The 5 Best Stable Diffusion Models for Interior Design

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Best Stable Diffusion Interior Design Models

Stable Diffusion interior design models can generate high-quality, high-resolution interior design images from text prompt

These models are able to preserve details and structures of target images, resulting in realistic and aesthetically pleasing interior designs.

The list covers Checkpoint Trained models, Checkpoint Merge models, and LoRAs. If you don’t intend to install Stable Diffusion locally, you can also experience these models using Stable Diffusion websites.

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XSarchitectural-InteriorDesign-ForXSLora model is a well-received Stable Diffusion LoRA model that is designed for interior design applications, such as realistic interior scenes, furniture, and architectural elements.

XSarchitectural is an awesome creator whose creations also include 21Futuretechnologycity, one of the best Stable Diffusion landscape models.

It is part of a collection of XSarchitectural models on Civitai that cover different interior design styles, such as modern, Japanese-inspired, and bedroom designs.

The model is intended to be used alongside a Stable Diffusion checkpoint, VAE, and other documents to generate high-quality, realistic interior design images.

Download XSarchitectural-InteriorDesign from Civitai

XSarchitectural-7Modern interior

 XSarchitectural-7Modern interior model is a Stable Diffusion LoRA model specifically designed for generating images of modern interior designs, focusing on living room settings. 

The XSarchitectural-7Modern interior model is characterized by its ability to render high-quality images with features such as verrieres daylight, indirect lighting, and cinematic lighting, which are aimed at creating visually appealing and realistic interior spaces. The model is trained using the Stable Diffusion base model SD 1.5 and has undergone 20 training steps over 15 epochs.

Additionally, this model has a corresponding data model that can be used in conjunction with it to enhance the rendering capabilities or to apply the model to different types of interior design projects.

Download XSarchitectural-7Modern interior from Civitai


XSarchitectural-8japanwabisabi is a Stable Diffusion LoRA model that specializes in generating images of Japanese wabi-sabi style interior designs, particularly living rooms with sofas, chairs, tables, and bright global illumination.

The trigger words for this model include “japanese wabi sabi style”, “living room”, “tv”, “sofa”, “chair”, “design”, “table”, “interior design”, “global illuminations”, and “bright fhd+”.

The model can be used in conjunction with other files like TI and VAE for best results.

Download XSarchitectural-8japanwabisabi from Civitai

Interior Design by Tonade

The Interior Design model developed by Tonade is a LoRA model that specializes in interior design. This model can help quickly generate realistic and stylized rooms, and allows using tags to modify the elements in the generated room.

The recommended weight for this LORA is about 0.8, and the recommended base checkpoint to use with it is Chilloutmix.

It was uploaded to, a platform for sharing Stable Diffusion models and add-ons, on April 12, 2023.

As of May 20, 2023, it has 3,974 reviews and is marked as “Verified” on Civitai.

Download Interior Design by Tonade from Civitai

Cyberpunk Interior Design

Cyberpunk Interior Design – v1.0 is a Stable Diffusion LoRA model available on Civitai that allows users to generate images with a futuristic, technology-driven aesthetic for interior design. 

This model is characterized by sleek and angular forms, bold color schemes, and high-tech materials and devices. It was created to generate background images for visual novels in an anime or cartoon style. 

The model is suitable for creating cyberpunk-style images of existing interior designs.

Download Cyberpunk Interior Design from Civitai


What is a Stable Diffusion model? 

Stable Diffusion models are AI-powered tools that allow users to generate images in various styles by using carefully crafted prompts. These models are trained on large datasets of images to learn the nuances of different artistic styles.

What is

Civitai is a rather popular online community and platform for sharing, discovering, and collaborating on AI art models, expecially for Stable Diffusion. There you can download a plethora of Stable Diffusion models and check art examples from other users.

What’s the difference between CKPT and SafeTensor models? 

CKPT files store the weights of a trained Stable Diffusion model, while SafeTensor files use a different file format that is more secure and efficient for deployment.

How do I install a Stable Diffusion model? 

To install a Stable Diffusion model, you need to download the .ckpt or .safetensors file and place it in the “models” > “Stable-diffusion” folder of your Stable Diffusion setup.

What are the benefits of using different Stable Diffusion models? 

Each model is trained on a unique dataset and has its own strengths, allowing users to generate images in a wide range of styles, from photorealistic to abstract and vintage.

How do I choose the best Stable Diffusion model for my needs? 

The best model depends on the type of images you want to create. Consider factors like the desired artistic style, level of realism, and the capabilities of your hardware.

Can I combine or fine-tune Stable Diffusion models? 

Yes, users can experiment with mixing and matching different models or fine-tuning them on specific datasets to create custom models tailored to their needs.

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