The 25 Best Anime Websites to Watch Anime Online

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The Best Free Websites to Watch Anime Online

Anime is sweeping across the world and free anime websites are ideal places for binge-watching anime for free. While there are a plethora of online anime streaming sites out there, not all of them are the best option, as we’re constantly suffering ads, pop-ups, redirects, and notifications when watching anime online. 

We anime buffs are in dire need of reliable and trustworthy online anime websites. And here in this post, we’ve rounded up the best 25 anime websites for you to watch anime online for free, with English subtitles. We’ve thoroughly tested all of them, they are all free, safe, working, and clean.

Content in this article includes:

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Pro Tip: Anime streaming sites come and go all the time, this list will be constantly updated to contain only the active anime sites. And be careful with fake websites! We use the websites’ backlink profiles and domain authorities to single out real anime websites from fake and mirror sites. Please always stick to the official website link provided in this list.

Top 25 Free Websites to Watch Anime Online: Compared

Anime WebsitePriceAvailable CountriesVerdictLatest Working URL
Amazon Prime AnimeFree and PaidLimitedAmazon Prime Anime has an enormous media library and the Movies & TV category on Prime Video consists of numerous popular anime.
Hulu AnimeFree and PaidLimitedThe streaming service Hulu offers over 400 anime movies and TV shows. Free users can start with ad-supported and no-ads plans.
Netflix AnimeFree and PaidLimitedNetflix Anime is renowned for well-designed webpages, its impressive anime library, superior user experience, and user-friendly playback features.
CrunchyrollFree and PaidWorldwideCrunchyroll is the ruler of streaming free anime legally, every anime movie and series on Crunchyroll is licensed, yet a premium membership is required.
Zoro.toFreeWorldwideAs a newborn free online anime website, the incredible streaming performance of has won over the majority of anime buffs.
VRVFree and PaidThe United States onlyVRV is a Crunchyroll-owned website that presents old and new anime titles in a professional-looking interface.
KissanimeFreeWorldwideThe old Kissanime official site is down for good but there are many reliable mirror sites for us to enjoy free anime with low data consumption.
FunimationFree and PaidWorldwideThe paid anime streaming service Funimation has a handful of titles available for free with ads, in 1080p quality.
9animeFreeWorldwideAs another popular choice for free online anime, 9anime has a vast anime catalog of thousands of the latest airing anime.
GogoanimeFreeWorldwideGogoanime is another big name in regard to free anime streaming online, it has been taken down, and now it’s back in business.
AniMixPlayFreeWorldwideAnimeMixPlay is an ad-free online anime website that offers fast 1080p video streams for new anime movies and series releases.
4animeFreeWorldwide4anime can be a reliable source for discovering the latest anime episodes for big and small titles if you don’t mind the relatively more redirects and popups. is a great place to catch up with the latest subbed and dubbed anime from the release schedule and anime list.
AnimeSugeFreeWorldwideAnimeSuge is a well-built and feature-rich free anime website that has yet seen big popularity but will in the future. has a clean and resourceful interface for you to browse and watch the latest or the highest-rated subbed and dubbed anime.
AnimeDaoFreeWorldwideAnimeDao has a well-structured website that presents HD anime, all English dubbed, it even supports the data consumption limit.
Chia-AnimeFreeWorldwideAs an anime-focused streaming website, Chia-Anime does a good job of helping users find the anime content they need.
AnimeOwlFreeWorldwideAnimeOwl offers a free choice to watch free anime from a small library for users in regions such as Australia, yet with fewer ads.
Anime-PlanetFreeWorldwideAnime-Planet now focuses more on anime recommendations, reviews, and browsing, it delivers an enjoyable anime browsing experience.
AnimeHeavenFreeWorldwideOn AnimeHeaven, you can search titles from thousands of anime movies and episodes to watch online without cost, especially the less-known titles.
AnimeFreakFreeWorldwideAnimeFreak, now with the recently updated URL, is another search-engine-integrated anime site that supports both search and browsing.
Soul AnimeFreeWorldwideSoul Anime is an anime website with a unique layout and an up-to-par anime collection.
AnimetakeFreeWorldwideAs a simple yet useful anime streaming website, Animetake presents the ongoing and latest anime titles.
AnimepaheFreeWorldwideAnimepahe allows you to catch up with the latest anime movies and series with hard-coded English subtitles.
TubiTV AnimeFreeWorldwideTubiTV is a well-known free online movie and TV shows website and there are also some subbed and dubbed old-time favorite anime.
Comparison Table of The 25 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites

