The 16 Best AI Website Builders for Engaging Web Designs

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Best AI Website Builders

Are you considering creating a website using artificial intelligence or AI? Instead of entrusting the task to a web developer or learning HTML yourself, there is an easier way. With so many great AI website builders now available, anyone can launch their own stunning site in just minutes.

Whether your goal is to showcase a portfolio or open an online store, our comparison of the 16 best AI website builders will help you find the perfect platform for your project. Let’s take a look!

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Best AI Website Builders Compared

AI Website BuildersVerdictPlatform
DurableCreating a professional website with AI-written content and curated images is now easier than ever with this world’s fastest website builder.SaaS, AndroidStarter: $15/mo, Business: $25/mo
10WebA revolutionary AI website builder that offers automated website building, hosting, page speed boosting and AI-generated content and images.WordPress, ElementorPersonal: $20/mo, Premium: $48/mo, Agency: $85/mo
Elementor AIElementor AI is a revolutionary AI website builder that enables users to quickly and easily create websites with its advanced AI-powered features.WordPress$8.99/mo billed annually
ZyroCreating professional websites and e-commerce stores has never been easier with Zyro, an AI-powered website builder that lets you achieve it in less than an hour.SaasWebsite: $2.59/mo, Business: $3.59/mo
MixoMixo is an AI-powered website builder that revolutionizes the web design process, allowing users to create a complete website with just one prompt.SaaSBasic: $9.00/mo, Pro: $39.00/mo
Wix ADIWix ADI is an AI-powered website builder that creates unique, professional-looking websites quickly and easily, with no technical knowledge required.SaaSCombo: $16/mo, Unlimited: $22/mo, Pro: $27/mo, VIP: $45/mo
Appy PieAppy Pie offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, offline capabilities, and next-generation AI technology to create professional websites with ease.SaaSStart: $18/mo, Grow: $36/mo
WishpondWith its advanced AI technology, this website builder makes it easy to create a professional website in seconds without any coding.SaaS$69.00/month
Stunning.soAn AI website builder that helps create websites with minimal effort, leveraging machine learning capabilities and pre-made templates.WebFree, $12/mo
Hocoos AI Website BuilderWith its state-of-the-art algorithms and intuitive user interface, Hocoos AI Website Builder offers a fast and easy way to create personalized websites in minutes.SaaSFree; Premium: $15/mo
Leia: Website BuilderLeia is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to create visually appealing and mobile-friendly websites for businesses in a user-friendly manner.SaaS, iOS, Android$0.99/mo, $9.99 one time
Pineapple AI Website BuilderWith AI-driven tools, busy business owners can create a stunning website in just one click.SaaSFree; Basic: $12/mo; Grow: $24/mo
Kleap: AI Website BuilderKleap helps users create stunning websites in no time, with its advanced features such as AI-driven content generator and mobile-friendly design.SaaSFree; Creator: $12/mo; Pro: $89/mo
UncodyUncody is a powerful AI website builder that helps you design beautiful websites with ease, leveraging the latest advancements in AI technology.SaaSFree; Pro: $9/mo; Pro+: $39/mo
PhonesitesExperience effortless website creation with this cutting-edge AI website builder, offering a user-friendly interface, quick customization, and seamless integration for various platforms.SaaSEssential: $79/mo; Unlimited: $119/mo; Unlimited+: $179/mo
GetResponse Website BuilderThe GetResponse Website Builder is a tool that uses AI technology and requires no coding skills to create attractive websites quickly.SaaSFree, $19/mo; $59/mo; $119/mo

Best AI Website Builders Reviewed


Durable is an AI website builder that offers a revolutionary way of creating websites. It uses AI-generated content and curated images to give you a professional website with none of the hard work.

With Durable, you don’t need any coding knowledge or design skills to create your website. The AI editor makes it easy and fast to put the finishing touches on your site. You can also use the AI-generated content feature to get high-quality content for your website quickly.

Key Features:

  • Revolutionary AI website maker with no coding required
  • Curated images and AI-written content for professional sites
  • Drag & drop editor based on Elementor for customization
  • Get a full website in minutes with business details

Create a Website Using Durable Now!


10Web is an AI website builder that makes it easy to create and customize websites. It offers a drag & drop editor based on Elementor, which allows users to quickly generate or recreate any website with AI in minutes. 10Web also has a unique AI Builder feature that uses generative AI to help users create professional websites at an unprecedented pace.

The AI Builder has the capability to produce written and visual content for the user’s website without their manual intervention, thus reducing their workload.

Key Features:

  • Powered by Elementor-based drag & drop editor
  • AI Builder for quick website creation or recreation
  • Automated content and images from the AI Assistant
  • SEO optimization

Create a Website Using 10Web Now!

Elementor AI

Elementor AI is a revolutionary AI website builder for WordPress that uses artificial intelligence to help you create websites more efficiently. It has an AI assistant that can write or improve your website’s text, translate it, create images, and generate custom code.

