The 10 Best Websites to Watch Chinese Anime (Donghua) Online

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Best Chinese Anime Streaming Websites

Chinese anime, also known as Donghua or Chinese animation, refers to animation made in China, usually filmed in Chinese or Japanese styles. And it has now become another form of trending animation in today’s streaming world. While Chinese anime is not as popular as Japanese anime or Japanese manga, it’s steadily gaining global attention by day with its high-quality visual quality, intriguing plots, and deep cultural elements.

So, where to watch Chinese anime online for free? One of the handiest solutions is using online streaming sites. In the following content, I’d like to introduce the 10 best Chinese anime streaming websites to watch Chinese anime or Donghua online with English subtitles.

We’ve thoroughly tested the introduced websites, and they are all free, safe, legal, and easy to use. Note that online streaming sites come and go all the time, this list will be constantly updated to contain only the working Chinese anime websites. And be careful with fake websites! Always stick to the official website link provided in this list.

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Coming up first is an anime streaming site called AnimeKhor which is dedicated to streaming Chinese anime and Donghua in English subtitles. From the intuitive UI of the AnimeKhor website, you can easily browse for a favored Chinese anime from the latest release, ongoing series, popular series, filter search, and the A to Z lists.

From the home screen of AnimeKhor, each Chinese anime title has been tagged with release time and AnimeKhor, which helps users easily find well-received content, old or new. Just hover your mouse over a title’s poster to view more details.

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Watch Chinese Anime for Free on AnimeKhor

Chinese Anime Site AnimeKhor
Chinese Anime Site AnimeKhor


  • A huge collection of old or latest-released Chinese anime
  • More than 7 video servers integrated for a stable streaming experience
  • Flexible video quality controls


  • Need to manually close the advertisement prior to playing the Chinese anime video
  • Impersonators using the same name on YouTube


Kuriname is another reliable option for watching and downloading Donghua and Chinese anime online. It has a fine collection of popular or latest Chinse anime titles.

When browsing anime in Kuriname’s home page, you’ll know the number of available video sources under a title. Each Chinese anime title is tagged with views and likes amount for you to choose the one that everybody likes. It does have a lot of advertisements on its home page, yet you are allowed to manually close them or use ad-blockers so it won’t be an issue.

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Watch Chinese Anime for Free on Kurianime

Chinese Anime Site Kuriname
Chinese Anime Site Kuriname


  • The latest Donghua Chinese movies and Donghua anime series are both available
  • Up to 1080p video quality using SRT subtitles
  • The Donghua project completion progress list by Kurina Official Fansub


  • There are redirects when you try to play a video on Kuriname


If you’re looking for unpopular Chinese anime titles, you should give Lmanime a try. It’s worth mentioning that the advertisements on Lmanime website are a bit overwhelming, which means you need to be very careful about what you click on.

The Chinese anime media streams on Lmanime are scraped from popular Chinese streaming platforms such as Tencent Video, and are in good video quality. Lmanime keeps adding new Chinese anime episodes to its Latest Released collection, and the completed Donghua series are available from the Completed Series section.

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Watch Chinese Anime Online on Lmanime

Chinese Anime Site Lmanime
Chinese Anime Site Lmanime


  • Multiple videos server in multiple languages are offered in the video player
  • Chinese anime download feature supported 7 languages including English


  • The website is riddled with way too many advertisements that take up a major proportion of the screen


Bearing an interesting and fascinating name of Chinese characteristics, KungfuTV is not an online streaming site for watching movies/TVs of Chinese Kungfu, but an anime streaming site with a large Chinese anime as well as Donghua dialog.

Here you can discover three major anime categories: Latest Episodes Subtitles, MyAnime English Sub, and Top Series. There are subbed Chinese anime in different languages such as English, Portuguese, Thai, etc.

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Watch Chinese Anime for Free on KungfuTV

Chinese Anime Site KungfuTV
Chinese Anime Site KungfuTV


  • The auto-next feature of the website’s video player
  • Complete video resources available for the episodes
  • Subbed Donghua in multiple languages


  • Multiple times redirects while hitting the playback button in the video player


AnimeXin is a place for Fansub and Fanshare Donghua and Chinese anime. AnimeXin is a full-blown streaming site for Chinese anime as it has a complete set of features such as anime lists, schedules, categories, rankings, genre filters, and A-Z lists.

AnimeXin provides stable links for watching online, and it also provides Donghua links for other Chinese anime sites such as KungfuTV.

Watch Chinese Anime for Free on AnimeXin

Chinese Anime Site AnimeXin
Chinese Anime Site AnimeXin


  • Recommends Chinese anime in different genres
  • A Donghua streaming site with complete features
  • A small but helpful chatroom is offered on the website


  • Advertisements when clicking on an anime poster, and in the video player
  • The complicated and baffling Chinese anime download procedure is another popular place for Chinese anime buffs to spend their time. It has a detailed home screen where you can use filter search to find the desired Chinese anime using Genre, Season, Studio, Status, Type, Order, etc. You can also browse from the poster walls for the Latest Release or recommendations, or simply choose a random one from the Ongoing series.