The 25 Best Free Anime Streaming Sites: In-depth Reviews

Amazon Prime Anime

The popular streaming service Amazon Prime Video has a selection of exclusive anime titles for you to watch. A repository of an extensive range of anime series and animated movies, Amazon Prim is the go-to place for most anime fans.

You can find Amazon Anime under the Movies & TV category of Amazon Prime Video. Amazon Prime Video offers a considerable amount of titles, though not as many as that of Funimation and Crunchyroll, you can still find most of the best animes of all time.

Amazon Prime Anime offers options to watch anime for free with ads, titles include Pokémon the Series, Street Fighter II, VINLAND SAGA, etc. And plenty of other titles are available at $0.00 for Prime members.

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Anime Streaming Site Amazon Prime Video
Anime Streaming Site Amazon Prime Video

Countries or Regions Available: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the US.

Watch Anime for Free on Amazon Prime Anime


  • A major upside is that it’s completely safe to watch anime on Amazon Prime Video
  • and browse anime from a list sorted by Featured or Newest Arrivals, to find out the titles you’re interested in.


  • Many of the anime series on Amazon Prime Video are free to watch, but with advertisements. 
  • Some free anime titles require an Amazon Prime membership.

Hulu Anime

Coming after Amazon Prime Video, Hulu is another popular video streaming service that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, and more. Hulu entered the anime business even before Netflix, and it is constantly working on enlarging its anime collection.

Hulu anime hub offers around 400+ anime movies and TV, which include many classic ones like Black Clover, Dragon Ball, and Ghost in the Shell. Hulu anime titles are categorized into slice of life, shojo, supernatural, anime action, popular, and the A-Z alphabetical listing. 

The Hulu Anime free trial works in that way: you sign up and get to choose a 30-day free trial plan from ad-supported and no-ads plans. You’ll be monthly charged when the plan’s time is up, starting at $6.99/month.

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Anime Streaming Site Hulu
Anime Streaming Site Hulu

Countries or Regions Available: the United States, Puerto Rico, and military bases, and in some locations in Japan.

Watch Anime for Free on Hulu Anime


  • Legal anime sites like Hulu Anime, Amazon Anime, and Netflix Anime are safe anime websites without virus
  • Hulu’s free trial has unlimited access to the anime library.
  • Allows subscribers to download anime for offline viewing


  • Requires signing up to watch anime for free
  • Download options are not for all anime titles
  • There are occasional commercials in Hulu’s ad-free plan

Netflix Anime 

The video streaming magnate Netflix is renowned for its exceptionally designed UI for the immersive UX, award-winning originals collection, and extensive library of on-demand content. On Netflix, you can find any type of video content, including Anime.

Anime titles on Netflix can be found in the Netflix anime genre, sorted by Popular on Netflix, Japanese Kids’ Anime, Futuristic Sci-Fi, Young Adult Movies & Shows, Dark Fantasy Anime, Japanese Anime Series, Critically Acclaimed TV Shows, Bingeworthy TV Shows, Released in the Past Year, etc., each category with hundreds of more titles upon the click on the expand more button. On Netflix, you can find many popular titles such as Hunter X Hunter (2011), Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, and Attack on Titan. 

Anime Streaming Site Netflix
Anime Streaming Site Netflix

Countries or Regions Available: Netflix is available in over 190 countries around the world. Each country has its own catalog of anime.