The Elementor AI comes with an AI-driven content generator addon that makes use of the OpenAI API and produces high-quality and distinctive content. Elementor AI aims to transform how you build websites, providing a pleasing and engaging experience throughout the process.

Key Features:

  • Write or improve website’s text
  • Translate text into different languages
  • Create images with ease
  • Generate custom code
  • AI Assistant for Elementor Lite to generate high-quality content

Create a Website Using Elementor AI Now!


Creating a professional website or online store is made simple by Zyro, which is a powerful website builder designed for everyone to use. It has an AI-powered drag-and-drop editor with plenty of templates to customize and suit your brand.

With Zyro, you can get your website up and running in under 1 hour and without any coding experience. It also has AI capabilities that help you optimize your website for search engines and create content automatically.

Key Features:

  • AI-powered drag-and-drop editor
  • Plenty of templates to customize
  • Design customizable websites

Create a Website Using Zyro Now!


Mixo is a website builder that uses AI to assist entrepreneurs, agencies, and freelancers in launching their websites quickly, within just 30 seconds. It uses AI to generate eye-catching websites tailored to the user’s preferences and goals. With just one prompt, Mixo can build a complete website, logo, and brand for your startup in seconds.

It also has an AI-powered builder that can generate a website in any language in minutes. Additionally, Mixo helps users quickly launch and validate their business ideas with its intuitive interface and advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Drag and drop page building
  • Customizable templates
  • Analytics tools to track user engagement

Create a Website Using Mixo Now!


Wix ADI is one of the leading AI web design builders in the market. It is a revolutionary tool that uses Artificial Design Intelligence to create tailored websites for users. With Wix ADI, users can customize text, font, colors, images and more with ease. It also allows them to add pages or elements and integrate apps to customize their site.

Wix ADI also has powerful features such as stunning templates, total design freedom, advanced SEO tools, mobile optimization, app market and advanced design features. In addition to this, it offers unlimited fonts and scroll effects which make it even more attractive for users.

Key Features:

  • Visual Templates
  • SEO & Marketing Tools
  • Enterprise-Grade Infrastructure
  • Optimize Site Structure

Create a Website Using Wix ADI Now!

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a top-rated AI website builder without code that offers a no-code solution for website development. It provides a comprehensive digital business solution that includes features such as creating applications, websites, chatbots, and more on any internet-connected device without needing to hire a programmer or agency.

It also offers a variety of features such as SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, analytics tracking, and more. Additionally, its affordable pricing makes it one of the best AI website builders available today.

Key Features:

  • Create an online store with Appy Pie’s AI eCommerce website builder
  • Create a WordPress website design using AI
  • Make a Video website using AI

Create a Website Using Appy Pie Now!


Wishpond is a great AI website builder that provides many useful features and tools to create impressive websites effortlessly. This AI design editor allows users to customize their websites with ease, without requiring any coding expertise. With its powerful AI capabilities, you can generate personalized content for your visitors and track user engagement with its analytics tools.

Moreover, Wishpond offers many marketing tools including email campaigns, landing pages, forms, and other features to support you in promoting your website and boosting conversions.

Key Features:

  • Professional design templates with customizable options
  • SEO optimization tools to help improve visibility
  • Advanced analytics to track visitor engagement

Create a Website Using Wishpond Now! is a website builder that uses AI technology to create websites quickly with copy and images in just 30 seconds. It’s an ideal platform for professionals who want to build visually appealing websites with ease and efficiency.

This tool makes it simple to generate complete websites, including content and images, without any manual coding or design work. uses advanced AI technology to generate high-quality webpages quickly and efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Powered by ChatGPT natural language processing technology
  • Customizable options for tailoring website according to user needs
  • Easy and efficient for professionals to build beautiful websites

Create Website Using Now!

Hocoos AI Website Builder

Hocoos is an AI website builder that offers a powerful drag & drop editor based on Elementor. It allows users to create professional websites in minutes without any coding knowledge. Hocoos stands out from the rest of the AI website builders due to its intuitive user interface and advanced features such as automated SEO optimization, unlimited hosting, and more.

The platform also provides comprehensive tutorials and support for beginners who are just getting started with web development.

Key Features:

  • Create your own website in less than 5 minutes, from concept to online presence
  • Mobile responsive web pages for optimal viewing experience
  • Time-tested and developer friendly

Create a Website Using Hocoos Now!

Leia: Website Builder

Leia is an automatic website builder using AI that makes creating websites easier than ever. It uses Artificial Intelligence to design, code, and publish completely customized websites in a matter of minutes based on what you say.

The AI technology behind Leia ensures that your website looks professional and modern, with features such as mobile responsiveness and SEO optimization. With its advanced AI technology, it can create stunning websites in no time at all without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Key Features:

  • AI technology for designing and coding websites
  • Real-time website building process
  • Professional websites created with just a few clicks
  • Mobile responsive designs for all devices

Create a Website Using Leia Now!

