5 Easy Tips to Know if Someone Has Snapchat Plus

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How to Know if Someone Has Snapchat Plus

Here are the main ways to tell if someone has a Snapchat+ subscription:

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Snapchat+ Badge

Look for a white star inside a black circle next to the user’s display name on their profile. This is the official Snapchat+ badge that subscribers can optionally enable.

However, the badge can be hidden, so its absence doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t have Snapchat+.

Story Duration

Snapchat+ allows users to set their Stories to remain visible for up to a week, instead of the default 24 hours for non-subscribers. If you notice someone’s Story has been up for longer than 24 hours, they likely have Snapchat+.

Post View Emoji

Snapchat+ users can enable a “Post View Emoji” feature that displays a custom emoji next to their name in the Chat tab after they view your Snap. Seeing this emoji is an indication that the person has Snapchat+.

Exclusive Bitmoji Backgrounds

Snapchat+ subscribers have access to exclusive, locked Bitmoji backgrounds that regular users cannot use. If you notice someone using one of these special backgrounds, they have Snapchat+.

Friend Solar System

Snapchat+ allows users to see their ranking on a friend’s “Best Friends” list, displayed as planets in a “Solar System” view. Seeing this Solar System view confirms the person has the subscription.

It’s important to note that while these are signs that point to a Snapchat+ subscription, there is no guaranteed way to know for certain unless the person confirms it themselves, as some features can be disabled or hidden by the subscriber.


What is the Snapchat+ badge and how can it help identify a subscriber?

The Snapchat+ badge is a white star inside a black circle that appears next to the user’s display name. This badge is a clear indicator that the user has a Snapchat+ subscription, although it can be turned off by the subscriber.

Can replaying a Snap twice indicate a Snapchat+ subscription?

Yes, Snapchat+ users can replay a Snap twice, whereas regular users can only replay it once. If you receive an alert that your Snap has been replayed twice, the person is a Snapchat+ subscriber.

Are there any other exclusive features that can help identify a Snapchat+ user?

Other exclusive features include custom notification sounds, exclusive Bitmoji backgrounds, and the ability to pin a BFF. Observing any of these features in use can indicate that the person has Snapchat+.

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