Watch Anime for Free on Netflix Anime


  • Netflix is a completely safe and secure anime website without pop-up ads
  • An expansive source of anime streaming online containing older titles
  • An all-around on-demand library of everything including anime


  • Netflix anime is a paid service with a free trial, it’s not completely free
  • Anime on Netflix come and go unforeseeably


Crunchyroll, now a part of Funimation, is a rather popular streaming service specializing in anime content (5 million subscribers as of Aug 2021). With the unifying of its parent company Funimation in 2022, Crunchyroll now encompasses Funimation’s subsidiary, Wakanim, as well as Crunchyroll’s VRV, making it the biggest anime library available today – the anime collection of Crunchyroll now has over 1,300 anime series.

Apart from anime, on Crunchyroll, you can also find anime-related materials such as more than 200 East Asian dramas and around 80 manga titles (Crunchyroll Manga). Crunchyroll is a paid service, but you can watch anime for free with ads, or sign-up and upgrade to an ad-free membership tier. 

Anime Streaming Site Crunchyroll
Anime Streaming Site Crunchyroll

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Crunchyroll


  • The biggest anime library with the best chance of finding desired anime titles
  • The website strikes a good balance between detailed information and navigability


  • Due to licensing restrictions, not all Crunchyroll titles are available worldwide
  • Limited subtitle options
  • The interface of Crunchyroll can be clumsy and awkward at times

Starting in early 2021, is an anime streaming website newcomer, its performance is just as marvelous as the existing magnates in terms of watching free anime online in English subtitles, and it has now become the go-to place for many anime fans.

Named after the popular character Roronoa Zoro from One Piece, Zoro is a well-built website dedicated to delivering free subbed and dubbed anime in 720p/1080p quality. The website and video player are very powerful and multifunction, for you to easily discover favored anime movies and TV shows, and watch them flexibly. And as you can see from the comment section in popular anime titles, a major proportion of anime buffs are now using website.

Anime Streaming Site
Anime Streaming Site

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on


  • A complete set of practical anime online streaming features
  • No pop-ups or redirects, and barely any advertisements.
  • A good many popular anime series in full episodes
  • Subtitles available in a dozen of global languages


  • Certain features on require logging in


VRV is a free anime website that comes with a beautiful and professional look. It’s an OTT (over-the-top) streaming service owned by Crunchyroll, it says that it offers anime, gaming, tech, and cartoon content, yet we find that VRV focuses a bit more on anime, as you can tell from its home page. Free anime on VRV are mostly in 360p and 480p resolution.

VRV has a unique and fascinating categorizing manner that is worth a visit. As of the writing of this post, VRV is currently supersizing its anime library, so don’t forget to take a look.

Anime Streaming Site VRV
Anime Streaming Site VRV

Countries and Regions Available: The United States only.

Watch Anime for Free on VRV


  • Quality and professional feel of the website interface
  • Many older anime like One Piece are available for free to watch
  • VRV ensures a safe and legal streaming experience


  • Some anime titles are Crunchyroll premium only
  • Requires a premium Crunchyroll membership to watch anime in full episodes

Kissanime is a free anime streaming site featuring an extensive library of anime, from which you can find many older or less popular titles. The website is integrated with Disqus so you can discuss with people that watch the same anime. The old Kissanime official website was down for good, now you can access its mirror sites.

It’s worth mentioning that the quality of the anime streams on is lower than we expected, making it an anime website with low data consumption. For example, and “1080p” anime on is pixelated and actually of the quality between 480p and 720p, yet it doesn’t have to be a defect. Owing to the high compression, video streams on load faster, the data consumption is significantly lower, and streaming on isn’t demanding about your network connection and bandwidth.

Anime Streaming Site Kissanime
Anime Streaming Site Kissanime

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Kissanime


  • It offers a practical free anime download feature, but for registered users only
  • High anime streaming speed, even when you’re in poor network conditions
  • A large anime library of Japanese anime, Chinese anime, US anime, etc.


  • Doesn’t allow adblockers, the website even bans you from using it
  • The third-party Captcha from time to time could be quite bothering


Funimation is a popular paid anime streaming service featuring a stylish website and app interfaces, the idea of streaming anime across devices (TV, PC, mobile phones, etc.) drew its audience. There are hundreds of anime shows in the backlog, and new SimulDubs are updated and added to the collection every single day. 

