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How to Enable Leonardo AI Search

Leonardo AI is one of the best AI art generators that is perfect for various types of art styles like anime, DND, realistic, and even children’s illustrations. Its search feature was once a practical tool for content inspiration. 

However, earlier last year, Leonardo AI decided to disable the search feature under the Recent Creations section, and it is unclear when the search panel in will be re-enabled. 

Luckily, this can be effortlessly fixed. On this page, you’ll find an easy method to enable’s search panel by slightly modifying the HTML code. 

Step-by-step and illustrated tutorials are provided so that you can easily follow.

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Step 1. Launch Leonardi AI App

Go to, log into your account, and click Launch App as usual.

Step 2. Go to DevTools

Now you should go to the DevTools of your web browser. Using Chrome as an example, press F12 on the keyboard to go to DevTools (same for Firefox).

Step 3. Inspect elements

Click the upper-left Inspect button (upon hovering, it says select an element in the page to inspect it), and go to the Elements tab. From there, when you hover on any element in the webpage, the DevTools will show the corresponding HTML code.

Step 4. Find Search Panel HTML Code

Hover on the search box in, and you’ll be able to see its source code (with a gray background) on the right side, in the Elements screen. Click on the search panel element to locate and fix the code to the right.

Step 5. Find the Disabled Attribute

From the source code of the search panel, we need to look for the code that says disabled

There are two lines of code containing the disabled attribute, and they should look something like this:  

<input placeholder="Search gallery" disabled="" class="chakra-input css-kf1b8d" value="">

<button type="button" class="chakra-button css-2p82dn" disabled="">Search</button>

Step 6. Delete Disabled Attribute

Once you find them, right-click on the disabled code and select the Edit attribute from the context menu. Alternatively, double-click on the disabled attribute.

Use the Backspace on your keyboard to delete the 2 disabled attributes, and leave anything else the way they are.

Step 7. Exit the DevTools

Once edited, press Enter on the keyboard, and click the cross icon in the upper-right corner to exit the developer tools.

That’s it! Now the search panel in is re-enabled, make sure to give it a try!

Why is the Search Feature Disabled in

As one of the best web-based AI art generators, has gained immense popularity recently for its free nature and the level of quality art no less than Midjourney.

The huge influx of new users inevitably brought about a heavy server load, which was overwhelming to the developer team considering’s lack of monetization.

As a result, certain bandwidth-intensive features such as the search panel have been disabled on, regardless of the user’s subscription plan.

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