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Best AI Object Removers

Love capturing moments but hate spending hours retouching photos and videos? Wish there was an easier way to remove unwanted objects without compromising quality or efficiency? Good news! With modern AI advancements, you can effortlessly remove distractions from your visuals with just a few clicks, better than traditional photo editing.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the top AI object removers on the market, comparing features, pricing, user experience, device compatibility, and customer support. Let’s get creative and eliminate those pesky distractions quickly!

Top 10 AI Object Removers Compared

AI ToolsVerdict
Magic EraserA game-changer in photo editing, combining simplicity and precision to deliver impeccable results.
PhotoshopThe gold standard in AI-driven object removal, blending simplicity, precision, and sophistication to deliver unrivaled results.
CapCutCapCut offers an impressive suite of features for removing objects from photos and videos.
Cleanup.picturesDelivering rapid, precise object removal with an AI twist despite a slight initial learning curve.
Runway InpaintingRunway Inpainting, the ultimate tool for fast, precise, and high-quality object removal.
Remove ObjectsRemove Objects stands tall among AI object removers, delivering unparalleled speed, precision, and simplicity.
Retouch AICombining advanced AI technology with a user-friendly design, setting a new standard in digital image enhancement. is a masterstroke of advanced AI technology and intuitive design, delivering flawlessly clean images.
PixelcutAn impressive, fast, and user-friendly AI tool that transforms your photos with ease and precision.
PixbimA swift, precise, and user-friendly tool that revolutionizes object removal and photo enhancement.

Top 10 AI Object Removers Reviewed

Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser is a powerful tool for using AI to remove unwanted objects from photos online. Its capabilities extend beyond basic editing, allowing users to effortlessly remove unwanted objects from their photos. The buzzing online discourse praises its accuracy, speed, and ease of use, making it a standout in the market.

Using Magic Eraser is as simple as uploading a photo, selecting the undesired object with the brush tool, and letting the software work its magic. The result? A pristine image, free of distractions. Refer to these mesmerizing before-and-after images for a visual demonstration.

However, the software does have a few shortcomings. It may struggle with complex backgrounds, and beginners might need some time to familiarize themselves with the interface.


Free, $9.99/mo, $47.99/year


Online, iOS, Android

Remove Any Object With AI Using Magic Eraser Now!


Adobe Photoshop’s Remove Tool and Content-Aware Fill are transforming the digital editing landscape with AI-powered features. Their magic lies in effortlessly erasing undesired elements while preserving the aesthetic essence of images.

The Remove Tool, nestled in Photoshop’s healing toolbox, is a wizard at eliminating objects and restoring patterns and lines. Users appreciate its intuitive nature, allowing them to perfect their images with minimal effort. The tool’s speed and performance have also earned it high marks.

Complementing the Remove Tool is Content-Aware Fill, a tool that fills the vacancy left by the removed object. It replicates the surrounding elements of the image to maintain its overall integrity, like an artist filling in the gaps on a canvas. While mostly accurate, some users have reported unpredictable results, adding some adventure to the process.

Despite their sophistication, these tools may require some practice for novices, especially when dealing with intricate objects or complex backgrounds. But with patience and perseverance, the results can be extraordinary, as evident in several stunning before-and-after images.




Online, Windows, MacOS

Remove Any Object With AI Using Remove Tool and Content-Aware Fill Now!


CapCut, a smart AI object remover in video editing, offers an extraordinary feature – AI object remover. The software’s AI-recognition capability automatically tracks and identifies object movement, thus making the task of removal a breeze.

The steps to remove an object are straightforward. A user starts by creating a project and adding a video to it. Post that, a screenshot of the video is taken and cropped to remove unnecessary parts. Then, using the Snap Edit app, users can easily brush over the unwanted objects and hit ‘remove.’

Once all objects are removed, the edited image is saved. On reopening the CapCut app, this image is added, and the duration of the overlay track is adjusted to match the video length. Using the mask menu, users can select and adjust the circle towards the object they want to remove. If multiple objects need removal, they select the object in the middle with a circle mask and tap “invert,” et voila!

The screenshot below uses CapCut Web for demonstration, and you can also download the CapCut app from Google Play or the App Store.


$9.99/mo, $74.99/year


Online, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

Remove Any Object With AI Using CapCut Now!

In the realm of digital photo editing, is an emerging titan, leveraging artificial intelligence to deliver a superior object removal experience. The software allows users to effortlessly erase unwanted elements from their images by boasting an intuitive interface. Users have marveled at its accuracy and speed, citing how it outperforms traditional clone stamp tools.

The process is straightforward: brush over the undesired object and let the AI work its magic, delivering a clean image in mere seconds. This simplicity makes a favorite among both novices and professionals, as highlighted by enthusiastic online discussions.

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Some users have reported performance issues during peak usage times. While this occasional lag is a minor inconvenience, it doesn’t detract from the overall effectiveness of the tool.

Visual demonstrations reveal the stark contrast between the original image, cluttered with unnecessary objects, and the final, clean result. It’s truly a testament to the capabilities of


Free, $5/mo, $36/year


Online, iOS

Remove Any Object With AI Using Now!

Runway Inpainting

In the digital alchemy of AI object removers, Runway Inpainting emerges as a sorcerer’s stone. Its impressive ability to erase unwanted objects from photos and videos places it in a league of its own. The software harnesses the Stable Diffusion Inpainting model, capable of conjuring photorealistic images from any text.

