The 19 Best Stable Diffusion Models and Checkpoints You Must Try

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Best Stable Diffusion Models Compared

Stable Diffusion is one of the best AI art generators, while Stable Diffusion models are trained with examples to generate a variety of styles, including photorealistic images and abstract patterns. They simplify the process of producing difficult or time-consuming art.

On this page, we’ve gathered some of the best-received and well-tested best Stable Diffusion models

Since Stable Diffusion models and checkpoints are countless, there are only a proportion of the best of them getting reviewed in this list. Free download some of the models using the given official links, and give them a try, that’s the only way to find the one that’s best for you!

If you find the installation and configuration of Stable Diffusion complicated, don’t forget to check out the best Stable Diffusion websites to use SD online.

👉Learn from our guide on how to install Stable Diffusion, if you haven’t already.

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Top Stable Diffusion Models Reviewed



Base Model: Stable Diffusion v1.5

Deliberate is perfect for achieving a realistic and detailed output, especially for architecture, scenery, and portraits.

However, be warned that it can also produce NSFW and nude images, so make sure to adjust your negative prompt accordingly.

The prompts included with this model are also very useful, so take the time to study them. I’m blown away by the quality of the textures and details in the output.

But please note that Deliberate is only compatible with Automatic1111 but not Invoke AI.

Download Deliberate Now

ReV Animated

Base Model: Stable Diffusion v1.5

RefAnimated is made for portraits and full-body images.

In its outputs, the facial features are well-defined, and the ears blend in smoothly.

Even the collarbones are highly expressive yet natural-looking, and the hands, which weren’t created with Control Net, are stunning.

For portraits, I’ve found that using “best quality,” “masterpiece,” “realistic,” and “detailed” in the positive prompt works well.

I also like to start off with “portrait” and “close-up” to define the type of picture I want. Including “HDR” in the prompt can give you better contrast and softer shadows. 

Download Rev Animated Now

ReV Animated


Base Model: Stable Diffusion v1.5

Lyriel is good at portraits, full-length anime photos, building interiors, and fantastical landscapes. For quality testing, I generated 100 512 by 768 images of humans, 50 males, and 50 females.

The model was good at invoking celebrities, but there were some deformities. Overall, Lirael is great at depicting people and is very flexible.

Its main limitations include coherence issues with certain genres and weak hand outputs.

But for those seeking realistic images with painted and photographic styles, Lirael could be an excellent choice.

Please note that Lirael falls into the PG-13 category and is not suitable for children. 

Download Lyriel Now


Base Model: Stable Diffusion v1.5

Dream Shaper can achieve different styles including anime and painterly realism, and its level of detail is truly breathtaking.

The best thing about this model is that you can easily access all the settings, including the negative prompt, sampler, G scale, steps, and seed on the website.

Dream Shaper is great for atmospheric scenes and hard surfaces, such as shiny armor. 

My personal favorite is its competence for creating high-quality AI arts without too much fine-tuning, making it ideal for beginners.

Download DreamShaper Now

Realistic Vision V2.0

Realistic Vision V2.0

Base Model: Stable Diffusion v1.5

Realistic Vision 2 can create incredibly lifelike portraits in various styles, ages, and clothing, making them absolutely flawless. In fact, you can even generate nude portraits, but if that’s not safe for work, please add NSFW to the negative prompt.

I highly recommend reviewing the example images on the model website and tweak the prompts and settings until you achieve the desired results. 

Notice that Prompting works much better in Automatic 1111 compared to Invoke AI where images look more realistic and modern.

In contrast, Automatic 1111 generates images that match the prompts more accurately.

Loras can enhance the model’s details and add a personal touch. Don’t forget to check them out and experiment with different vae and clip skip settings.

Download Realistic Vision V2.0 Now


Base Model: Stable Diffusion v1.5

Counterfeit is an anime style Stable Diffusion model that uses DreamBooth, Merge Block Weights, and Merge LoRA.

The developer has utilized BLIP-2 as a part of the training process, and Natural language prompts might be more effective.

Composition freedom is prioritized, but there may be more anatomical errors. Expressiveness has improved with negative values, but user experience may differ from prior checkpoints.

Excitingly, this model worked remarkably well with any type of prompt.

I experimented further and copied generation data for different images at random, which resulted in incredible creations.

I personally like this model more than the 2 or 2.5 version. 

Download Counterfeit-V3.0 Now



Base Model: Stable Diffusion v1.5

MeinaMix objective is to be able to do good art with little prompting, and it’s compatible with many VAEs.

Promised by the developer, MeinaMix and the other of Meinas  will always be free to use.

