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Best AI Essay Writers 

AI essay writers help students save time & efforts, improve writing efficiency, improve writing quality, organize & express ideas, and assist in the creative process. This is a good way to make their study process more efficient and less stressful.

On this page, you’ll find some of the best and well-tested AI essay writers to produce original, high-quality content in a matter of seconds.

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TinyWow is an online toolkit that provides a variety of tools for different tasks, including writing essays. It uses artificial intelligence to assist users in generating written content based on their input, with privacy in mind.

Its Essay Writer Tool allows users to generate essays ranging from 1 to 5 paragraphs on any given topic. Users simply input the essay topic and select the desired number of paragraphs, and the AI generates a custom essay.

Key Features

  • Paragraph Writer: For more specific writing tasks, the Paragraph Writer can generate several lines on any topic, with the user able to choose the tone of the paragraph from a list of options such as grumpy, dramatic, secretive, and more.
  • Post Writer: This tool is designed to help with creating blog posts. It can create a detailed outline with multiple headings and suggested talking points, or it can generate an entire blog post based on a title provided by the user.
  • No Sign-Up Required: TinyWow is accessible without the need for registration, making it quick and easy to use. However, for users who want an ad-free and captcha-free experience, there is a premium plan available.
  • Free to Use: The platform is free, and even the OCR feature does not require payment. This makes it an accessible option for students and professionals alike.
  • Limitations: While TinyWow’s Essay Writer tool is impressive, it currently does not allow users to select the level of education for which the essay is written, which could affect the relevance of the language used. Additionally, the maximum length is limited to five paragraphs, which may not be sufficient for more extensive academic work.
  • Additional Writing Tools: Beyond essays, TinyWow offers tools for various other writing needs, such as text translation, although with a limited selection of languages compared to other translation tools.

Pricing: Free without registration. Paid plans start from $5.99/month plan.

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ChatPDF is a free and AI-powered website designed to assist with academic writing, including essay writing. 

It allows users to upload PDF documents and interact with them, such as analyzing the text and providing responses to user queries, asking specific questions about the text, requesting clarification, or challenging ideas presented in the document

Students working on essays can interact with relevant texts directly through ChatPDF, saving time and effort while gaining a more detailed understanding of the material.

Key Features

  • Conversational Interface: Users can upload PDF documents and immediately start asking questions in a conversational manner. ChatPDF uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from PDFs, which it then analyzes to provide detailed and accurate responses to user queries.
  • Multi-Purpose Tool: ChatPDF is versatile and can be used by students, researchers, lawyers, teachers, business professionals, and more. It supports a wide range of tasks, including studying for exams, conducting literature reviews, preparing for presentations, reviewing contracts, and enjoying reading books or articles.
  • Secure AI: It respects user privacy by not storing or sharing PDF files or chat history. All data is encrypted and deleted after each session.
  • Accessibility and Language Support: ChatPDF is accessible to a broad audience, supporting PDFs in any language and allowing conversations in multiple languages. 
  • Multi-File Chats: Users can create folders to organize files and chat with multiple PDFs in a single conversation.
  • Cited Sources: Answers include references to their source in the original PDF document, eliminating the need to flip pages.
  • Maximum PDF Size: The platform has a maximum PDF file size limit of 30 MB, with considerations for large files that may require special handling.

Pricing: Free up to three PDF uploads of 120 pages or less per day.  $5 per month Plus plan with unlimited uploads and chat sessions.

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Editpad AI essay writer is an online tool provided by Editpad that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically generate essays and written content based on a given prompt. It is designed to help users write essays that are unique, informative, and free of plagiarism. 

The Editpad AI essay writer performs well in generating essays with coherent paragraph structure and good integrity, and it is capable of creating outlines and text with a decent level of mechanics.

The service is free to use, with options for weekly, monthly, and annual subscriptions for those who require more advanced features. Despite its strengths, its grammar checker and plagiarism checker could be unreliable at times.