Funimation is a worthy paid service, and it’s also a free website to watch dubbed and subbed anime online for free. There is a limited amount of anime titles in the Funimation library available for free with ads, like Assassination Classroom. Most free anime streams are of 1080p quality, which would be excellent for free users. 

Anime Streaming Site Funimation
Anime Streaming Site Funimation

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Funimation


  • A clean website & app interface of good discoverability
  • Flexible audio track choices: both the original Japanese and the English dub
  • The subtitles on Funimation are unsynchronized at times, making it hard to follow the plot


  • Funimation app can be glitchy on various devices including PS4, Xbox, smartphones, and smart TVs
  • Sometimes the episode process tracking feature doesn’t work


9anime is a quite popular name in the free anime streaming field, and it’s definitely a reliable option for watching anime online for free. 9anime has a vast library covering the latest airting content, all listed in the Estimated Schedule, allowing users to keep up-to-date with their favorite anime episodes.

A huge catalog of English subbed and dubbed anime content, mainly in full 1080p HD quality and some SD only, has been divided into all-inclusive categories, for users to find their desired content precisely.

Thousands of anime series can be sorted as genre, country, season, year, type, status, language, etc. And you can browse for a preferred anime from the A-Z list as well. And with the Top anime ranking list to the right, you can easily discover popular titles such as One Piece, Naruto: Shippuden, My Dress-Up Darling, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, etc.

Anime Streaming Site 9anime
Anime Streaming Site 9anime

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on 9anime


  • Support importing from MyAnimeList
  • Anime streaming speed on 9anime isn’t half bad, all you need is a proper network connection
  • Many high-speed web servers are available
  • 9anime is a navigable website with a stylish UI
  • No need to complete Captcha to watch anime


  • The popularity of 9anime has brought about numerous domain names, mirror links, and fake app 
  • 9anime website is riddled with advertisements, popups, browser notifications, and redirects
  • Certain newly updated JavaScript codes on the 9anime website, the original purpose of which is anti-scraping, may advertently conflict with adblockers such as uBlock Origin. 


When talking about anime streaming websites, then Gogoanime is certainly on the table as it’s one of the biggest names in the field of streaming anime online.

Gogoanime has helped anime buffs stream their favorite anime online for years, and it has earned a good reputation. Here you can find old and recently released Japanese and Chinese anime, subbed and dubbed. However, the popularity has brought too much attention to Gogoanime, it has been taken down multiple times, and the newest link is below.

Anime Streaming Site Gogoanime
Anime Streaming Site Gogoanime

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Gogoanime


  • Huge anime collection of new and old anime titles
  • An all-around library of subbed and dubbed animes
  • Satisfying streaming experience for free users
  • A crowded comment section that solves your problems real quick


  • The constant changes in website URL
  • Redirects and advertisements
  • Too many fake and copycat websites


AniMixPlay is another new online anime websites that is highly recommended, for watching English subbed and dubbed anime online in HD quality and higher for free. During our testing process, we find that AniMixPlay website offers many newly released anime in an excellent 1080p quality, and the streams play without buffering.

Most favored new anime series can be found on the Weekly Top list from the right side of the home screen, recent hot titles like Chainsaw Man, Blue Lock, and Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War are ranked by the amount of visitors.

Anime Streaming Site AniMixPlay
Anime Streaming Site AniMixPlay

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on AniMixPlay


  • Handily sign in with a Google account for more features
  • Integrated with the Disqus commenting system
  • Browse and watch anime series by episodes


  • Subtitles on AniMixPlay are not customizable


4anime, as its name suggests, is a place “for anime”. 4anime is a safe anime website where you can watch English Subbed and Dubbed anime online for free.4anime provides HD video streams for old and new anime series at a relatively fast loading speed. The features for marking watched anime by color and the bookmark feature are practical for heavy anime users.

Since the exposure of the website in early 2021, the 4anime website has not received any complaints regarding security, so currently, you can use it for streaming anime without worries.

