The 10 Best AI Logo Generators for Brand Logo Designs

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Best AI Logo Generators

In the age of digital entrepreneurship, your logo is the face of your brand. A compelling, professional logo can be the key to attracting and retaining your target audience. But how do you create such a logo without breaking the bank or spending countless hours learning complex design software?

Apart from capturing photos, removing objects, and changing backgrounds, AI is also helpful with logo designs.

In this guide, we’ll delve into the top AI logo generators and offer essential insights on making an informed choice. Let’s embark on the journey of elevating your brand image!

Top AI Logo Makers Compared

LogoAI.comA swift, user-friendly platform that leverages AI to create bespoke logos tailored to your brand’s unique needs.
MidjourneyExperience AI-powered precision, creativity, and interactive design for exceptional logo creation and brand enhancement.
Looka AI Logo DesignAn impressive AI-powered logo generator offering diverse templates, quick results, and high-resolution designs.
DesignEvo AI Logo GeneratorProviding extensive customization, fast performance, and top-notch output for a personalized logo design experience.
Canva Logo MakerAn intuitive tool offering unparalleled customization and high-resolution designs, perfect for fast-paced business branding.
Stockimg AIImmerse yourself in this awe-inspiring tool that effortlessly transforms your visions into breathtaking visuals.
TurbologoExperience swift, simple, and superior logo design with this AI-powered marvel.
MakeLogoAIRevitalize your brand with this AI-powered platform, known for its speed, variety, and high-quality custom logos.
Tailor Brands Logo MakerUnleash your creative prowess with this intuitive, AI-driven design powerhouse for a standout brand identity.
Logo MasterThis intuitive, AI-powered tool is your secret weapon for creating diverse, professional-quality logos in minutes.

Top AI Logo Makers Reviewed is an AI logo generator from existing images that delivers a swift and intuitive user experience. It’s packed with impressive features, including a vast assortment of templates and extensive customization options. You can begin by entering your brand name and industry, and the AI engine swiftly generates a multitude of logo options tailored to your preferences. The platform also allows you to upload your own images, adjust colors, and tweak layouts to create a logo that truly embodies your brand.’s speed is truly remarkable, enabling the creation of high-quality logos in just a matter of minutes. It provides a range of image resolution options to cater to diverse requirements, including high-resolution JPG, PDF, transparent PNG, and vector source files.


Basic: $29/mo, Pro: $59/mo, Brand: $99/mo



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with today!


Midjourney is a state-of-the-art AI image generator, and also a game-changer as an AI logo maker with prompt; the process is simplified with the use of prompts and settings that guide the AI to produce designs in line with your vision. It can create mascot logos, letter logos, and even designs inspired by iconic designers like Paul Rand and Saul Bass.

Initially, you provide details like the company name and desired background color. Using this input, the platform generates a basic logo design. To refine your design, you can add prompts to guide the AI towards a specific style or concept. Whether you prefer a minimalist, vector-based design or something more abstract.

Midjourney’s standout feature is its ability to generate logo design variations. This allows you to explore options and choose one that aligns with your brand identity. You can also experiment with gradients and mimic designs from iconic graphic designers for a personalized logo.


Free trial. Starts from $10/month



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with Midjourney today!

Looka AI Logo Design

In the world of AI-driven logo design, Looka stands out as a powerful tool that effortlessly combines ease of use and innovative technology, and Looka is a top choice in AI graphic designs. With an array of templates, Looka provides a launchpad for your creativity. You’ll be spoilt for choice with their diverse color palettes and customization options. Uploading your own images is a breeze, and adjusting colors and layouts to suit your brand identity is just a few clicks away.

Looka shines brightest in its speed and high-resolution outputs. Thanks to its robust AI algorithms, the platform swiftly generates numerous logo options tailored to your preferences. You’re offered various high-resolution file types, allowing you to choose what suits your needs best. Whether you want a crisp PNG for your website or a detailed SVG for print, Looka has got you covered.


Basic: $20, Premium: $65



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with Looka AI Logo Design today!

DesignEvo AI Logo Generator

DesignEvo AI Logo Generator offers a plethora of templates – over 10,000, to be precise, each designed meticulously to cater to every imaginable niche. The customization options are abundant, allowing you to tweak every element of your chosen template, from fonts to colors – which come in countless shades and gradients.

The platform boasts an intuitive interface that even novices can navigate with ease. Uploading your own images is as simple as drag-and-drop, and adjusting colors or tweaking layouts is a breeze with easy-to-use sliders and drop-down menus. The platform’s speed is impressive, generating hundreds of unique logo designs in mere seconds.

What sets this platform apart is its high-resolution output options. You can download your masterpiece in various file types, including PNG and SVG, with resolutions up to 5000 pixels. The AI algorithms are advanced and efficient, generating a vast array of logo options based on your preferences, from minimalist to intricate designs.


Free; Basic: $24.99/logo, Plus: $49.99/logo


Online, MacOS, Android, iOS

Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with DesignEvo AI Logo Generator today!

Canva Logo Maker

In the ever-evolving arena of AI logo generators, Canva Logo Maker undoubtedly stands out. One of the most striking aspects of Canva Logo Maker is its extensive library of customizable templates. With thousands of templates available, you’re guaranteed to find something that resonates with your brand.