The online community has lauded its precision, speed, and user-friendly interface. The magic unfolds in a few simple steps – select your target with the Inpainting Magic Tool and watch as it dissolves into nothingness. Furthermore, it boasts substantial improvements in FID and LPIPS scores, a testament to its superior performance.

However, no masterpiece is without its flaws. Some users find the learning curve steep and the price tag a bit hefty. Imagine a bustling cityscape. With a few deft clicks, undesired elements are wiped clean, leaving an immaculate urban vista behind.

Runway is a powerful AI platform, you can also generate AI animation or use Stable Diffusion online on the Runway website.


Free, $15/mo, $35/mo, $95/mo


Online, iOS

Remove Any Object With AI Using Runway Inpainting Now!

Remove Objects

Remove Objects, a gem in the Apple App Store, is winning over digital enthusiasts with its remarkable features. The star of the show is the Smart Eraser tool, an advanced feature that magically wipes out undesired elements from your visuals. The process is quite simple: select the unwanted object, and the AI seamlessly integrates the remaining background, leaving no trace of alteration. This immaculate result is what makes the app stand out in the market.

However, there’s a catch. The full capabilities of the Smart Eraser tool are available only through a premium subscription, a point of contention for some users. Additionally, occasional blurring instead of complete removal could be a minor setback.

Despite these hurdles, Remove Objects has carved a niche with its speed, ease of use, and unmatched accuracy.


Free, $2.99, $39.99



Remove Any Object With AI Using Remove Objects Now!

Retouch AI

Retouch AI, a free AI video object remover, is a game-changer for photographers and graphic designers alike. This groundbreaking software harnesses the power of AI to remove unwanted elements from photos and videos seamlessly.

Using Retouch AI is as simple as ABC. Users just need to select the object they want removed, and voila, it disappears. The software doesn’t just erase; it fills the void left behind with incredible precision, ensuring the image remains realistic.

Despite its impressive capabilities, Retouch AI has its share of drawbacks. Users must opt for a premium subscription to access its full suite of features. Plus, some users have reported occasional blurring instead of total removal.

However, the overall sentiment among users across various online platforms is positive. They rave about its accuracy, speed, and user-friendly interface.


Free, Start from $2.99



Remove Any Object With AI Using Retouch AI Now!

The AI-powered wizardry of has revolutionized the realm of photo editing. This digital magician can effortlessly remove unwanted objects from photos for free. Be it unwelcome people, irksome text, or any other elements that tarnish your pictures’ perfection, they simply vanish with a few clicks.

The process is as simple as child’s play. Upload your image, highlight the offending object, and watch in awe as the software performs its magic. The outcome can be stunning, with the removed items leaving behind not a whisper of their existence.

Despite its near-perfect performance, this digital sorcerer isn’t without its quirks. On rare occasions, the removal process may result in slight blurring. However, these minor hiccups haven’t dampened the fervor within the user community. They rave about its lightning-fast speed, pinpoint accuracy, and user-friendly interface.





Remove Any Object With AI Using Now!


Pixelcut, a dynamic object remover, is carving out a niche using AI to remove objects from photos. The process of using Pixelcut is simple. You initiate by uploading your image and then pinpointing the object you wish to eliminate. Pixelcut’s AI springs into action, seamlessly merging the surrounding pixels to fill the void. The outcome? An immaculate image that narrates the tale you intended.

Despite its efficiency, Pixelcut isn’t without its flaws. Some users have observed minor inaccuracies, with the AI occasionally leaving behind remnants or distorting the backdrop. However, its impressive speed and overall performance make Pixelcut a formidable contender in its category.


$9.9/mo, $59.9/year


Online, iOS, Android

Remove Any Object With AI Using Pixelcut Now!

Pixbim Object Remover AI

In the world of digital imagery, Pixbim Object Remover AI is a game-changer. This software is a genie in a bottle for photo and video enthusiasts, granting the wish to erase unwanted elements, be they pesky power lines or a rogue photobomber. Its process is as simple as one to three: upload your image, select the object you want to vanish, and let the AI do its magic. The result? A clean, undisturbed background that looks as natural as the original.

Its “Auto Fix Scratches” feature is a time machine for old photos, bringing them back to their glory days with just a click. However, no rose is without its thorn. Users have noted faint remnants of removed objects and slight distortions. However, such minor glitches are overshadowed by the overall performance and user-friendliness of the software.





Remove Any Object With AI Using Pixbim Object Remover AI Now!

What Are the Benefits of Removing Objects From Photos and Videos Using AI?

Benefits of removing objects from photos and videos using AI:

  • Highlight the main subject and improve the composition of the image,
  • Give a clearer view of the scene,
  • Expand the field of vision of the camera,
  • Save significant time and money compared to manual editing,
  • Remove unwanted objects from real estate photos,
  • Remove watermarks and various other kinds of occlusion from video content,
  • Make photos more visually appealing and engaging,
  • Remove any object or person from photos in seconds.


The world of photography and videography is constantly evolving, and AI-powered object removers are a great way to save time when it comes to editing. All the above software can help you easily remove unwanted objects from your photos and videos, ensuring you get the best out of every shot. Try any one of these AI object removers today to start creating beautiful visuals!

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