Anime Streaming Site 4anime
Anime Streaming Site 4anime

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on 4anime


  • It provides old anime titles in full episodes
  • Recently added and updated episodes for new titles
  • Watch anime online for free without signing up


  • Constant redirects and pop-up windows on the home page and video player

For those who know a thing or two about torrenting, Kickass must be a familiar name. And is a favorite spot for many seasoned anime streamers, providing tons of HD and higher anime episodes.

A fairly unique feature on website is the large Release Schedule it presents on the home page, for users to easily know about the anime titles that are coming. The web video player on offers a flexible resolution control, allowing you to strike a good balance between video quality and data consumption.

Anime Streaming Site
Anime Streaming Site

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on


  • Flexible resolution options from 360p to 1080p
  • A Release Schedule and an Anime List provided
  • Subbed and dubbed anime in English are both available


  • Anime download links are not available yet
  • No detailed filters for screening anime titles


AnimeSuge is another newly emerged online anime website that has yet witness bigger popularity but I believe it will in the future. Seeing its anime collection, web design, and navigability, you’ll totally agree with me.

Unlike many other introduced anime streaming websites, the web anime video player on AnimeSuge website has ample useful playback controls such as forward/backward, resolution control, Picture-in-Picture, etc. And the Auto Play and Auto Next features that automatically play the current and next anime episode free you from keeping your hands on the mouse.

Anime Streaming Site AnimeSuge
Anime Streaming Site AnimeSuge

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on AnimeSuge Website


  • Japanese and Chinese anime are both available
  • It keeps adding and completing anime movies, ONA, and TV shows
  • Anime title available in both English and Japanese for browsing


  • In testing, we’ve seen explicit advertisements that can be child-unfriendly and NSFW

The name appears as a “better alternative” recommended by AnimeKisa after AnimeKisa shut down due to financial issues. features a clean and resourceful home page where you can get the latest available episode and updated time information for Anime series, or check the top-rated anime of all time with genre tags.

From the most popular list on the right side, you can find many classic choices including Black Clover, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, and Jujutsu Kaisen.

Anime Streaming Site
Anime Streaming Site

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on


  • New & hot, most popular, and ongoing anime titles listed to the right
  • Genre tags help you effortlessly find similar options to your favorite anime
  • The related anime movies and series are shown for every title


The video streams on are sourced from Crunchyroll, VRV, and VidCDN

Anime from external sources can be unstable or slow at times.


AnimeDao is another well-received option to watch English-dubbed HD anime online for free, wherever you are. From an intuitive and well-structured website UI, AnimeDao presents a fine (and constantly augmented) collection of anime to its audience, containing 2000+ anime titles

What makes AnimeDao special is that the player allows you to customize video quality according to your internet speed or your data consumption plan for it, and even set a limit if you need.

Anime Streaming Site AnimeDao
Anime Streaming Site AnimeDao

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on AnimeDao


  • The anime download feature powered by IDM
  • The latest anime added to the home page on an hourly basis
  • A useful Animelist of multiple filters is provided.


  • Random buffering issue every now and then
  • AnimeDao now has anti-adblockers codes


It is an anime-focused streaming website hosting embedded anime videos and links within an easy-to-navigate website UI. Chia-Anime does a great job of helping users browse and find the anime content they want to watch.

From the right side of the home screen, you can use detailed filter options from Quick Filter, Anime Genres, Ongoing Series, and Top anime to narrow down the anime library presented, and find something of interest in a quicker manner.

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Anime Streaming Site Chia-Anime
Anime Streaming Site Chia-Anime

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Chia-Anime


  • Offers a schedule section for users to faster check the estimated time of the upcoming anime
  • Detailed anime categories, filters, and A-Z lists


  • Pop-up advertisements from the upper-right side of the screen
  • Lists anime titles that the website doesn’t have media sources yet


AnimeOwl offers a free choice to watch free anime from a limited library for users in many regions. Compared with other popular anime sites like Crunchyroll, AnimeOwl have a relatively smaller anime catalog but remarkably fewer ads for free users. Additionally, AnimeOwl also prevails in the streaming and navigating experience of its website and app.