MeinaMix is a specialized AI image generation model created by Meina, a member of the AI community.

Based on the Stable Diffusion (SD 1.5) model, MeinaMix underwent fine-tuning using a dataset of images generated by other AI models or user-contributed data, ensuring it can generate highly relevant images for its specific use-cases, such as anime, girl, and sexy.

What really struck me was how NTAGS had a significant impact on the images. You can also try MeinaMix on online, without the process of model downloading.

Download MeinaMix Now

More Stable Diffusion Models

ModelVerdictModel Download Link
majicMIX realisticGood at light and shadow and have refined details. Fitting for drawing characters, night scenes, and concept arts.Download majicMIX realistic Now
GhostMixThe upgraded GhostMix version now significantly improved the good image rate to over 50%. Download GhostMix Now
Cetus-MixMerged with plenty models, and more attention on shades and backgrounds, compared with eariler Andromeda-Mix checkpointsDownload Cetus-Mix Now
NeverEnding Dream (NED)An out-of-the-box anime model without requiring LoRA, not good with complex sentences or fantasy/sci-fi paintings.Download NeverEnding Dream (NED) Now
墨心 MoXinTrained on Chinese painting Masters from Ming and Qing dynasties and it features traditional Chinese painting composition. Download 墨心 MoXin Now
BRABRA, the abbreviation for (Beautiful Realistic Asians) For creating grogeous Asian girlsDownload BRA Now
国风3 GuoFeng3A stunning model inspired by traditional Chinese aesthetics for designing characters in ancient games, featuring a 2.5D texture. Download 国风3 GuoFeng3 Now
Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司MixGreat effects and better light and shadow performance for darker images, Lora with noise offset is also included for added depth. Download Dark Sushi Mix 大颗寿司Mix Now
Yae Miko | Realistic Genshin LORAThe model for Realistic Yae Miko from Genshin Impact, all samples are generated with Ulzzang-6500 embeddings and vae-ft-mse-840000 VAE.Download Yae Miko | Realistic Genshin LORA Now
Pastel-Mix [Stylized Anime Model]A stylized anime model designed to mimic pastel art while showcasing the potential of incorporating LORAs into a single model for a fantastic fusion.Download Pastel-Mix [Stylized Anime Model] Now
万象熔炉 | Anything V5This is the official version of Anything V5 Stable Diffusion model, posted on Civitai by the original developer of Anything V3.Download 万象熔炉 | Anything V5 Now
A-Zovya RPG Artist ToolsDesigned for professional artists in the RPG industry, like video games, board and tabletop games, as well as concept art and book covers.Download A-Zovya RPG Artist Tools Now

How to Use Stable Diffusion Models

To use custom Stable Diffusion models, you need to add the .ckpt or .safetensors file to the model folder of the Stable Diffusion directory. The following tutorial works for popular Stable Diffusion versions like CompVis and the Hugging Face version.

Add Models to Stable Diffusion
Add Models to Stable Diffusion

Step 1. Download your favored Stable Diffusion model from Civitai or Hugging Face.

Step 2. On your device, go to the Stable Diffusion directory of your local installation, the primary folder depends on the Stable Diffusion version of your choice.

Step 3. Place the downloaded model file in this location: stable-diffusion-webui\models\Stable-diffusion. There is a .txt file titled “Put Stable Diffusion checkpoints here“.


What is a model?

A model, in generative AI, is a set of machine learning algorithms that have been trained in a bid to generate image, music, video, or other types of media in a particular style.

What is LoRA?

LoRA is another ready-made model that can be applied to a base model.

What are Stable Diffusion models?

Stable Diffusion models, also referred to as Stable Diffusion custom models, are third-party fine-tuned Stable Diffusion with custom configurations that generate distinctive image results of particular styles. Stable Diffusion models are available at AI art developer communities including Civitai, GitHub, and Hugging Face.

What is

Civitai is an AI community website where users can easily share, discover, and download custom Stable Duffusion models, which can be used with AI art software.

What’s the benefit of using Stable Diffusion custom models?

  • The saved time for your personal Stable diffusion configurations
  • The happy sharing of your own creation with a group of fans of a certain model
  • The pleasure and excitements to try the developer’s creative ideas 
  • Have someone to ask for help when you face trouble generating arts 
  • Get inspirations on creating and customizing your own Stable Diffusion model

What is the best Stable Diffusion model?

Some of the most popular Stable Diffusion models include:

  • Deliberate
  • ReV Animated
  • Lyriel
  • DreamShaper
  • Realistic Vision V2.0
  • Counterfeit-V3.0
  • MeinaMix
  • majicMIX realistic
  • Anything V5

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