading full albums from websites is an easy way for listeners to support their favorite artists by spreading their music across the web.

Can I Get a Virus From Downloading Free Full Albums From Websites?

Yes, it is possible to get a virus from downloading free full albums from websites. While many reputable sources are secure and provide safe downloads, there are still some malicious websites out there that may contain downloadable software infected with viruses. It’s essential to be aware of these risks and take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

To guarantee your safety while downloading music, only rely on trustworthy websites and use anti-virus scanning software to double-check files before they’re downloaded. To be extra vigilant, read reviews of the websites or albums before downloading them to ensure they are from a reliable source. These steps will help you avoid inadvertently getting malicious content onto your devices.

Is MP3 Juices Legal?

No, MP3 Juices website is not legal in many countries so you are recommended to download full music albums from legal sources like YouTube, Bandcamp, and Jamendo.

Where Can I Download Full Music Albums legally?

Legal websites for free MP3 album downloads include:

  • Bandcamp
  • Jamendo
  • Audio Archive

Legal Disclaimer: This article is for general informational and educational purposes only and should not be used for copyright infringement. We ( are in no way endorsing, distributing, collaborated with, affiliated with, or in possession of any of the mentioned applications or services, which might contain links to third-party content. The end-user shall be solely responsible for the content accessed.


Treat yourself to an endless array of musical masterpieces without spending a penny! You can enhance your experience with free album downloads and elevate the way you listen to music. Of course, it is important that you select websites that are secure and safe from viruses – so make sure to read reviews before pressing ‘download.’ Once safely done, though, you will be able to support your favorite artists while enjoying unlimited listening at no cost! So why put off such pleasure? Unlock perfect beats with free album downloads today!

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