To start, choose a template that aligns with your brand ethos. Then, you can upload your own images or select from Canva’s vast library of design elements. Next, adjust colors to match your brand’s palette and tweak the layout as per your needs. You can even add text effects, animate your logo, and make unlimited free edits until you’re satisfied with the result. Once done, you can download your logo in various high-resolution file types.

Canva Logo Maker provides a user-friendly, fast, and efficient solution for logo creation. Its wide range of features, combined with its ease of use, makes it a top contender in AI logo generators. Apart from that, Canva also provides features to edit photos with AI and make presentations using AI.


Free, $119.99/year per person, $300/year for five people


Online, Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with Canva Logo Maker today!

Stockimg AI

Stockimg AI is a tool that enables users to generate high-quality designs for different categories like logos, posters, book covers, and more. Users can upload their own images or choose from a vast library of stock photos. The color adjustment feature allows users to match their brand colors accurately, and the layout tweaking option ensures the final design fits their specific needs. The platform is impressively fast, generating numerous logo options within seconds.

The high-resolution image options are commendable, offering detailed image quality up to 300 DPI. This feature, combined with the latest AI technology, allows users to write sentences or phrases, and the AI generates relevant images, art, or stock photos. This intelligent algorithm works in the background, analyzing user preferences to generate a wide range of logo options. It also guarantees that the final logo is completely unique.


Free; Starter: $19/mo; Premium: $29/mo



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with Stockimg AI today!

Turbologo is a powerhouse in the realm of logo design. With an extensive library of over 3 million icons and a diverse selection of fonts, Turbologo ensures that your brand’s visual representation is nothing short of exceptional.

One of the primary highlights of Turbologo is its vast collection of quality templates. With a wide range of designs, users can find a template that perfectly aligns with their brand’s aesthetics. The customization options are equally impressive, allowing users to modify colors, icons, patterns, layouts, and fonts to their liking.

Creating a logo with Turbologo is as simple as 1-2-3. Begin by choosing a template that aligns perfectly with your business needs. Next, you can upload your own graphics or utilize the extensive library of icons and images available. From there, you can adjust colors, tweak layouts, and modify fonts to match your brand’s style. Once you’re satisfied, you can download your logo in various file types, providing flexibility for different use cases.


Starting at $19.99/three months, different plan options available.



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with Turbologo today!


MakeLogoAI is a powerful tool that leverages the potential of artificial intelligence to create unique and visually stunning logos. The platform boasts an easy-to-use interface that requires no design experience yet offers hundreds of logo options. All you need to do is input your project name, description, and requirements, and within a few minutes, the AI churns out dozens of fantastic logo ideas.

The customization options are plentiful, allowing you to experiment with different color combinations and layouts to fit your brand’s image. Uploading your own images is also a breeze, giving you more control over the final product. And the platform’s speed is remarkable, delivering multiple logo concepts in less than one hour.

You can also expect high-resolution logos, which is a great plus for businesses looking for professional-quality designs. The secret behind this efficiency is the advanced AI algorithms, which intelligently generate numerous logo options based on your preferences.


$9.99/2 Final HD logos



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with MakeLogoAI today!

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Dive into a world of creativity and brand identity with Tailor Brands Logo Maker. As a free AI logo maker without watermark, it has revolutionized the game of logo creation. This innovative platform boasts an extensive library of templates and icons, giving you endless possibilities to create a logo representing your brand. With the added freedom to customize colors, fonts, and layouts, Tailor Brands offers a whopping total of over 10,000 different design combinations!

To navigate this user-friendly platform, simply fill out your business details, select the desired logo style, and tweak your design in the logo editor. The platform’s impressive speed generates hundreds of logo options within seconds based on your preferences. The quality is assured; Tailor Brands offers a comprehensive package of high-resolution logo files in both JPG and PNG formats, encompassing transparent and colored backgrounds.


Free; Basic: $ 9.99/mo, Standard: $ 19.99/mo, Premium: $ 49.99



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with Tailor Brands Logo Maker today!

Logo Master

Logo Master is an AI-powered logo generator that stands out for its speed. Users can have a professional logo ready in just 5 minutes. The platform offers high-resolution logos (~ 4096px), making it suitable for all purposes. It also provides web-ready transparent PNG files ideal for websites and social media. Once a logo is purchased, users can download the files immediately. They can make unlimited changes and re-download without any extra fee.

Logo Master includes all colors in its package. Users get extra dark logo, white logo, and colored background logo as logo variations. They can create and keep up to five logo variations (color, size, and position editable). The platform also provides social media assets, professional watermarks, real-world mockup images, font names, and color palettes.


Basic: $39, Premium: $99, Enterprise: $159



Experience the innovation of AI in logo design with Logo Master today!

What are the Benefits of Using AI Logo Generators?

  • Cost-effective: AI logo generators are typically more affordable than traditional logo designers.
  • Fast: AI logo generators can create logos in a fraction of the time it takes a traditional logo designer.
  • Convenient: AI logo generators can be used from anywhere, at any time.
  • Easy to use: AI logo generators are typically very easy to use, even for non-designers.
  • Customizable: AI logo generators allow users to customize their logos to fit their specific needs.


From AI logo maker for gaming to AI logo design tools for businesses, AI logo generators have revolutionized how logos are created. These innovative tools offer a range of benefits that make them stand out from traditional logo designers. With their speed, cost-effectiveness, convenience, and customization options, it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to AI logo generators for their logo design needs. So why wait? Try out these tools for yourself and experience the power of AI in logo design today!

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