Despite the smaller library, AnimeOwl is still the place for certain serious titles such as: Poputepipikku, Gintama, Hunter x Hunter, etc. AnimeOwl can also be a cost-effective anime streaming option, if you’re not that against forking out. AnimeOwl offers decent premium member privileges such as unlimited access to its full anime library of around 500 titles, at least a week earlier access to the newly released episodes than free accounts.

Anime Streaming Site AnimeOwl
Anime Streaming Site AnimeOwl

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on AnimeOwl


  • A free anime site with subbed and subbed anime
  • Reasonable pricing for the premium membership
  • An app demo available for Android devices


  • Not as many title additions to the Recent Episodes compared with other introduced anime streaming websites


Anime-Planet is another anime-focused website that delivers enjoyable anime browsing and streaming experience. Anime-Planet now focuses more on anime recommendations, reviews, and browsing than anime streaming. The free animes on Anime-Planet that allow users to watch online for free are provided by Crunchyroll. 

Now on Anime-Planet, you can check anime information like characters and custom list, browse for similar animes from an anime’s tags, and mark your interested anime as unwatched, watched, watching, want to watch, stalled, dropped, and won’t watch.

Anime Streaming Site Anime-Planet
Anime Streaming Site Anime-Planet

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Anime-Planet


  • Informational tabs (release year, description, tags) only display on hovering over the anime posters
  • Comprehensive user reviews that are worth reading


  • Significantly fewer new anime releases than other anime websites
  • Not so intuitive anime streaming procedure for most users


Just like many online movie & TV shows streaming sites, you need to manually search for the desired anime title, instead of browsing one from the given poster walls.

On AnimeHeaven, you can find thousands of anime movies and episodes that can be watched online without cost. Aside from using Anime Heaven for streaming popular anime, you should also try typing some less-known anime titles into the search bar.

Anime Streaming Site AnimeHeaven
Anime Streaming Site AnimeHeaven

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on AnimeHeaven


  • Find anime from an anime search engine
  • Complete link resources for popular anime
  • Up to 1080p video quality for many titles


  • No option for changing to English dubs
  • Eye-popping advertisements 


AnimeFreak is another popular spot for bumming around with free anime online. It has recently changed its URL and we’ve updated the latest working one in the following.  AnimeFreak is one of the search-engine-integrated anime streaming sites just alike 9anime, where a website home page for browsing from anime poster walls and a search page for searching anime by keywords are both available.

On AnimeFreak, you can either search for the wanted anime using keywords, or browse for an anime to watch from the Top Anime, Recently Updated Anime, and Recently Added Anime categories.

Anime Streaming Site AnimeFreak
Anime Streaming Site AnimeFreak

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Anime Freak


  • A complete set of different anime types including movies, TV series, OVAs, ONAs, and specials
  • Watch anime online without registration or logging in
  • Add anime to your favorite for further viewing (requires logging in)


  • Pop-up advertisements may cause misclicks and unwanted redirects

Soul Anime

As a lesser-known option for streaming sites, Soul Anime has a unique website layout but an anime collection up-to-par. Here you can find many binge-worthy animes with English subtitles.

On the right side of the website’s home page, there’s an alphabetically ordered category for you to scour for the anime title you want. Soul Anime has a blog-like Recent Posts section that helps you navigate through the entire website.

Anime Streaming Site Soul Anime
Anime Streaming Site Soul Anime

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Soul Anime


  • Clean website UI that looks like an anime blog
  • Some unpopular anime titles are available


  • Multiple times of redirects upon clicking on the playback button in the video player
  • Pop-up advertisements on the video player screen


If you’re looking for a simple and useful website for streaming free anime online, then AnimeTake should also be included. The home page of the Animetake website displays the latest uploaded anime movies and series episodes, and you can also switch to the ongoing section to browse anime by the name of the titles of the ongoing anime.

