The 10 Best Stable Diffusion Models for Fantasy Art

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Best Stable Diffusion Fantasy Models

Stable Diffusion models for fantasy art have been trained on datasets that include fantasy elements, such as mythical creatures, magical landscapes, and fantastical characters. 

On this page, you’ll find out the best text-to-image Stable Diffusion models for fantasy art, with a high level of detail and realism, for creating characters, creatures, and sceneries.

The list covers Checkpoint Trained models, Checkpoint Merge models, and LoRAs. If you don’t intend to install Stable Diffusion locally, you can also experience these models using Stable Diffusion websites.

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The popular model DreamShaper can be used for creating scenes, characters, or themes, ranging from fantastical landscapes to surreal creatures, with vibrant color palette and a sense of depth and perspective.

DreamShaper is a rather popular model that also ranked top on Motricialy’s lists of best Stable Diffusion anime models.

It also includes powerful features like in-painting and out-painting. And with its unique animation feature, you even get to transform fantasy art into short animations.

It has been improved in lora support, NSFW content, and realism in version 7 and version 8, if you need that in your fantastic content.

What’s more, DreamShaper’s newer versions like DreamShaper XL offer enhanced details, improved facial features, and more realistic outputs, particularly in the context of fantasy-themed artwork for settings like Dungeons and Dragons. 

This advanced model is specifically designed for creating fantasy-themed artwork, scenes, and comics, and it includes features such as subtle differences in samplers, better-defined faces and backgrounds, and the ability to upscale images to higher resolutions.

Download DreamShaper from Civitai

Background Fantasy & Cyber Punk

The Background Fantasy & Cyber Punk model is a LoRA model designed to bring a vibrant fantasy and cyberpunk style to your images, with seamlessly integration with specific prompt styles.

This model is versatile and can be used to create a wide range of fantasy and cyberpunk-themed images, from detailed fantasy wallpaper to cyberpunk cityscapes.

To use the Background Fantasy & Cyber Punk model, you can start with a weight of 0.7 and adjust the strength as needed to achieve the desired effect. The trigger word “7Cy6er7P0nk9” should be added to the prompt to ensure the model applies the cyberpunk aesthetic

Background Fantasy & Cyber Punk is suitable for creating fantasy landscapes instead of human characters.

Download Background Fantasy & Cyber Punk from Civitai

Hipoly 3D Model LoRA

The Hipoly 3D Model LoRA is a LoRA model trained on high-polygon 3D model images, while many of which are character arts in the fantasy style. 

It’s good at providing clean, high-resolution skin and hair materials, as well as detailed clothing elements. It also allows for fine-tuning of the model’s style using 3D and realistic tags.

The model has been updated to version 2.0, which includes several improvements. The training images have been increased, and the training resolution has been increased to 896. The tagging has been revised, and the trigger word has been removed. And the model can now reproduce a more 3D-like texture and stereoscopic effect than the previous version.

The model can be applied to various 3D rendering styles, such as 3DMM_V12, to create high-quality, 3D realistic works. 

Download Hipoly 3D Model LoRA from Civitai


HassanBlend has been finetuned over SD1.5 with thousands of images, making it capable of generating high-quality images, including photorealistic, hardcore, and fantasy images.

The model can generate various types of art, including fantasy, concept art, architecture, landscapes, logos, and icons. 

HassanBlend is particularly popular with its high-quality, detailed, and realistic fantasy-themed images, which are often highly detailed and feature a variety of fantasy elements such as mythical creatures, magical landscapes, and fantastical characters. 

The HassanBlend model is available in several versions, including HassanBlend and previous versions. It is also available in a version specifically for inpainting, called HassanBlendV1.5 Inpainting.

Download HassanBlend from Civitai

Inkpunk Diffusion

The Inkpunk Diffusion model, currently in its 2nd iteration, is a finetuned version of the Stable Diffusion model, trained on the Dreambooth dataset.

It is inspired by various artistic influences, including the band Gorillaz, the Japanese anime FLCL, and the artist Yoji Shinkawa, who is known for his work on the Metal Gear series. 

The model has been trained to generate illustrations with a distinct punk aesthetic.

It is fine-tuned on Stable Diffusion and has trigger words such as “nvinkpunk” and “HashAutoV2” to generate images. The model was originally posted to Hugging Face by Envvi.

For savvy users, this model includes specific usage tips such as “Clip Skip” and “Strength” settings, as well as trigger words like “dskinkpunk” for generating images.

Download Inkpunk Diffusion from Civitai

Fantasy World

The Fantasy World model is a LoRA model that has been trained on NAI sample images generated by the Silvermoonmix base model. It is a v7.1 stable model that has been updated on December 13, 2023. 

The model is categorized under the anime and fantasy genres, and is trained to generate images in the fantasy genre, including landscapes, concept art, and paintings. 

It is also designed to be LoRA-friendly, which means that it can be used in conjunction with other LoRA models to generate a wide range of fantasy images.

Download Fantasy World from Civitai


The fantasy-art-style model is a Stable Diffusion LoRA specifically designed for generating images in a fantasy art style.