Pineapple AI Website Builder

Pineapple Builder is a game-changing AI website builder that enables busy company owners to quickly construct aesthetically appealing websites. It uses advanced AI-driven tools to make the process of website building easier and faster than ever before. It also offers powerful features such as SEO optimization, analytics tracking, and more. In addition, Pineapple Builder provides an extensive library of templates for users to choose from. Overall, Pineapple Builder is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable AI website builder.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven tools for creating appealing websites in one click
  • Range of customizable themes to choose from
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor for customizing websites
  • Step-by-step tutorial and review guide

Create a Website Using Pineapple Now!

Kleap: AI Website Builder

Kleap is a website builder that uses AI to assist users in creating a visually attractive and functional website without requiring any coding experience. It can complete this in as little as one minute. It offers a host of game-changing features, including an AI-powered website generator to eliminate technical headaches, mobile-friendly and responsive design, over 10 unique content types, and ultra-fast loading.

It also offers several integrations to make it easier for users to add functionality and grow their presence online.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive design
  • Over 10 unique content types
  • Ultra-fast loading speeds
  • Generate professional designs without any technical expertise

Create a Website Using Kleap Now!


Uncody is an AI website builder application that helps users to quickly construct gorgeous and professional-looking landing pages. It has a cutting-edge product that empowers businesses to create visually captivating and high-converting landing pages with ease.

Uncody also offers a free trial so users can explore the platform before committing to a plan. Furthermore, the platform offers powerful features such as an AI-driven content generator, drag & drop editor, and analytics tools for tracking user engagement.

Key Features:

  • Pre-built components
  • AI-powered feature
  • Custom design options

Create a Website Using Uncody Now!


Phonesites is a website-building tool that uses AI technology to help small businesses turn their website visitors into leads. It allows you to create unlimited mobile-friendly and fast-loading sales funnels easily and quickly from your phone. The cloud-based landing page solution offers custom domains, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and more, allowing you to create websites in under 10 minutes, without any coding experience.

Since 2018, Phonesites has aided more than 10,000 businesses, creating 170,000 pages, gathering 1.3 million leads, and producing tens of millions of dollars in sales.

Key Features:

  • Mobile-optimized and fast-loading pages
  • AI-powered website builder
  • Create pages in under 10 minutes without coding knowledge
  • Collect leads and generate sales

Create a Website Using Phonesites Now!

GetResponse Website Builder

GetResponse Website Builder is a free AI website builder that enables users to create fully functional websites in minutes. It provides ready-to-use templates alongside a complete suite of online marketing tools, making it one of the best AI website builders available today.

The AI customizer helps you create a website according to your business niche and preferences without any coding knowledge. With GetResponse Website Builder, you can also add custom content to your website with its easy-to-use drag-and-drop feature.

Key Features:

  • Personalized website templates
  • Create custom designs from scratch
  • Powerful yet simple-to-use tools
  • AI-driven technology for advanced website building

Create a Website Using GetResponse Now!


What Is an AI-Generated Website?

An AI-generated website is a website created or generated using artificial intelligence algorithms and tools. It involves using AI to automate the design, development, content creation, and optimization processes, resulting in a website that is generated or enhanced by machine learning and natural language processing techniques.

Which AI Is Best for Website Design?

There are several AI tools available for website design, including Wix ADI, Hostinger Website Builder, Elementor AI, and These tools use AI to simplify and speed up the web development process, but they are unlikely to replace human web designers. It’s important to choose a user-friendly tool that meets your needs and has the AI features you’re looking for, such as an AI website generator, AI writer, or AI heatmap.

What Is the Cost of an AI Website Builder?

AI website builder prices vary depending on the provider and the plan. The cost of an AI website builder starts at $2.99/month for Hostinger Website Builder and can go up to $42/month for B12. Some providers like Wix and Site123 offer free AI website builders.

Can ChatGPT Build a Website?

While ChatGPT is able to assist in website development to a certain degree, it cannot completely create a website autonomously. It can offer users guidance in creating simple websites, provide design recommendations and suggest content ideas. Nevertheless, human editing is crucial to ensure precision.

What Are Some AI-Generated Website Examples?

Some examples of AI-generated websites include those that use AI content generators such as ChatGPT and Codex. You can find more examples of AI websites on


In conclusion, the world of AI website builders offers a plethora of options to meet the diverse needs of businesses and individuals alike. Whether you’re on the hunt for an AI website builder for Shopify, or an AI website builder with code that caters to tech-savvy users, our comprehensive comparison of the 16 best AI website builders has covered you.

With this knowledge, you can now confidently decide and choose the perfect platform to bring your unique online vision to life. So go ahead, dive into the exciting realm of AI-powered website design, and watch your digital presence flourish like never before!

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