Anime Take features an anime list that allows you to check the release year of different animes like on

Anime Streaming Site Animetake
Anime Streaming Site Animetake

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on AnimeTake


  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Anime list supported
  • Keeps adding new episodes to the anime collection


  • There’s a redirect the first time you hit the playback button in the video player


Animepahe is another good anime streaming site for catching up with the latest anime movies and series with English subs.  Various latest releases from AnimeChap, SubsPleasem, NandesuKa, etc. are available. Animepahe has been a reliable go-to place for anime aficionados after the popular anime streaming site went belly up. 

Animepahe uses videos with hard-coded subtitles which means you can’t change the subtitles. 

Anime Streaming Site Animepahe
Anime Streaming Site Animepahe

Countries and Regions Available: Worldwide

Watch Anime for Free on Animepahe


  • Video quality available from 360p to 1080p
  • Ideal for users looking for a clean anime wall without too many descriptions


  • Can’t change subtitles and dubs
  • The video download feature redirects you so many times

TubiTV Anime

While TubiTB is not technically an anime streaming site that focuses on anime browsing, listing, and, streaming, TubiTV earned its place here for its stable streaming experience and large anime library. 

As one of the biggest online movie & TV shows streaming sites, the anime collection of Tubi is just as good as its other categories. Go and find some old-time favorites like Death Note and Yu-Gi-oh! Subbed and dubbed anime are both there.

Anime Streaming Site TubiTV
Anime Streaming Site TubiTV

Countries and Regions Available: Currently available in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Watch Free Anime on TubiTV


  • The fast loading time of the website and the video player
  • Flexible caption options 


  • Relatively lower video quality for anime
  • Lacks video player controls

How Many People Stream Anime Online? The Data

Do you want to know how many people are watching anime movies and series using online websites? The Google Trends data suggest that, since 2020, anime has become increasingly popular globally, but more people are opting for streaming services instead of online anime websites for watching anime.

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What is the best website to watch anime online for free?

The best free anime streaming sites include:

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • Crunchyroll
  • Kissanime
  • etc.

And a dozen of more options can be found in this list of best free anime streaming websites!

Is it safe to watch anime online for free on anime websites?

It’s completely safe when you watch anime online using a paid service like Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. On the flip side, if you use free anime streaming sites, the purpose of the introduced free anime streaming websites is to ad-finance the website builders instead of scamming. Thus it’s generally safe to watch anime online on these anime websites, without needing to worry about getting your computer a virus, trojan, or security breaches as such.

That said, certain ads, pop-ups, or redirects may lead you to malevolent sources, so make sure not to miss clicking on any funny-looking ads. 

Is it legal to watch anime online for free on anime websites?

The legitimacy of watching anime online using anime streaming websites depends on the website you’re using. Many free anime websites claim to be legal for they not storing any copyrighted files on their servers, yet they collect links to copyrighted content, and it’s copyright infringement if users access them using these links.

Legal reasons are one of the major reasons that illegal anime streaming sites get shut down from time to time. And this is exactly why we put legal anime streaming sites such as Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu on top places in our anime streaming sites list.

Where to watch free anime online without ads?

Since most anime streaming sites are ad-financed so it’s almost impossible to find free anime websites that don’t have advertisements. However, it’s possible to find anime streaming sites with minimum ads that won’t bother us too much. For example, 9Anime, Gogoanime, and AnimeHeaven don’t have too many advertisements. You can also try using ad-blocker Chrome extensions, yet most free anime websites prohibit the use of which.

Which anime streaming websites has low data consumption?

If you intend to consume less traffic data while streaming anime online using your mobile phone, the best way is to find the website using advanced video codecs and lower video quality, such as Kissanime, AnimeDao, AnimePahe, SoulAnime, and TubiTV.

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That’ll be all about the best anime streaming sites that still work today! We’ll keep this list up-to-date to only offer the working websites and the working URLs, so bookmark it and check back later! 

This best anime website list is a holistic list containing both completely-free anime websites and paid anime websites with decent free trials. For safe anime streaming experiences and legal reasons, we recommend the use of free-trial anime websites, and that’s the reason that they’re listed upfront. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

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