From the home screen, you can only check the subbed Chinese animes with titles and posters – no more information is provided.

Watch Chinese Anime for Free on

Chinese Anime Site
Chinese Anime Site


  • The Resuming Playback feature tracks your last playback progress
  • Subbed anime in many languages including English, Indo, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, etc.


  • The website is full of advertisements and promotions
  • A paid membership is required for removing ads and enabling download
  • No refund policy


Gogoanime is a reputed anime streaming site for watching anime online for free with English subtitles. Gogoanime has an exclusive section for Chinese anime, where you can browse for and watch the latest episodes of popular anime series. On Gogoanime, you can watch popular Chinese anime titles such as Mo Dao Zu Shi, Doupo Cangqiong, and Douluo Dalu in English subtitles.

On Gogoanime you’ll find some classic Chinese anime episodes based on light novels such as Douluo Dalu and First Class Taker. A handful of Dubbed Chinese anime can be found in Gogoanime’s Dub section, along with dubbed Japanese anime.

Watch Chinese Anime for Free on Gogoanime

Chinese Anime Site Gogoanime
Chinese Anime Site Gogoanime


  • Almost no advertisement
  • High-quality video sources for popular Chinese anime
  • Chinese anime download feature supported once logged in


  • Changes of URL from time to time
  • Sometimes the video won’t play and you need to refresh the page


As another popular anime streaming site, AnimOwl features a worthy Chinese anime section just like the abovementioned Gogoanime. The major upsides about AnimeOwl are that you don’t see many disturbing advertisements, the website is easy to navigate, and there are dubbed Chinese anime and three types of subbed Chinese anime: Default, ERAI-RAWS, and SUBSPLEASE.

Watch Chinese Anime for Free on AnimeOwl

Chinese Anime Site  AnimeOwl
Chinese Anime Site AnimeOwl


  • Clean and intuitive Donghua streaming experiences
  • Snapshot feature in the video player
  • Hot animes ranked on a daily basis


  • Relatively slower media loading speed
  • One time of redirection when trying to play the video


As another popular go-to spot for anime streaming, 9anime does a great job in offering Chinese anime and Donghua as it has already achieved in helping stream Japanese anime.

On 9anime, you can either use the 9anime main domain’s anime search engine to search for a specific Chinese anime title or simply head over to the 9anime home page and browse from the Chinese category, within the Recently Updated section.

Watch Chinese Anime for Free on 9anime     

Chinese Anime Site 9anime
Chinese Anime Site 9anime


  • The Skip Intro feature provided in the video player
  • 9anime has a giant user base that gives lively comment sections
  • Allows you to watch Chinese anime with friends


  • A limited amount of Chinese anime and Donghua
  • Explicit advertisements to watch out for if you’re watching with kids


Yes, the Chinese video streaming magnate iQIYI has branched out to foreign markets, offering streaming services for English-language-based users from a new domain The company iQIYI is one of the biggest streaming services in China, with the most and the latest of media streams that most free anime streaming sites scrape from.

Sure, now you can watch free Chinese anime on iQIYI, in an English UI, and with English subtitles, however, most anime are for premium users (VIP) only, which charges $1.99/month for new members, and the free Chinse anime dialog on iQIYI is pretty small.

Watch Chinese Anime for Free on iQIYI

Chinese Anime Site iQIYI
Chinese Anime Site iQIYI


  • Best Donghua streaming experience possible
  • Completely safe and legal streaming for Chinese anime
  • The largest and up-to-date Chinese anime collection


  • Free users can only preview 2 minutes of VIP content
  • Limited free Chinese anime collection
  • Only the VIP can skip the ads before the video


What is the best website to watch Chinese anime with English subtitles?

To watch Chinese anime or Donghua for free with English subtitles, the best websites include:

  1. AnimeKhor
  2. Kuriname
  3. Lmanime
  4. KungfuTV
  5. AnimeXin

And there are many more worthy options in this list waiting for you to check out!

What Chinese anime is called?

Chinese anime is called Donghua, which is Chinese anime in Chinese phonetics. Anime refers to Japanese animation, so the more accurate way of referring to Chinese anime is using the term Donghua.

What are the best apps to watch Chinese anime?

Most Chinese anime streaming sites are web-based streaming services that don’t have an application. But if you don’t mind forking out, then the best legal Chinese anime streaming app for computers and mobile phones is iQIYI, which has English-language UI and subtitles!

Legal Disclaimer: This article is for general informational and educational purposes only and should not be used for copyright infringement. We ( are in no way endorsing, distributing, collaborated with, affiliated with, or in possession of any of the mentioned applications or services, which might contain links to third-party content. The end-user shall be solely responsible for the content accessed.

The Bottom Line

Since we’re already here, I believe you have learned about the best websites to watch Chinese anime online, don’t forget to try the options you prefer! I hope this list is helpful, please help share the good information if so!

And if you have any feedback, questions, or insights in this regard, drop us a line in the comment section below, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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