Key Features

  • Ease of Use: The AI Essay Writer is user-friendly, requiring users to follow simple steps to generate essays. 
  • Speed: The AI algorithms used by Editpad can generate meaningful essays quickly, often in a matter of seconds,.
  • No Signup Required: Users can access the AI Essay Writer without the need to sign up or create an account, providing convenience and immediate access to the tool.
  • Plagiarism-Free Content: The essays generated by Editpad’s AI Essay Writer are free from plagiarism, which is crucial for academic integrity and the credibility of the user’s work.
  • Thesis Statement Generator: In addition to essay writing, Editpad also offers a Thesis Statement Generator that can help users create explanatory, argumentative, or analytical thesis statements for essays and research papers.
  • Paragraph Generator: For more granular writing assistance, Editpad has a Paragraph Generator that can automatically produce engaging and coherent paragraphs based on user input.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start from $3.99 /Weekly. 

Go to Editpad AI Essay Writer is an AI-powered writing tool that can be used in generating high-quality essays and academic papers. It aims to help students by saving time through its rich text editing capabilities, providing invaluable ideas, and offering flexibility. 

Despite its utility, the tool has limitations, such as challenging formatting, limited writing features, and the absence of plagiarism or grammar checkers. 

While it scores well in terms of paper quality, meeting American university standards, it falls short in its objectivity, efficiency, acuity, and lack of necessary formatting and citation features. 

Key Features

  • Generates high-quality essays and academic papers: Helps students save time by providing rich text editing and ideas for essay content.
  • Lacks certain academic features: Does not include plagiarism or grammar checkers and may have issues with formatting and citations.
  • Offers a variety of templates: Includes templates for different writing tasks, such as essays, which can assist in the writing process.
  • Real-time research capability: Can conduct internet searches to answer questions and assist in creating well-researched articles.
  • Preset prompts: Over 90 preset prompts are available to help users start their writing tasks.
  • Chat-based interface: Allows users to interact with the AI in a conversational manner to generate content.
  • Multilingual support: Available in over 25 languages, making it suitable for international users.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker: Available in the premium version, it helps ensure the originality of the content
  • Infobase feature: Users can store and reuse important information within their content.

Pricing: $36/mo

Free for 2,000 words in chat. Paid plans start from $36/mo.

Go to Website is an AI-powered writing tool designed specifically for students to assist with academic writing. 

It functions as an essay writer and research assistant, helping users to gather information, find references, generate high-quality content in the style of academic writing, and format papers according to academic standards. can be used to generate essays, research papers, and other forms of academic content, and it includes tools such as an essay generator, research assistant, outline generator, reference finder, text summarizer, and more.

Key Features

  • Plagiarism-Free Content: Ensures the uniqueness of the generated drafts, making them 100% plagiarism-free.
  • Real Academic References: Finds credible sources and formats papers in just a few clicks, supporting essays with real academic references.
  • Intelligent Outlining and Structure: Offers an intelligent outlining module that ensures a coherent structure and logical flow in the essays.
  • Dynamic Research Engine: Has access to constantly updated academic research databases, prioritizing the most recent sources for essay generation.
  • Multi-Format Citation Engine: Allows users to select MLA and APA citation styles for their essays, automatically formatting sources accordingly.
  • Ask AI Function: Enables users to ask questions and receive detailed answers with relevant citations while working on their documents.
  • Contextualized Content Generation: Generates contextually relevant essays and research papers.
  • Presentation Generator: Aids in creating engaging presentations for various projects.
  • Essay Structure Generator: Helps users obtain a logical structure in their essays.

Pricing: Free for 550 AI words per day. Paid plans start from $16.99/month.

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Rytr is an AI writing tool designed to assist in various writing tasks, including essay writing. 

It simplifies the essay writing process by offering an easy registration, an aesthetic interface, and a straightforward essay creation flow, making it a suitable solution for users with moderate demands for functionality. 

it helps write academic essays in 30+ languages and 20+ tones with improved structure, using 40 content use cases and templates.

