The 6 Best AI Pokemon Generators for Character Arts and Cards

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Best AI Pokemon Generators

AI Pokemon generators are dedicated AI art generators that create Pokémon based on specific traits, types, or generations, or by combining features from different Pokémon. 

They work by learning from patterns in existing Pokémon data, such as images and descriptions, and then using that knowledge to generate new Pokémon that have never been seen before

On this page, you’ll find out the best free and paid AI Pokemon generators, all thoroughly tested.

👍 Moreover, some of the best AI 3D video generators are also great for your Pokemon content creation.

Comparing the Top 3 Pokemon AI Generators


The Perchance AI Pokemon Generator is a free and powerful online tool designed to create customizable and highly detailed “Fakemon” (a portmanteau of “fake” and “Pokémon,” referring to fan-made Pokémon) using Stable Diffusion, an AI model. 

This generator allows users to create new Pokémon characters based on text descriptions without the need to sign up or face any usage limits.

It is highly recommended for its simplicity and effectiveness in generating brand-new Pokémon characters tailored to user specifications. 

Users can define Fakemon’s type (fire, water, grass, electric, rock, etc.), art style (2D, 3D, painted, pixel, anime), and shape. You can also use the anti-description section as negative prompt. itself is an engine for building random text generators, and the Pokémon generator is one of its many creative projects, like an AI girl generator.

Pricing: Free and no sign-up

Go to Perchance AI Pokemon Generator

Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is a free and open-source text-to-image diffusion model that has gained immense popularity lately for its powerful features and high-quality results.

To generate AI pokemon using Stable Diffusion, you need specific adaptations of Stable Diffusion for generating Pokémon images based on text inputs, called Stable Diffusion models.

These models are specifically trained on pokemon related data to create art that highly resembles real pokemon art.

To use Stable Diffusion, you’ll need a web UI, local installation, or simply opt for Stable-Diffusion-based websites.

Best Stable Diffusion Pokemon Models

Pricing: Free and open-source

Guide on How to Install Stable Diffusion


Lambdal’s Text to Pokémon is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by Lambda Labs that allows users to generate Pokémon characters based on text prompts. The tool uses a machine learning model fine-tuned on Stable Diffusion, an AI image generator, to create these characters.

Users can input any text, and the tool will generate a Pokémon character based on the words used in the prompt. 

The tool provides a variety of options for users to customize the number of outputs and guidance scales.

It was trained on descriptions of Pokémon, and once the model is fine-tuned, it will generate images in that style no matter what. 

The tool runs on Nvidia T4 GPU hardware, and predictions typically complete within 25 seconds.

The Text to Pokémon tool is accessible through a web UI (web interface), and it does not require any coding knowledge to use. 

Users simply need to input their text description into a text box and click a “Generate” button to create their Pokémon. The generated Pokémon can also be shared with friends and family.

Pricing: Free with no sign-up

Run lambdal/text-to-pokemon on Replicate

This Pokémon Does Not Exist

“This Pokémon Does Not Exist” is a web application that utilizes the ruDALL-E model, a machine learning algorithm, to generate fictional Pokémon collectible cards. 

Alongside the illustrations, it also creates randomized names and attributes for these Pokémon. 

Users can interact with the application by entering their name and pressing a submit button to collect these unique, AI-generated Pokémon. 

This project is an example of how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be applied creatively to generate new content within established fictional universes, in this case, the Pokémon universe.

This project is hosted on Hugging Face Spaces, a platform for sharing and collaborating on machine learning projects

Pricing: Free with no sign-up

Run This Pokemon Does Not Exist on Hugging Face


Nokemon is an AI generator that uses machine learning to create fictional creatures similar to Pokémon, often referred to as “Fakemon”. Fakemon are fan-made, fictional creatures inspired by the Pokémon franchise.

The tool allows users to generate multiple Nokemon at a time, with customization options for type and color. 

The Nokemon generator uses DALL-E, a well-known AI program, to create these creatures.

The results of Nokemon are often humorous and unique, and the tool is used regularly by people to create new and imaginative Pokémon-like creatures. 

However, it’s important to note that while Nokemon can generate these creatures, it does not animate them.

The Nokemon AI Generator was developed by Liam Eloie. It’s a web application that requires JavaScript to be enabled for use. 

The generator also uses a form of digital credits called “Noképoints,” likely used for batch generation of multiple Nokemon.

Pricing: $4.99/mo

Go to Nokemon Fakemon Generator


The ArtGuru Pokémon Generator is an AI-powered tool designed to create unique and imaginative Pokémon, often referred to as “Fakemon,” based on user descriptions. 

This innovative tool leverages advanced machine-learning algorithms and natural language processing to generate customized Pokémon characters. 

Users can input specific details or descriptions, such as the Pokémon’s type, size, color, moveset, or even its lore, and the AI Pokémon Maker will generate a Pokémon tailored to these inputs. 

The generator draws inspiration from existing Pokémon designs and a vast database of Pokémon attributes to ensure the creations are both unique and reminiscent of the Pokémon universe.

ArtGuru offers free access to this generator, allowing users several chances each day to use the tool and create their custom Pokémon without any cost. 

The AI Pokémon generator combines different attributes to create Pokémon that are truly one-of-a-kind, providing Pokémon enthusiasts with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the magic of generating random Pokémon creations that are completely new.

During our testing, the generation process is typically slow.

Pricing: $9.99/month

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What are AI Pokémon art generators?

AI Pokémon art generators are computer programs that use AI algorithms to generate unique Pokémon characters. These generators allow users to customize the appearance, attributes, and abilities of their Pokémon characters. Users can even name their Pokémon characters and save them for future use.

How do AI Pokémon art generators work?

AI Pokémon art generators work by using machine learning algorithms to generate unique Pokémon characters based on user specifications. For example, the Stable Diffusion AI model is trained on descriptions of Pokémon, and once fine-tuned, it generates images in that style.

Can I use the images generated through AI Pokémon art generators?

Yes, you can use the images generated through AI Pokémon art generators. However, the usage rights may vary depending on the specific generator used, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions of each tool.

Can I customize the Pokémon generated by AI?

Yes, many AI Pokémon art generators allow you to customize the Pokémon generated. For instance, Perchance AI Pokémon Generator allows you to choose features, types, and art styles.

What are some popular AI Pokémon art generators?

Some popular AI Pokémon art generators include ArtGuru, Perchance AI Pokémon Generator, and “This Pokémon Does Not Exist”. 

ArtGuru and Perchance are recommended for unique 2D and 3D Pokémon characters, while “This Pokémon Does Not Exist” is best for generating unique Pokémon character cards with its abilities and information.

Can I Generate Pokémon Based on Specific Criteria?

Yes, some AI Pokémon generators allow users to input specific criteria, such as type, features, and art styles, to generate Pokémon that meet their specifications. 

For example, the Perchance AI Pokémon Generator offers options for users to choose features and types for the Pokémon they want to generate

Can I Generate Pokémon Based on Existing Ones?

Some AI generators allow users to generate Pokémon based on an existing Pokémon. Users can select a Pokémon as a guide, and the AI will attempt to match the general structure and color scheme of the original Pokémon, with the option to regenerate for better results

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