It is trained on a dataset of images from classic fantasy artists, which gives it a faithful style rendering, and it allows users to create images with minimal editing or cleanup required.

The model can be used to turn 3D renders into illustrations, paintings, and keyframe art, and it works well when combined with the Stable Diffusion 1.5 inpainting model.

The creator has provided detailed prompt settings and seed values to help users reproduce the model’s outputs.

Download fantasy-art-style from Civitai

Howls Moving Castle , Interior / Scenery LoRA ( Ghibli Style ) v3 

Howls Moving Castle, Interior / Scenery LoRA (Ghibli Style) v3 is a LoRA model designed to generate authentic-looking scenery, castles, and interiors in the Ghibli style. 

It’s capable of generating different interiors and landscapes in the style of the film. So if you’re looking for Ghibli style fantasy artworks,look no further than this model.

Given the capability to create a variety of interiors and landscapes in the style of the film, and it’s suitable for landscape art and illustration purposes, we see it as one of the best fantasy models. 

The model is designed for art and illustration purposes, sporting impressive results when using 360 panorama. It’s great with day scenes and not so much with night ones.

Download Howls Moving Castle Model from Civitai

Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix

Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix models are a collection of AI models tailored for landscape image generation, offering various versions with different focuses, such as realism and fantasy. 

There are several versions of the Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix model, each with its unique features and improvements:

  • Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix – 4.1 Stable Diffusion Checkpoint: This version is reported to have issues with the generated images, including a noisy layer and low detail quality, especially when generated at a resolution of 512×512.
  • Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix 3.5 LoRA Extract – 3.5 Stable Diffusion LoRA: This is another version of the model, but specific details about its features or improvements over other versions are not provided in the search results.
  • Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix OFFSET NOISE – 3.5 FP16 Stable Diffusion Checkpoint: This version merges the 2.0 and 3.5 versions of the mix with an offset noise model. The 2.0 version is better at generating realistic images, while the 3.5 version excels at creating fantasy landscapes.
  • Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix OFFSET NOISE – 2.0 Stable Diffusion Checkpoint: Similar to the previous entry, this version also merges the 2.0 and 3.5 versions but focuses on the capabilities of the 2.0 version.

Download Cheese Daddy’s Landscapes mix from Civitai

Fantasy Background

The Fantasy Background model is a Stable Diffusion checkpoint designed for generating fantasy backgrounds. It is not recommended for creating human characters, as it may result in broken limbs and arms. 

The model was created using three artists’ traditional art styles: Loras by Jordan Grimmer (Brush), Tabisumika (Chalk), and Samia Samdeosart (Oil). 

It is trained on a base model hash of AutoV2 4FE6BCD259 and is compatible with the dpeptea3 model, producing similar results. 

The Fantasy Background model is suitable for generating fantasy landscapes and can be used with different artists’ styles, such as Samdeo’s girl images for girl prompts.

Download Fantasy Background from Civitai


Can Stable Diffusion models be used for fantasy art?

Yes, Stable Diffusion models can be used for fantasy art, as they can generate a vast array of styles and themes, including surreal landscapes, realistic portraits, and abstract designs.

How do I use Stable Diffusion to create anime-style fantasy art?

There are several anime diffusion models available, such as DreamShaper, Kenshi, Arcane Diffusion, AbyssOrangeMix3, MeinaMix, Cetus-Mix, and CuteYukiMix, which can be used to generate anime-style fantasy art. These models provide resources for the AI to depict anime characters and images more accurately, and they can be used for various purposes, including creating fan art, original characters, and even books, comics, webtoons, and more.

What are the best Stable Diffusion models for creating realistic fantasy art?

Some of the best Stable Diffusion models for creating realistic fantasy art include Waifu Diffusion, Realistic Vision, MeinaMix, Anything V3, DreamShaper, Protogen, and Deliberate. These models are trained on specific datasets, allowing them to generate images in particular styles, such as photorealistic landscapes or hand-painted illustrations.

Can I use Stable Diffusion to create concept art for fantasy books or games?

Yes, Stable Diffusion can be used to create concept art for fantasy books or games. These models can generate a vast array of styles and themes, providing artists with a rich palette of options to choose from, whether it’s creating surreal landscapes, realistic portraits, or abstract designs.

How do I generate fantasy art with a specific style or art form using Stable Diffusion?

Stable Diffusion models are trained on specific datasets, allowing them to generate images in particular styles. For example, you can use anime diffusion models like DreamShaper, Kenshi, Arcane Diffusion, AbyssOrangeMix3, MeinaMix, Cetus-Mix, and CuteYukiMix to create anime-style fantasy art. 

Additionally, you can find models that specialize in photorealistic renderings, abstract or stylized creations, and even specific art forms like steampunk or vaporwave.

What are the best practices for crafting prompts to generate high-quality fantasy art with Stable Diffusion?

When crafting prompts for Stable Diffusion, it’s essential to use specific keywords and phrases that align with the desired style or art form. For example, if you want to create anime-style fantasy art, you can use prompts like “anime art of a kaiju monster, anime style, vivid colors”. 

Additionally, it’s recommended to use a negative prompt with a few exceptions where certain words need to be in the positive prompt.

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