How to View Instagram Without an Account [3 Working Methods]

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How to View Instagram without an Account

There’s no denying that Instagram is a phenomenal application that led us into the new living style of photo sharing, and the effectiveness of audience engagement is more than ideal for influencers, marketers, and businesses.

Yet when talking about using Instagram, the fact you don’t get to see a thing on Instagram without logging into your Instagram account in the first place has always been one of the significant rough edges of this popular app.

Many Instagram users have wondered, is it possible to view Instagram without an account, and anonymously? And I’m here to tell you, that the answer is positive. On this page, I’d like to introduce 3 working methods for you to view Instagram without an account, and without login, they are free and easy to follow. Now let’s dive right in!

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How to View Instagram without an Account Using Picuki

The first method I want to share is viewing Instagram with the popular third-party Instagram viewer: Picuki. There are tons of Instagram viewer websites and applications, and Picuki is one of the most useful and popular options, it works on PC and mobile phones.

Picuki is a web-based service that allows you to facilely view other people’s Instagram profiles and stories without an Instagram account. Not only does Picuki allow you to view Instagram online safely and anonymously, but it also offers options for you to edit and download Instagram photos and videos.

Below are the detailed steps to view Instagram online with It only requires a web browser, and no software installation is needed.

Step 1. Go to the Official Picuki Website

Use a web browser app on your PC or mobile to visit the official Picuki website. Be sure to follow the official link provided in this post and be careful not to enter any fake Picuki website by mistake.

Go to the Official Picuki Website
Go to the Official Picuki Website

Step 2. Search for an Instagram User

Type the name into the middle search box and press Enter to search for the name of the people whose Instagram profiles and stories you intend to view.

There could be multiple resembling search results, so make sure to select the correct username (usually the first one). A precise input of the Instagram username works better for a more precise search result.

Search for an Instagram User on Picuki
Search for an Instagram User on Picuki

Step 3. View Instagram with Picuki

Now you have it! The Instagram profile page of the people you searched for. Here you can view the Instagram user’s posts, stories, bio, followers, following people, and more – no login is required. Scroll down and hit Load more for more Instagram posts!

View Instagram without Login Using Picuki
View Instagram without Login Using Picuki

How to View Instagram without Account Using Inflact is another web-based application that allows you to view Instagram accounts, and download Instagram posts, stories, reels, and more. Just like Picuki, Inflact is also a handy tool to view Instagram accounts anonymously, such as you’ve just got blocked.

The major difference between Inflact and the introduced Picuki is that they offer slightly different features. For example, in our early list, we’ve mentioned Inflact as one of the 6 Best Instagram Highlights Downloaders, so you should always give Inflact a try to see if it has anything you want.

How to View Instagram Anonymosly Using Inflact
How to View Instagram Anonymosly Using Inflact

To use Inflact to view Instagram anonymously,

Step 1. Go to the Inflact Instagram stalker website.

Step 2. Type or paste the exact Instagram username of the Instagram account/profile you intend to view into the username box, and hit search.

Step 3. Then Inflact will automatically probe for posts from the Instagram account of the Instagram username. Wait patiently for a few seconds.

Step 4. When Inflact finishes grabbing data, the screen will automatically scroll down for you to view the Instagram account. No Instagram account is required!

How to View Instagram without Account Using the Instagram URL Trick

Here comes another method to view Instagram without logging in. There is a smart trick for us to view other people’s Instagram accounts in a web browser on a PC or mobile, without login.

The trick is to visit the Instagram profile URL using your web browser. And you have first acquired the accurate Instagram username of the people you intend to stalk.

The Instagram profile URL for any users is simply the combination of the Instagram main domain URL followed by the Instagram profile owner’s username:

For example, the Instagram profile page of the successful model sommerray is:

If you have acquired the username of the desired Instagram profile, you can easily access the page using this trick.

The Instagram Username Trick for Viewing without an Account
The Instagram Username Trick for Viewing without an Account

However, as of the writing of this post, we’ve tested it plenty of times on different devices, and the Instagram URL trick doesn’t work well since whenever you click on any link or photos on the page, the Instagram website will now automatically detect your login status and force lead you to the Instagram login page if you have not logged in already.

In that case, it’s more recommended to view Instagram using the first method Picuki.

View Instagram Without an Account: The Downsides

Being anonymous and all is undoubtedly great but it’s not the perfect option for viewing Instagram posts and stories. Please note that there’re major downsides when viewing Instagram without logging in, there are many things you can’t do, including:

  • Browse photos in the carousel view
  • Like or comment on an Instagram post
  • Follow Instagram accounts
  • View or download from private Instagram profiles
  • Watch Instagram livestreams

If you’re looking forward to doing these, then you should log into Instagram.

So that’s how you view Instagram using Picuki, it’s easy just as it seems. For more applications to view Instagram anonymously, please see our list of Best Instagram Viewer Apps.

Can I View Private Instagram Accounts without an Instagram Account?

Unfortunately, you cannot view a private Instagram account without permission, whatsoever. Instagram’s official Help Center has explicitly stated that in a private Instagram account, the photos or videos on hashtag and location pages, followers, and following lists are only visible to followers approved by the Instagram profile owner.

Moreover, for the time being, we have not uncovered a third-party tool or service that can be used to view private Instagram accounts, not even with the powerful Instagram viewer tools such as  Picuki.

And for security concerns, it’s recommended to use the Instagram hacker apps or private Instagram viewer applications.

The Conclusion

This page is a complete guide, providing a whole set of practical methods for you to view Instagram without an account or logging in, and I believe you can find at least one working approach from the introduced options.

All introduced methods are free and safe, so don’t hesitate to have a try. And happy viewing on Instagram!

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