Despite its strengths in user experience, Rytr has limitations in offering a comprehensive range of services and paper quality, particularly in text submission formatting and the absence of advanced research tools. 

Rytr is also among the best AI rap song lyrics generators.

Key Features

  • User-Friendly Interface: Rytr is praised for its aesthetic and efficient interface, which contributes to a satisfying overall user experience. The platform offers various registration options and step-by-step guidance, making it accessible for users.
  • Content Generation: It excels in swift content generation, affordability, and high paper quality, although it falls short in providing a diverse range of additional services and text submission options.
  • Templates and Tools: Rytr offers over 40+ content use cases and templates, including features for enhancing writing flow and quality, such as appending content, expanding content, improving content for clarity, grammar, and tone, and more. 
  • AI-Powered Rich Text Editor: Rytr allows users to enrich their content by automatically generating complete paragraphs or additional content to expand on selected sections of the essay.
  • Plagiarism Checker: Rytr comes equipped with a built-in plagiarism checker, enhancing the tool’s utility by ensuring the originality of the generated content.

Pricing: Free for 10K characters per month. Paid plans start from $7.50/mon.

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The Good AI

The Good AI is a website that offers an AI essay writer tool designed to help users create well-structured and accurate essays quickly. Users can select the topic, essay type, and word count for their essay. 

The tool also features AI auto-complete for editing and adding content, generates unique essay titles, and provides access to millions of high-quality articles through its neural network AI model. 

However, the tool may produce content with significant grammar mistakes and is lack of coherence.

Key Features

  • Essay Writer: This tool allows users to generate complete essays by simply inputting a topic. The Good AI then creates relevant, accurate, and unique content based on the given topic.
  • Essay Outliner: It helps users by creating a comprehensive list of topics in an outline form, which serves as a framework to structure the essay paper effectively.
  • Word Count Slider: A feature that enables users to select the exact number of words they want for their essays, which is particularly useful for academic assignments with specific word count requirements.
  • AI Auto Complete: This tool suggests words, phrases, and sentences that fit the context of the user’s writing, helping to overcome writer’s block and improve the overall quality of the written work.
  • Document Editing: After generating content, The Good AI offers the option for human intervention to incorporate or edit the AI-generated content, ensuring that any missing details can be added.

Pricing: Free for 150 words. Paid plans start from $5/month.

Go to The Good AI Website 


What are AI essay writers?

AI essay writers are computer programs that use artificial intelligence algorithms to generate written content, including essays, blog posts, and reports. They can mimic human writing by understanding topics, structuring sentences, and creating coherent text.

Who can benefit from using AI essay writers?

AI essay writers can be used by college and high school students, content creators, researchers, business professionals, and educators for various writing tasks such as academic writing, content creation, and report writing.

How can I assess the content quality of an AI essay writer?

To assess content quality, look for tools with high language proficiency, coherent structures, and a deep understanding of the topic. Creativity is also important for producing original and engaging content.

What are the limitations of AI essay writers?

AI essay writers are based on linguistic models and rely on information from the Internet, which means they can’t generate completely original content and may sometimes lack context, leading to inaccuracies. It’s recommended to review AI-generated content for originality and accuracy.

What are the pros and cons of using AI essay writers?

Pros include time-saving, increased productivity, accuracy, and consistency, and help with overcoming writer’s block. Cons include less creativity compared to human writers, potential quality issues, and ethical concerns such as plagiarism and academic integrity.

What is the best free AI to write essays?

Some popular free AI writing tools include Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and QuillBot, which can help improve grammar and sentence structure. However, for advanced features like content generation and plagiarism detection, paid tools may be necessary.

How should I use AI essay writers effectively?

AI essay writers should be used as a starting point for writing. It’s important to proofread the AI-generated content thoroughly, ensure adherence to guidelines, check the accuracy of references, and remove any irrelevant information. AI tools can simplify the essay writing process but require human refinement for accuracy

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